Chris Farmer: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson

July 2012 Repost.

Chris Farmer: Profile from PARIAH by Adam Johnson

Chris Farmer‘s Profile from Pariah, filmed over the course of 8 weeks in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Portland and Las Vegas.

Song: Death – Keep On Knocking. Visit

Pariah: John Bolino | Alex Broskow (Slow-Mo) | Chris Farmer | Brian Freeman | Paul John | Erik Stokley | Ross Kuhn | Montage 1 | Pro Montage & Credits | Michael Garlinghouse | Dylan Davis & Nick Labarre | Trailer | Soundtrack | Grab Yo Dick.

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63 Responses to “Chris Farmer: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson”

  1. ksiazepodlasia Says:

    1:22 gg no re
    sick sick sick

  2. M. Jordan Says:

    absolutely amazing

  3. Anonymous Says:

    so cool indeed!!!

  4. jdouggie Says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhut? gap top porn under rail to porn top rail down? uhhhhhhhh…………… i feel like i just heard shpongle for the first time

  5. jdouggie Says:

    that was 1:16 btw

  6. rolling since 1863 Says:

    was really good but i just prefer his other sections (accidental machines, bang, etc)

    i just thought it was important that u guys should know this.

  7. rolling since 1863 Says:

    im sorry, just watched it again and it not actually that good.

  8. Dman Says:

    He is so sloppy these days. I don’t care how hard his tricks are. If you can’t do them well, do something easier and make it look good. Needs to learn a few things from his boys Broskow and Bolino. His face at the end sums up the whole section.

  9. Karl Lagarfeld Says:

    Genius …

  10. kboos Says:

    Sloppy ??? haha !!! Farmer shits all over your face !

  11. tiptop Says:

    Farmer’s on such good form. I have to watch his sections again and again to work out whats going on?! Only thing wrong with that, was that it was too short. But then that’s just me being greedy! Chris if you’re reading this, you’re a genius.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    meh. tricks were not as good as his other sections. and not enough tassels hanging off of him.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I’m pretty sure farmer could grind down the grand canyon…….

    and seriously guys do you guys know how to use a QWERTY

  14. geeza Says:

    agree that it’s too short. seems like it would be longer with AJ holding a camera on him at all times.

    maybe american skaters are just getting old? he can still jump high at least

  15. geeza Says:

    ^he’s not old, he’s on the Youth Co., remember? YOUTH!! lolol

  16. MCR Says:



  17. dylan higgins Says:

    . fuck you kids. fuck you kids. fuck you kids. fuck you kids.

    this man is a hero.

  18. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Back roy the kink ledge to top porn the wall rail was ridiculous.
    Reality. NO ONE from europe, america, australia or mars can skate at the technical level Chris has been on for years. If you disagree, show me the link.

  19. farmer is boss Says:

    he was on tour for only a couple weeks, give him a break.

    none of you could come up with the tricks he’s doing these days.


  20. Anonymous Says:

    cool obstacles but he just does souls and lands forward on everything.

  21. i am dirty Says:

    farmer has been in the game for years, this dude is a veteran… i put him up there with julio and jon elliot…

    hes still pushing boundaries, he’s still got skaters pro and amateur jocking his style and trying to imitate his tricks, hes always lightyears ahead of anyone…

    time length means nothing, e.g. his radius section is one of my favourites…

    farmers like michael jackson, everyones got their favourite phase

  22. Leave a Reply Says:

    Best skater on this planet! That section was beyond amazing!

  23. meh Says:

    farmer is the man. but these guys were on tour for what seemed like ages and everyone has like a 1 min part. BULLSHIT

  24. Dman is a female Says:

    eat a dick bitch! farmer is legend, you’re a nobody. all you people just talk. waste of life and thought, no one cares.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    wow! so good! love me some farmer

  26. Anonymous Says:

    sloppy tricks, gay look = FAIL

  27. pete w Says:

    1:15 are you fucking serious? that cess slide is mental haters dont realize

  28. Ghoda Says:

    Are they fireing live rounds? Probably not. Five clips a day? Other than that this section is pretty half assed, I thought you were supposed to represent for your homies.

  29. tiger blood Says:

    i refuse to believe that he locked on at 1:20….shit is ridiculous

  30. Anonymous Says:

    ya shit was prety weak

    but backfastslide wall rail will shut the haters up

  31. Dan-Man Says:

    how is this already on the internet??


    if you don’t buy skate vids then fuck you, you are part of the problem….

  32. Chill Says:

    ^ Calm down dude, AJ posted his section as you can see its got an ad in the front that wasn’t in the actual video.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t get it ? Where is his 1080 to grind bro ???

    My cousin’s cousin can 720 to grind to 360 to grind bro ? this is lame !

  34. pro boot Says:

    will there be any shorts models for the next season. loose fit and regular fit. would it come with a dvd too? you hate to love it….

  35. ronin Says:

    Though I really miss the previous non transexual version of Farmer with a baggy pant and ultra smooth moves, this edit kicks ass in term of technical difficulties !

