USD Aeon 60 Sam Crofts II Pro Skates

Thu, Dec 24, 2020
USD Aeon 60 Sam Crofts II Pro Skates

USD is proud to reveal the Aeon Crofts II, the first full skinned USD Aeon.

USD Aeon 60 Sam Crofts II Pro Skates

Sam Crofts second pro Aeon features the same classic Aeon unibody construction but with a full premium real suede upper and comes as standard with the highly anticipated second generation Aeon cuff. The new suede skin is double stitched along its' contours and extra reinforced with a dense overstitch and rivets at the high stress points.

The skate also features Sam’s pro Myfitliner Second Skin liner, waxed hockey style laces, an upgraded thicker shock absorber, high speed UHR (Ultra High Rebound) wheels and Abec 7 Wicked Bearings. A full upgrade and revamp of the modern classic of aggressive street skating.

“For my latest pro skate from USD I’ve chosen another Aeon 60. The Aeon skate series is a project that I’ve been involved with since the start and is a product I’ve come to identify my skating within, making it the obvious choice again for my new pro model. This time I worked with the design team to create a skinned version to soften the overall look of the skate and give it a more classic sneaker aesthetic. We also developed a new taller height-adjustable cuff to give you a slight increase in flex for topsides but also offers more support and allows for more comfortable and longer skating sessions. I removed the 45-degree strap as I think waxed laced alone provides a sufficient heel lock. The skate comes with 61mm USD Team wheels, Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, and lastly to complete the skate I chose my favorite liner, the MyFit 2nd skin. I added some personal details to the liner to represent London, the city I call home." Text by Sam Crofts.

USD Aeon Sam Crofts II - 710168

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Alnis 2020 (Latvia) - Official Video by Therolling + Results

Mon, Oct 12, 2020
Alnis 2020 (Latvia) - Official Video by Therolling + Results

13 years in a row. ALNIS 2020 was a beauty! It was powerful and one to remember. Thanks everybody for coming out, shredding and supporting. See you all next year! PS: And remember - it’s all about having fun and sharing it with the homies. Go out, do more and help grow your local community. Video by Agris Čaurs. Filmed by Martins Jansons, Rūdolfs Babris & Konstantīns Makarovs. Music by Oriole.

PRO Results

  1. Justas Karčauskas
  2. Raimonds Prūsis
  3. Valters Grasmanis


  1. Kristaps Ladusāns
  2. Patriks Krastiņš
  3. Kristofers Rudzāts

BEST TRICK (in the memory of Kristaps Cīrulis): Edgars Rozentāls. BEST JUNIOR (Roces award): Patriks Vaitekūns. WORST BAIL: Markuss Bērziņš. BEST TRICK ON THE RAINBOW RAIL (Matīss Širics award): Toms Slukins with TOP MISTRIAL. SPECIAL THEROLLING AWARD: Dārta Jansone.

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Nouvelle Ligne - Digital NL Contest 2020 (Covid 19 Edition) - Full Results

Fri, Oct 9, 2020
Nouvelle Ligne - Digital NL Contest 2020 (Covid 19 Edition) - Full Results

Roller Street

  1. Carlos Bernal De Santiago
  2. Victor Daum
  3. Salim Sikha
  4. Adrien Anne
  5. Fred Bukowski
  6. Nicolas Auroux
  7. Thomas Riffaud
  8. Warren Digne
  9. Sacha López
  10. Jean-Yves Provost
  11. Eduardo Briceño
  12. Tanguy Rudolf
  13. Yann Sinoir
  14. Zacharie Heydacker
  15. Aurélien Machu

Roller Woman

  1. Daniela Salgado
  2. Nadège Pagès
  3. Paola Berletteli

Roller Half Pipe

  1. Nicolas Mougin
  2. Borja Fernandez
  3. Nicolas Calderon
  4. Pavel Mitrenga
  5. Andres Cruz
  6. Alex Sandro / Rodrigues leite
  7. José Pedreros
  8. César Acharezzi
  9. Ten-Jet-Foei Suyanto
  10. Romain Vieira
  11. Abel Morales
  12. Nelson Jung
  13. Daniel Hashimi Saviolli
  14. Alex Fernandez Jurado
  15. Max Collier
  16. Daniela Salgado Martínez
  17. Uma Hijdra
  18. William Caproni

Replay of the Finals (all categories, french language broadcast): PLAY.

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