Young Blood: August van der Velden & Dominic Bruce

Young Blood: August van der Velden & Dominic Bruce

August van der Velden (14): 2012 Street Edit by Michael Zargari
Filmed by Michael Zargari, Thijs Tel & friends.

This 14 year old from Schiedam in The Netherlands is already rocking the competitions in Holland, and is determined to go far!

Dominic Bruce (14): DIY Ledge, Clips by David Andrew
Song: Keith Kessler – Don’t Crowd Me.

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  • Anonymous

    August, dat shit cray

  • Nick Shand

    dom bruce has shit style

    son needs to climb off that strange creatures bandwagon.

    don’t get why everyone in the UK’s so hyped over a 14 year old with average tricks?

  • chris

    se thats the problem with rollernews. you cunts are so accustomed to hard tricks you call them average. its a fact your average rollerblader cant 360 soul especially at 14

  • chris

    nick gees hand shandy shinners on the reg

  • Bob Job

    anyone got spare cuff and frame bolts? holla

  • Anonymous

    He got good style ! But you can find more level on the defise videos !

  • Lee

    August’s skates are way too big. He would have so much more skill and control if he sized down. Honestly kid, there’s no shame in wearing a small skate, even if you have to do the jr.

  • Anonymous

    Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom!

  • Hoax34

    Dom is the shit. Just wearing that shirt is crazy! Serious though, keep it up…

  • Mr. Cockpussy

    Dominic please, be less gay! those clothes… fuck man…
    anyway, the skating was pretty good.

  • truth

    I was better than this at 14. Plus Aaron feinberg was 14 and he was taking over NISS…let’s be real here.

  • Anonymous

    Dominic has shit style? What the fuck are you talking about? Go watch your Razors DVD, moron.

  • Anonymous

    @Nick Shand: You are a RETARD who knows nothing about rollerblading. People like you who comment on rollerblading disgusts me.

  • Anonymous

    Dominic’s obviously going to be really good when he’s older but someone should tell Gabriel Hyden that he’s got another swagger jacker!

  • Punany

    these guys from neatherland looks much more younger than they are.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Lee.

    This kid is dwarfed by his big ass skates and tiny body. Just looks so labored and heavy.

  • Jimmy Saville (the ghost of)

    I love you guys, post more videos please!

  • wow

    14 and he is already wearing faggot clothing and skating to faggot music?
    hop off that bandwagon please!, create your own. at 14 i was more worried about attempting a stair set or trying to learn more grinds than worried about how i look when im skating or how my hair is done.
    please dont become a faggot. these pros that are fags now have done it all. crazy shit in the past.
    you just came out of your moms puss and youre already trying to skate and look like youre retiring soon.

  • Kloedor

    wow has right! this was the first thing when i saw him first. he is just 14 and he is already looks like a homo… thats strange… whatever, he is skating prettygood, so he will/could be good one day.