Battle My Crew Series

The New BMC5 produced by Dan Fabiano & Dave Paine.

Battle My Crew Series


Battle My Crew was brought back from the dead for one main reason, to promote the unseen talent that lurks all over this world.

Our industry has conformed to keeping the same names and images in circulation for over a decade.

Battle My Crew gives EVERYONE the chance to be seen, to get in the lime-light and show the world what you are made of! Nobody is excluded, and everyone has a fair shot at being a member of the best rollerblade crew in existence!


Battle My Crew was first introduced as a series in a video magazine called VideoGroove Inc in which Dave Paine worked for, and then eventually obtained ownership.

The first release of the Battle My Crew series (Part 1) was back in 1999 and was considered the 12th issue of VideoGroove Video Magazine.

The series ultimately lasted 3 more years ending the tradition and what most people claim to be their favorite years of VideoGroove. The final BMC year ended in 2002 with VG21/BMC Part 4, and VG23 ending the magazine in 2005.

However traditions still can live on, and Dave Paine and myself, Dan Fabiano have worked hard to put bring back both a tremendous series and Videogroove and it’s reputation as a collective whole.

This could easily become the biggest media event of the year that simulates the past VG Battle My Crew experience but with some additions and changes that work in favor for everyone, where judging is fair, honest and your hard work and dedication will be rewarded kindly if your crew places top 25 and advances to the DVD production worldwide for the final vote, or if your crew ends up placing in the top 3 and you walk away with some cash and a whole lot of respect!

VG21 – Battle My Crew 4 – Boston (2002)
Edit & Filmed by John Marton & Justin Girard.

VG21 – Battle My Crew 4 – Zool-Uck, France (2002)

VG21 – Battle My Crew 4 – Mersinaries, Chicago (2002)
Filmed & edited by Andrew Kaz.

VG21 – Battle My Crew 4 – New Creations, New Jersey (2002)
Filmed & edited by Pigeoto Films.

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  • Anonymous

    never heard og this new bmc before, this is lame !

  • Goonyone

    Thank you for bringing this back. Kids can hate on this all they want, but those of us that remember it are excited.

  • ninjabeat

    F*** yeah, BMC is back!!

  • max power

    In that BMC VG21 the people forgot the style, only crazy switch ups all the time

  • Ben Shelbourne

    Submission closed January 1st, bit late putting it up now that its not even open anymore?

  • Anonymous

    new deadline is april 30, the website was not updated.
    i guess they will release their new flyer soon.

  • Pants

    Just move on already, this contest is shit…

  • Anonymous

    Jimenez was one of the best french skaters in early 2000’s, and still stay a true legend !

  • Dave Paine

    You diss VG you diss yourself! Haters will hate and rarely participate. Quit talking shit and prove it. Actions speak louder than words. -Dave Paine and yes this is really me.

  • Anonymous

    now we tap little curbs and claim we have style

  • Ian M

    Loved VG, but BMC was the reason I got excited to skate. Before everyone put their videos on Youtube this is how you got to see what everyone was up to. This should be welcomed, not hated on.

  • Why?

    Why was the date pushed back again?? This is bullshit! My crew had our edit done 2 months ago for the original deadline…but now it’s pushed back all the way to April wtf? This is the second time the date has been bumped. Quit talking shit and explain Mr. Paine.

  • Newsflash

    The deadline has now been changed to sometime in 2015

  • Anonymous

    lets gooo SEATTLE

  • Pants

    “You diss VG you diss yourself” right… Who needs a contest that happened 10 years ago… And stop trying to make everyone enter competitions, it’s blading, just fun.

  • seaboss

    dave paine, youre awesome! thank you as well for all the great videos in the past, much influenced my youth.
    excited about this new project, thanks for bringing it back :-)

  • Filip

    i wish my crew wasnt fucking lazy so i could enter this. BMC was the craziest shit back in the day! cant wait to see the new entries

  • hollarolla

    this is soooo awesome. vg 12 was one of the first bladingvideos i ever saw. to this day it has, in my eyes, the best intro of all time. how awesome would it be to see another fp or esco zoo section in this one, haha.

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiiii

    Battle My Crew is one of the greatest eras in rollerblading. These turds need to get educated.

  • gayswagger

    “Jimenez was one of the best french skaters in early 2000?s, and still stay a true legend !”

    Jimenez. Imyta Paris. Hands down!!!

  • owl

    Jimenez, Bellini, Heinemann, Néou Men and few others FRANCE was big in the early 2000s