  36. deubeul Says:

    Farmer still amazing me after all these years.

    Pure genius.

  37. owl Says:

    He can skate anything like a 4X4 at anytime. Y’all should thank him to keep on skating.

  38. marlon Says:

    the guy can skate better than most ppl, but looks like fashion and looking cool comes before skating and fun.

  39. pom Says:

    lovin it… farmer always comes through with the goods. skating legend

  40. jim Says:

    none of you kids can understand how fucking good this is, 1.45 fakie 3 and taps the rail on the fakie 180, that shit wasn’t an accident that shit is intentional, none of you kids know how gnarly that is.
    at .40 back shifty on ledge kink to top porn on to rail
    1.18, thats switch top porn transfer to porn

  41. Trill Bill Says:

    All of that was crazy. The last trick is effing nuts-o. Most of that made no sense. And some of those are pretty decent sized drops.

  42. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    “none of you kids can understand how fucking good this is, 1.45 fakie 3 and taps the rail on the fakie 180, that shit wasn’t an accident that shit is intentional, none of you kids know how gnarly that is.
    at .40 back shifty on ledge kink to top porn on to rail
    1.18, thats switch top porn transfer to porn”-Jim


    Most technically skilled rollerblader in the world. period.

  43. fashion models Says:

    ^but if he loses his appeal to the kiddos, does all that really matter?

    dude is sloppy and trying to be too cool nowadays. make room for the young bucks or at least make your tricks look halfway decent.

  44. Vetty Says:

    Sloppy? HAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry, maybe he’ll stop landing the hardest tricks ever performed in order to satisfy your tastes of easier tricks but “cleaner”. See past the fashion fails and watch the tricks. Backing his Charging section up with this, what a guy.
    As someone already said, fuck the kids.

  45. NAR Says:

    Sloppy? Kids are hilarious. You cant do these tricks, I cant do these tricks, maybe like three tricks in this entire section can be recreated by another pro.

    I dont know if these kids see his tricks and refuse to believe his shit is that hard, or they are just retarded, and CANT see it.
    If you saw one of these moves in person you’d shit yourself

    Every single pro knows Farmer is the fucking man. So who is correct? the entire industry, or the “anonymous” poster that thinks this is weak?
    Think about that, the take a closer look assholes.

  46. Adult Says:

    Every pro thinks farmer is the man because they are his friend and he IS a great skater, but there is no denying that the above is a half-assed sloppy section.

    Only groms care about hard tricks that are sloppy. If sloppy hard tricks were the best thing about rollerblading, then Josh Letona would have been the king all those years ago.

  47. NAR Says:

    you think all pros are friends with each other? wow thats cute.


    Its game recognize game.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    farmer is my favourite skater of all time, but this was actually pretty sloppy

    injuries finally catching up with him?

    hes got balls, cant deny that though

  49. tibs Says:

    who can show one “sloppy” tricks in this part? anybody i think ..

  50. REAL Ben Shelbourne Says:

    Another FLOP from AJ.

    Why even bother buying dvd’s if they are all online not long after release?

    Rollerblading is dying, I give it 3 years.

  51. OG Says:

    how can you say anything bad about this section? farmer is like 60 and still raping all of your faces… you kids are going to face a harsh reality someday when you grow up and realize youre all shitbags

  52. systron massive Says:

    i think farmer is taking the joke too far now, amy winehouse is dead and cant defend herself so leave her alone.

  53. the worst dressed man on earth Says:

    incredible skating shame he looks like a tit

  54. Adam Johnson Says:

    Thanks Ben, haven’t heard of you yet… keep working at skating and maybe someday we can make fun of you… but I doubt it. I would rather have 20+ flops under my belt and a head full of wonderful experiences with great people than a heart full of hate. Cyabye.

    BTW, half a million views on a 2 year old rollerblading youtube account is pretty good for 5% of my catalogue of “flops”

  55. Anonymous Says:

    His jeans are so tight I can tell his religion

  56. Anonymous Says:

    His skating is stale. He looks terrible and will have to consume more drugs to be more creative. Sucks he will have nothing after skating just like broskow.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Chris you skate way too slow.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    this section was a little underwhelming the first i saw it because of the hype I suppose. but dude kills it. kcmo for example and all those “winter olympics” clips!!! KCMO section was a beut. This video is still pretty killer props to the AJ

  59. Anonymous Says:

    oh and dude skate mock 10

  60. Anonymous Says:

    GOAT ! Sick as fuck :) Next level and set the bar for generations.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Gayest rollerblader ever? I think so.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Sloppy skating, showing his age. We need to get rid of these old fucking dinosaur skaters and concentrate on young bloods. Rollerblading is the only extreme sport that promotes gay assholes who can’t even walk anymore.

  63. Beau Cottington Says:

    Insane level of tricks but Chris stop trying to kiss me when you’re drunk lol!! Love ya boy