Xsjado welcomes Dustin Werbeski to the pro team

Edited by Brandon Negrete.

Xsjado welcomes Dustin Werbeski to the pro team

Filmed by Brandon Negrete, Richie Eisler, Sean Kelso, Nick Lomax, Johnny Twotimes & Blake Cohen.

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77 Responses to “Xsjado welcomes Dustin Werbeski to the pro team”

  1. 3615 ULLA Says:

    Who ?


  2. arsene Says:

    fuck yes !!! pudslides are amazing !

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nigga who? It’s ONLY ONE Dustin and it’s Latimer!

  4. dutch dynasty Says:

    damn xsjado came through with that yung sponsorship upgrade, daswusup

  5. pcp Says:

    that pudslide on the fat white rail is amazing!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Your pudslide was a bit too LONG. Please go back and try again.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The worst part about this edit is that it took me like 30 seconds to figure out if that was a guy or girl standing in the screen thumbnail -_-

  8. Ranter 9000 Says:

    1st trick = insane death trap ! ! ! OMG

    2nd trick = cute girl shooting WIN :D

    Congrats well deserved and new pro skate coming ?

  9. KEV. Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a good thing the trick 0:23 was on repeat. Cuz I was a bit distracted

  11. Anonymous Says:

    one of the most interesting skaters to watch – this was great. props on getting picked up by the team.

    anyone know who this music is??

  12. Anonymous Says:

    rollerblading needs more cute girls filming or at least keep that girl in every xsjado edit p: @_@ and dope effing edit but where was that PYTs creds >:[

  13. Anonymous Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    he so deserves to be pro. because he puts in work. gets to spain, films edits, makes edits, takes cool photos, and has a sense of what needs to be done. really active and I like it. best wishes!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    typical xsjado garbage

  16. yes yes Says:

    yo, that was great, god job Dustin, congrats, welcome to the bunch

  17. yes yes Says:

    I mean good job -_-

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Att last, good on yah Dustin!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    No offense guys but very few companies respect the “Pro status” nowadays, and I think it looks bad for the real PROS.

    This Dustin whatever is pro and my first impression is “who”? Now when Nils will drop shit as a Pro I’ll be like “HELL YEA he earned it!”
    xjado razors adapt etc RESPECT THE PRO STATUS PLEASE!! You gotta EARN RESPECT to be called Pro not just drop a few web edits from your home town.

  20. Nigel Thornberry Says:

    Congrats man. The ever-expanding skill on the pro and am Xsjado team is awesome. Keep it up!

  21. %$##$% Says:

    This section was better than the whole Xsjado video!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    ya but what’s the song??

  23. Anonymous Says:

    xsjado needs one killer like Aragon, Haffey, Morales, Livingston or some one else! a skater with big tricks, a stuntman!

  24. pcp Says:

    I heard they got a guy on the team whos called chris farmer….

    also heard hes good for stunts too… but I could be wrong…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    the songs by fuzz and that was cool but that song should have been used for something better kind of a waist

  26. I like Cougars. Says:

    Dear Xsjado..

    WTF Took you guys so damn long?

    This guy should of been on pro for you clowns a while ago. Better late than never I suppose, but seriously. It shouldn’t of taken this long.

    Grats Dustin. Keep it creative and fun.

  27. Felipe Says:

    Finally! Great video but I was expecting more powerblading.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome. But of course Negrete used some shit head trendy song that did not compliment his unique skating as much as it should have. Still sick.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    when you ask yourself “WHO is this guy” you know he shouldn’t be pro, no matter how good he is.

  30. Dirty Hippie Says:

    Sick edit…but will someone please tell that chick to get the Fucck out of the shot?

  31. Jeff Goldblum Says:

    wait they took this guy and they didn’t take nicky?

  32. Jeppers Says:

    If you do not know who this guy is. Get out from under your rock

  33. pom Says:

    definately been standing out from the crowd over the last year or probly more..
    …this edit was fucking dope and is a good reflection of how he deserves this promotion

  34. pom Says:

    …for the pudslide alone! haha

  35. style yo Says:

    Pud slide. Now do a a r kink rail…Are yo u trying to o call out Frankie Irving. Better not be??!!

