Brian Shima: SSM, The 666 Series (2014)

Brian Shima: SSM, The 666 Series (2014)

SSM, The 666 Series (2014): Dave Lang | Gabriel Hyden | Joey Chase | John Bolino | Marc Moreno. Hosted by Bladearchive.

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  • Kaig Thris

    feels good to see an og still rocking the boat

  • Billy Prislin

    Such an awesome section.

    • Mister 25

      But not worth the 6$ i paid…

      • Kaig Thris

        Section was great, but $6 is way too much for a 5 min video. It’s almost the price of a dvd including several sections, a packaging (and you could even resell it if you felt like getting your money back).

      • Billy Prislin

        Taig Khris speaks the truth.

  • dave

    last clip is so depressing it ruins the whole thing for me

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    sucks ssm is dead :(

  • Big Pumpkin Balls

    Guy one of the best ever. You could argue EB and AB of Valo fame have some tricks on him. Or maybe Omar or Carlos. But as far as being solid for entire decades. Another league.

  • Daniel Nunes Ferreira

    absolut crazy! strong! memoravel.!!!!!Brian Shima!!