xion protective gear: stuntpadding Demo

Flexible protective padding for stunts, extreme sports, police, military, etc. Based on d3o technology.

The fabric that carries the padding, is a lycra based stretchable fabric that comes in black with either grey or orange stitching (Skin colour fabric will be a future option as a specific feature to serve the stunt industry). Most padded areas are covered with an abrasion resistant cordura with Teflon finish for extensive usage.

The Xion products are designed to protect the bony and rigid parts of the body. Because the padding is flexible, it does not perform in the same way on “soft” parts of the body as rigid protection does.

D3o (the padding in our products) combined with a hard shell, performs a lot better than any other rigid impact protection out there today but looses flexibility and movability by adding rigidity. For the stunt business and most sports or professional applications this is a very important aspect of protection!

Rigid shell protectors do not give a person the desirable freedom of movement, even worse, these products are not worn as comfortable undergarments, just protection!

Our products offer the highest level of protection whilst offering freedom of movement and flexibility. Because the products are designed to wear as a second skin (undergarment), they need to be thin (max. 9 mm), comfortable and worn close to the body. The best part of d3o is, the harder you hit the padding, the better it works. […]

More: stuntpadding.com | d3o.com.

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  • MJ

    this is cool, but in active sport like skating surely it would make you super sweaty. its not going to be all that breatheable

  • Steveig

    Would love to try some of the shorts for my battered hips! :-) Shame i cant watch the video where i am :-(

  • http://www.grindside.com Kwan

    i’d buy it, if i could afford it…

  • shawn sellers

    looks like a good product that could be useful for alot of different physical activities. Cool Video. It might not be the best for keeping your body cool but would help keep you in one piece.

  • me

    need some of this stuff for my knees. isit bullent proff that would be cool.

  • http://beeg.com MC IP

    can’t you put it online without the music, becouse UMG dosn’t allows german IPs to watch it…

  • http://beeg.com Skateadict

    Nice IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://beeg.com absolutely differnent person

    Jepp, that would be really clever!

  • andew

    Some friend of mine got kneepads when d3o at first showed up. that thing was like 5mm thick but held up super cool! i tried hitting with my knee a tree and the only thing i felt was hit, no pain. some bike co is using this in their knee pads and it costs about 1,5-2 times more than regular usd pads.
    really nice!

  • x Phaggotz x

    I have the knee pads myself, and they make life better for the future of my knees. Check amazon.com for them. I got mine for almost half the price if you buy them from somewhere else..

  • Sean

    this is also calles the “d3o” material

    just watch for protection and include: d3o

    different companys still use that material!

  • flowskate

    this product is amazing
    trust me i have looked into it extensivly and tested it
    crash shorts like these will be incredible
    and they will be breathable too!

  • homer54o

    cool stuff

    but I lawled when he got hit with the brick

  • billy doyle

    these would be sick in some sort of riot – like the full kit, police wouldn’t be able to hurt you ahahha

  • your mom

    fucking brick hahahahaha

  • Joey

    Greatest product ever.

    Flowskate, I’m curious, whats the meaning behind your screen name?

  • sick

    they should make shock absorbers from this material. i’d definitely buy

  • rollerblading is gay

    i just thought the same thing. shock absorber would be awesome to see.

  • Lee

    What’s with all the positivity for once? Nobody said anything about it being for fags? Or made fun of his pants?

    Do we only hate on rollerblading here? The only real negative thing about anything posted so far is the guy before me has the name “rollerblading is gay” in a non rollerblading related post.

  • your mom

    Lee is a faggot

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1001730118 Justin_Berry

    yeah fuck lee.
    comment too short, fuck lee.

  • [10]

    That stuff is cool and all, but like traditional pads, they don’t protect the areas that really need protection–Knees can’t do shit for me if I twist my ankle. I’ve been rolling since 2002 and I have NEVER fallen hard on my knees, nor my ankles.

    I tried to do a flatspin on a 14ft vert and somehow hit the coping with my crotch. I sack about once a year, twist my ankles about once a month. I’ve dislocated my shoulder, and broken a finger. Pads do jackshit for me, so I don’t wear them.

  • Lee

    Thank you for re-imbuing my faith in the content of this blog.

  • http://www.stuntpadding.com Simon_stunts

    the stuff is breathable. I’ve worn it during stunts on several filmshoots in a studio wgich is very warm with all the lights… it performs a lot better than the velrco strapped protection I know from the market, worn above clothing and gets sweaty and irritating. In protection there is always a compromise between comfort and flexibility against rigidity and freedom of body movement. The products are thin, flexible and outperform any foam product in the market by far… Check :http://www.stuntpadding.com/index.php?page/section/specs for the details.