  36. shitma Says:

    Wait. Anthony G. has been doing this forever and skates way better and is still am. This Dude pops up outta nowhere and is pro. Matthias, fire stockwell and farmer as managers/scouts and treat your ams with respect. This guy is no where near as good as weiner. Just look at his edits and real life skating.
    Shit Yi is sick too. That dude took out some of your pros in blader cup like Livingston, George, and others and he’s am too. Xsjados is your weakest product as far as sales and team line up. Farmer and Stockwell are part their time and too opinionated. Easy for suck up but not for what’s up

  37. Anonymous Says:

    damn fredrick andersons gf is super hot!

  38. Phaggoty Phil Says:

    I don’t even care that all those tricks were technical, difficult, and dangerous and done on interesting obstacles with solid ass style. I just want it to be more like back when everyone else still dressed like me and we lined up at handrailings all day.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Xsjado.

    WTF took you so long?

  40. axel Says:

    how much a “pro” rolerblader is paid by the company?

  41. SSM=Same Shit Man Says:

    Yo, either weiner or obe for pro. Soderburg should’ve been pro. He’ll eventually get picked up by another company.

  42. GL-Joe Says:

    WOOD GRAIN everything..

  43. Angelina Says:


  44. ahah Says:

    Seeing such a lack of intelligence in those comments makes me ashamed of being a blader and at the same time I hope it’s a characteristic of rollerblader to be that dumb at least there is some hope in the none blading folks around the world.

    Fot those who have time to comment here and probably are on rollernews every fucking days, you should be ashamed not knowing who dustin is cuz it means that you have the memory capabilities of a fish!

  45. poorly-planned Says:

    To the negative half… even the ones that like Dustin but are still complaining, quit complaining and saying negative shit. it’s ridiculous that so many of you can’t say aa positive comment and leave it at that. “Dear xsjado what took you so long”… “How about Congrats Dustin” or “Wow that was good”. Try it. It’s nice.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    true x on a wall rail, thats a first

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Song: Fuzz’s Fourth Dream – Fuzz

    So good.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    This guy has shit style. Wtf is this hippy shit?!? His landing look like garbage.

    florida does not approve.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    florida is a garbage land u dumb asshole

  50. Richard karlsson Says:

    Congrats Dustin!!
    Amazing Edit!

  51. shitma Says:

    Congrats only would go if the best man who’s been waiting deserved it. Jc is not pro for them anymore never should’ve been. He doesn’t skate the style of xsjado teams of the past this clip was garbage the sickest thing he did was pud the whole down rail. Look, farmer use to win comps, so did Jeff with his tech style farmer is a has-been in competition. This guy style isn’t sick enough to go against guys who bust like Gav drumm, Nils, it any other real street skate than also skates park according to this edit. He showed no spin tricks other that Makio and fish on a short rail. No extreme talent for high jumps like farmer use to have, like what Anthony has now. No weird obstacle selection like Yi. Just basic valo small ugly bs.

  52. Chris W Says:

    I dont really understand the “who is this guy” comments. Did all you assholes live in a black hole when him and Eisler were pumping out edits and photos for the Powerhouse.

    Congrats Dustin. You deserve this!

  53. JonCraig Says:

    Dustins been killing it since I could remember..2001/02? Him and Richie Eisler use to make crazy tech edits back in the day. Congrats on the spot and kool edit! your Pudslides are magical hah

  54. BCD Says:

    Werbeski, you are a fucking beast. Keep on keepin´on!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    This guy is not pro. He is so sketchy. Nothing done with finess. To me a pro is someone in complete control, you have none. You’re brown nosing “pro” that is all.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    haha talking about Anthony like these dicks care. these so called “pros” could care less about wiener or any other flow guy. xsjADO HAS NO ams

  57. Anonymous Says:


  58. rick lean Says:

    i would rather watch some yolo julien cudot than this hippie shit

  59. adam Says:

    He is fun to watch but i think only 3 tricks stood out in that, pudslide, truspin xgrind on wall, and bsfulltorque to backslide up rail. The rest is very generic here are the trick in order:

    royale to roll down ledge,
    backslide 6 steps land fakie makio on 5 step rail
    backslide land fakie fish
    drop some small pole
    soul to bank on small sculpture thing
    soul to fastslide to 180 acid
    12 step front side torque
    8 step backslide
    soul on curved and unstable barrier rail
    negative mistrial to tap mistrial on 3 step rail
    awesome pudslide
    makio 4 inch ledge cess slide truspin makio on 4 inch ledge
    backslide on ledge then fakie 540 then truspin torque fakie 540
    wierd acid to fakie fish
    small six step disaster soul
    full torque up rail to trufish
    full torque up rail to trubackslide
    truspin xgrind on wall rail

    so looking at these tricks some of them are neat, but a lot of them are mediocre at best.

    now check out this guy’s tricks, and tell me if you see a difference.

