Craig Nogler Con. Artist Edit

Thanks Bruno & Eight_w.

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  • absolutedre

    nice tricks.


    what skates??? usd’s?

  • craig brocklehurst

    razors dude

    shit that was sick, that first aleyoop topporn to soul abstract out was so sickkkkk hhaha

    style seems to have gotten better after the last few edits ive seen

    cool edit, sweet solid tricks

  • conny mcConartist

    that shit was wack

  • shifty

    what’s the name of the song?

  • vermontroller

    talib kweli – get by

    nice skating craig!

  • filip

    awesome as always

  • Brian

    umm… that song was alredy used… in a wayyyyyyyy better edit…. with wayyy better skaters… vibralux?

  • Craig Nogler

    haha, damn once again bruno you did it again.. lol thanks though..

    umm, yea thanks ya’ll it’s old..

    and I know the song was used already in a park edit which is fucking fresh, but I really liked the song..

  • kizza

    u should try getting the real verson that doesn’t have that shit at the start then haha

    silk 3 topi

  • http://sssss haha

    nogler molests little children!!!!!!!

    no i lied.

    but the guy who runs conartist is a dickwad who is using his parents money to fund his company to attempt to buy his way to roller eleteness.

  • Bruno

    noooooooooglus!no problem megaman ahah.sick skating

  • The traductor

    conard triste in french …