Xsjado 2.0 skate review with Sean Kelso & Chris Farmer

Xsjado 2.0 skate review with Sean Kelso & Chris Farmer

Sean Kelso and Chris Farmer introducing the new revolution of Xsjado Skates (in stores now). Edited by Paul John.

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  • Anonymous

    review by creators of the product is the same as commercial.

  • Taylor

    this was a pretty low-key, modest review. anyway, this skate colud be good.

  • Anonymous

    couldn’t stand the new cuffs and cuff pads. Souls are amazing but just added my old stockwell cuffs. now they are perfect.

  • http://cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    Poor review, they need to check out the questions of the xsjado users, about the compatibility with 1.0 skate parts, how to choose a perfect size for you, the new cuff, how it work with buckles instead straps, this front strap can be replaced…

  • Anonymous

    that lighting was terrible. diffuse some of that light and get rid of those hard shadows.

  • Anonymous

    “After years of testing and designing”, it’s always the same model to my eyes and you won’t do back flip or 450 topsoul i you buy them.

  • ronin

    Oh my god their selling points are soooo good I feel compelled to buy they right now ;-) Seriously though, I’m really not of fan of xsjado, I’ve never tried them and never felt the need to so I can’t judge them but one thing I really like about the brand is that their approach is absolutely unique. It’s a different concept, they are in their own category and this is way better for our sport that yet another cool looking pair of skates with no innovation. It’s a bit like K2 when the fatty came out or the first Remzs.

  • heman

    farmer sounds a little bit like the sounds in the grudge…


  • Anonymous

    Arent USD, Xsjado and Remz all made by The Conference/Powerslide???

  • spoiler/show

    nice, can you describe both setups ?

    what kind of frames fit better on 2.0 ?

  • Anonymous

    USD+Xsjado+Kizer+UC made by Conference/Powerslide

    Razors+Remz+GC+Jug+Titen made by Sunshine Distribution

  • NS

    Marcus…you are right about answering people questions…but if peoples question are that stupid, why bother?

    want my answers maybe? 1.0 skate parts, everything except the soulplate and baseplates and toe straps. unless you plan on using the old souls on the new cuff.

    perfect size? what did you use before? if its a new skate for you….pick your actual size and skate them.

    new cuff…what do you want to know that’s not been said? its a cuff…there wasn’t one before…so now you have forward flex. there…

    the use of buckles instead of straps? are you thinking of maybe another brand of skates?

    the front strap could be replaced before too…again what are you talking about?

    Try to put yourself in the position of the makers, and marketing guys behind xsjado, getting a million mails a day from kids asking them questions that are so stupid, when they could just READ what has been said about them. or just look at the picture and notice the obvious.

    you kids are so assisted.

  • ayoDirty

    SK is the originata of ya staaaayle

  • moldy tent

    “that lighting was terrible. diffuse some of that light and get rid of those hard shadows.”

    ^ You serious? Paul John was clearly trying to give the video a unique feel. I think he did a great job on it, much different then your typical skate review.

  • lol

    2 years to get a new piece of plastic. Pure genius..

  • USD

    woooow 7 stairs Sean, you’re doing better!

  • senate boy

    sean is so lame. what a fag baby. stack clips on curbs. what a joke.

  • Derek C

    Full cab tru neg misfit…on anything is redic (USD) wheres your clip of that trick on a longer rail??

  • Anonymous

    Hello, please buy my skate then, you can do 360 topsoul and triple backflip, yes you will skate much better with those skate buy them buy them buy them


    comments above are really stupid.

    i repeat, really stupid.

    dont ever post anything on this website unless its constructive criticism. no hate. it doesnt make any sense.

    do you know what that means?

    chris farmer is the man. and you guys know this.

    plus, sean’s been puttin out professional sections before any of you guys knew how to buckle your skates.

    so please shut up and enjoy the fuckin content on this website.

  • soul2roll

    I hava feeling tht the new toe strap holders r gonna come off??

    Im not in2the whole black skate look but I cnt wait 2 try a pair!! If they are anything like the old 1’s (minus the souls) they shud be amazing!

    I’ll probably buy some whn they add more colours :D

  • Dis Dick

    I can’t help but think these guys need speech coaches before going on camera. Is there anyone in the industry who’s halfway intelligent. Not to mention, what good is a review from someone who get’s paid to skate the product they are reviewing? I rather listen to a nobody for a review, that would make more sense.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I just like how Farmer stated that he has been skating the same skate for 7 years. I understand innovation takes time and money. But I wish they would stop marketing products as new and improved when its usually the same as always was. Guess they had that it ain’t broke, so there’s nothing to fix mentality. That being said I am excited about these xsjado skates. The soul plate kind of resembles a carbon soul and the addition of a cuff definitely make me feel like my ankles won’t break if and when I try them.

  • Anonymous

    So kelso is admitting that carbons have shit support and would rather skate these?

  • WTF
  • rollerblading is gay

    you fags need to troll harder. the review is fine. all your vaginas need new blood dildos

  • Alustair Grey.

    I skated the first gen xsjado’s they are were cool, but as we all know xsjado’s design has it’s flaws. The 2.0 is what I’ve always wanted to see happen to a xsjado boot. In saying that, it will probably be the next skate I aim for. That’s says a lot to me, as I’m guy who’s skated USD products since the company launch.

  • nixon

    That was awesome! Both living legends of the game discussing a skate (that i havent personally tried out extensively) that looks great!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t consider Xjasdo to be a real aggressive skate, and Sean Kelso blows, so doubt I will ever buy these.

  • lol

    Kelso got kicked off USD and since he only skates ankle high rails and ledges who else but Xsjado would sponsor him?

  • Anonymous

    curb skating ftw

  • Anonymous

    what a couple of faggots

  • fuxxorzz from space

    I think they think you are a faggot. What are you gonna do about it?

    What a little BITCH, you just took it and didn’t do SHIT!

    Anon scrub!

  • Anonymous

    The comments on this site brighten up my day.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fucking done with this website

  • Anonymous

    I think Kelso can go even smaller this year with Xsjado’s

  • moldy tent

    You people gotta stop hating on SK. Do you even pay attention to the tricks he’s doing? Id MUCH rather see a 3 neg mistrial or full true-neg misfit on a somewhat short rail than an AO topacid or some other boring trick that has been done countless times on say a 20 stair rail. Grow up.

  • koubisslabize

    chrisfarmer tricks xas insanely good .


    is there someone of you guys capable to do a fak 3 top neg mistrial on a long rail? I WANT TO SEE IT. COCK SUCKERS. SK IS ON TOP OF THE GAME.

  • NAR

    whats not clear?

    One peace soul: slides faster, better shape around toe (less boxey) new backslide groove is Sick, better placement, locks in real nice.

    New toe strap does not rip off.

    All 1.0 pieces fit on 2.0s get it? fit any damn old thing you want in your new blades.

    Footwraps, soul plates, cuff, and that shit, swap it out if you want.

  • Anonymous

    Dustin Latimer for the win!

  • Mitch

    I want these. They look amazing. I have the original Xjados and always hated how bulky and excessive they where. These are like a stream lines trimmed down version.