  60. ey Says:

    I will never respect this guy nor the “cute” girl (Johanna) filming. They took a huge dump on Fredrik Andersson some years ago. The story goes like this.. Fredrik and Johanna had been an couple for many many years, she travel with him to all kinds of rollerblading related events and festivals.. Kind of like a Pro hoe basically ! They came across a lot of new friends and Dustin was one of them.
    Dustin (the new “friend”) and Johanna (the bitch) back stabbed Fredrik at roskilde festival.. Fredrik and Johanna went there as a couple, when the festival was over Johanna had found a new boyfriend in Dustin and moved with him to BCN. Fucking duchebags! Guess the bro code doesn’t mean shit to this guy and that is why he will always be a fucking prick in my eyes. People like that disgust me. Carma will bite back eventually. Breaking up is one thing but to jump from one relationship to another over night.. Really!? CUNT

  61. Anonymous Says:

    ey – talking about shit you dont know a shit about, makes you the cunt.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    that girl is cute, shit like that happens all the time, people break up find someone new… sounds like you have that hots for the chick to care that much, props to dustin for being an innovative skater, turning pro and finding a girl that he loves

  63. Marc Says:

    a stolen trick from fish? add a rail before a ledge and make it less stylish…trick. no.

  64. Marc Says:

    i’m talking about the backslide inspin acid with the rail before it. fish fucking finished a section on that trick.

  65. Joha Says:


    I don’t understand what this “ey” comment has to do with what was just watched.. Rollernews in a nut shell.
    People obviosly don’t know the whole or only one side of that story.

    However, the people that matter don’t mind.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    ey can u please give us the sextape

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Cool I guess, kinda think it should’ve been Michael Garlinghouse

  68. shitma Says:

    Fuck all that girlfriend dumb shit. If she was his then she wouldn’t stayed. Mark wodja is another beast. That section posted on here is insane. However on the regular usd team. Either give that position to Yi or weiner. Who cares how much a guy films someone else just to get close to be on the team. His skating style sucks. Plain and simple. That wasn’t tech. That was wreck

  69. shitma Says:

    Fuck all that girlfriend dumb shit. If she was his then she wouldn’t stayed. Mark wodja is another beast. That section posted on here is insane. However on the regular usd team. Either give that position to Yi or weiner. Who cares how much a guy films someone else just to get close to be on the team. His skating style sucks. Plain and simple. That wasn’t tech. That was wreck. Period. So think about that. Who skates more like DL . This New guy or winner or yi

  70. Broskow Says:

    It’s alright I’ll be at the next event shes going to…all my guy friends want to suck me off so imagine what it will be like with her! She can be my groupie :)

  71. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t give a fuck about this pussy or blading any more. After watching that Mark W section and the fact that he’s not pro and this dickfucking suckin moron is. He sucks major dick and sniff the dirtiest buttholes on the daily. And after that dude listed all his wack tricks, holy shit it’s so true. So sad. This is “pro” fuck off!! I want my time back!!!

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck yeah!! AB gonna steal dat hoe!?!?!!

  73. Anonymous Says:

    rick lean Says:
    September 17th, 2013 at 4:24 pm
    i would rather watch some yolo julien cudot than this hippie shit


  74. Clemounet Says:

    Is it a rollerblading website or a teens forum ?

    Dustin is insane, he skates everything, everywhere.

    Talking about the AM/PRO status is a pure waste of time.

    But once again, I feel ashamed for the comments. Fucking kids.

  75. Hector Nector Insector Says:

    F*CCKKK All Da H8trs UP IN HURRRR!!
    Dustin Wer”BEST”ki Is Damn right Skilled!!
    He Deserve Be On That Pro Status Level.

  76. Knight Says:

    That edit was packed full of skill. Good to see what you’ve been killing recently. Congrats!

  77. coco Sanchez Says:

    I’m so leaving my man for him, fuck my wood pushing bf . He’s not a real pro skateboarder