Beijing Sessions (China) by Richie Eisler

Beijing Sessions (China) by Richie Eisler

Behind the scenes of the recent CX Games: a couple sessions between the rain and snow in Beijing.Richie Eisler.

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  • IsayYes

    YES ! YES! YES !

  • slickis

    that last line was so fucking sick

  • .blood

    fuck yeah! worapoj is a beast

  • Dang

    ha man looks like that fisheye works pretty well

  • Douche

    Richie first tricks is just smooth like hell…

  • Anonymous

    I very much doubt ‘hell’ is smooth……

  • Trill Bill

    If you were to ask Satan his astute opinion on how Hell is run I’m quite sure he has it on “LOCK” like Eisler does that tech wizardry.

    That was really entertaining to watch. That last line was long. Long grinds decent sized gap.

    For shame Eisler wasn’t in the USD video. I guess he is too international.

  • Anonymous

    Haha le plan de la fin avec le podium!!

  • note

    eisler is from canada! the USD vid was just about the US team ;)

  • Anonymous

    Richie Eisler & Dom Wagner are amazing! Thanks for that vids

  • Cody Sagona

    I think Eisler was considered “international” for a long time, but since a few years back that isn’t as much of a disadvantage as before. Look at these guys: two Euros, an Asian and a Canadian! All rollerbladers I love watching and it was especially nice to see Worapoj again. What I think Eisler learnt in Australia was to show that rollerblading is about passion and having fun – and if you look at the Vine Street crew that’s exactly what they brought to the sport in a way that was reminiscent of the 90’s in a good way but new to the sport in 2010.
    Wellsmore edits aren’t necessarily better than a lot of other big names but he is, just like Eisler, able to convey a more appealing image of the sport which is less about attitude and more about the contents. That’s why I rather watch Wojda than X, rather watch Wellsmore than X… and so forth. I came to think about this after having watched the USD US team. I remember the France edit Montre put out a few years ago, IMO it was the best Montre edit ever. So full of passion! He hasn’t lost his passion of course, but it’s all about making an edit that can convey that and not trying to be an MTV music video. I couldn’t care less if a rollerblader thinks he’s all that with the hardest beat and some gangstarap, but shallow attitude simply too often overshadows the joy and beauty of rollerblading.

  • sillysausagepants

    Wagner just straight killing it!

  • IsayYes




    cody please stfu for a day, at least !


  • excellent

    richie delivers again

  • Jason

    that was epic. id like to see a guerrero vs eisler ridiculously-long and complicated grind competition.

  • FU

    It’s very apparent that USD have a ‘Pro’ team and an ‘Elite’ team.

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiiii

    That line at the end was like slope style in skiing. That looked like a dream. Remember when MTV sports included rollerblading in their extreme sports bull hit a while back? They had it set up like a slope style street course, and I always wondered why that hasn’t become more popular.

  • boyah

    Richie Eisler is the only blader who I can not see in an edit for a year or two and then see one single clip and be reassured that he is one of the best there is.

  • Wellllllllll

    ^^^ nailed it

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  • willb

    that place looks amazing! shit to skate everywhere!

  • Anonymous

    what are the tracks for this edit?

  • chris

    that was some daring filming on that last line

  • Leon // Shop-Task

    Richie, you make the best edits in the world and your skating just doesn’t stop getting better. ARE YOU EVER GOING TO BE BAD AT SOMETHING ????

  • Anonymous

    Richies always the funnest to watch

  • carbon4life

    Richie always comes up with the freshest edits.
    Second song is here:

  • Anonymous

    So refreshing to see something that is not just shitty hiphop and grind after grind after grind…

    These edits are great because they show what is possible on skates !!!!

  • James Bower

    This shit was HOT man! I literally cannot believe how epic this video is, I literally ran out of the shower quick to watch this Richie is on fire now man!!!
    I’m thinking of getting a Richie Eisler tatoo doesw anyone wanna get one with me? I’ll put it next to my Sheldon tatoo