You’re Killing Me Smalls by Hawke Trackler

An online blade video themed after the baseball movie The Sandlot. I filmed and made this video for my friends but mostly made it for fun.

There are 3 sections in the video with all clips of my homies and funny parts from the film. I used mostly alot of the songs from the actual movie to give it the same good vibe. – HT.

Intro featuring Kyle Wood, Bradley Wilson, Ryan Sibbio, Jimmy Spetz, Brent Hopkins, Reed Huston, Brandon Long, John Ritter, Ben Poling, Jesse Soda & Shane Conn.

Montage featuring Bradley Wilson, Stefan Brandow, Ryan Sibbio, Greg Preston, Chynna Weierstall, Taylor Ritchie, Ben Poling, Carson Starnes, Cody Reffner, Sylvain Chaussee, Devon Carpenter & Brandon Long.

Beast featuring Chris Smith, Brandon Long, Kyle Wood, Ryan Sibbio, Bradley Wilson, Alex Paplios, Zane Cook, Kenny Shawver, Jesse Soda, Cody Reffner, Theo Partin, Stefan Brandow & Reed Huston.

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  • Nigel Thornberry

    Pretty cool doods.

  • Dario

    fresh and entertaining!

  • Matt

    Magical. James Earl Jones is in all the best baseball movies. I bet Kevin Costner would have acted in The Sandlot if there was a lead role to play for an adult.