Mike Lilly: Road To Nowhere Remix Section by Brandon Negrete

The Meantime by Brandon Negrete: Trailer 1 | Trailer 2.

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19 Responses to “Mike Lilly: Road To Nowhere Remix Section by Brandon Negrete”

  1. thiavery Says:

    it’s sooooooooooo sloooooooooooow

    but last trick is fucking sick

  2. v Says:

    sooo old

  3. alan Says:

    i know that is mad old but that was the first time i actually watched it and i think its pretty dope

  4. satan Says:

    seen it, going from joy division to this god aweful rap is a crime against humanity.

  5. senatesk8r Says:

    too bad he frontsides. nice last trick, every thing else *thumbs down*

  6. Kevin Baguley Says:

    Cool edit. Road to nowhere is a sick DVD. Last trick is insane

  7. era Says:


  8. Klas Olsson Says:

    Love that vid but Micah has the best section…

  9. rollerdude Says:

    always fun to watch him, but his section in “face the music” is way better

  10. corsica Says:

    the last gap is hella sick !

  11. aaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    senatesk8r what you think about yourself??

  12. LOLguy Says:

    senatesk8r, i bet you can’t even skate ha;f as good as him, yet you’re there, showing off. why dont you get your own edit and post it in the forums huh?
    bet it’ll be shit

  13. CTroller Says:

    this edit is hella old

  14. ripaaa Says:

    SiCkEd WiCk!!!!

  15. tibo Says:

    Niiice, but I’ve seen it in slow motion or what ???

  16. robert good Says:

    I refuse to let the front-side come back!

  17. senatesk8r Says:

    LOLguy – ur the type of kid who will watch am’s and pro’s and juz cuz you urself suck, will hate against anyone who says anything bad against them. ibet your a 15 y.o. kid who finally learned to not step up on grinds. and im fimling for genre rite now bitch so i must b decent.

  18. nice Says:

    is it just me or did that music sounded like it would have made slower?
    Singer sounded so…

    Road to nowhere great flick!

  19. cone skater Says:

    was that a frontside????