X-Games Asia 2011: Final Results & Photos

X-Games Asia 2011

AIL Street

  1. Chris Haffey (USA)
  2. Jeff Stockwell (USA)
  3. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN)
  4. Brian Aragon (USA)
  5. Yuto Goto (JPN)
  6. Worapoj Boonnim (THA)
  7. Jeerasak Tassorn (THA)
  8. Chris Van Der Merwe (RSA)
  9. Anthony Avella (FRA)
  10. Hung Chien Kai (TPE)

AIL Vert

  1. Takeshi Yasutoko (JPN)
  2. Rich Parker (GBR)
  3. Yusuke Aihara (JPN)
  4. Cesar Andrade (BRA)
  5. Nikolaj Najdenov (BUL)
  6. Tomohiko Nakamura (JPN)
  7. Leonid kamburov (RUS)
  8. Pavel Mitrenga (CZE)

Full Results on Kiaxgamesasia.com.

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  • smoker



    Well done Chris! South Africa represent!

  • Anonymous

    aragon blows 4th place!!!!

  • Lukas T.

    Congrats to Chris Haffey! Superman for the win!

  • Anonymous

    more pics of Coco. please… she is so fine.

  • Aron

    I wana see everything that Haffey did there! It`s so nice to see him still doing comps and winning.

  • Anonymous

    Coco should have won.

  • Vini

    coco won me a blowjob, only this

  • Anonymous

    coco i’m sad and i’m lonely please let me spaff on your tits

  • hmmm

    get that sell out azikwee out of blading

  • M

    The best bit of the is that the Boss TT is there

  • Yobad

    cant find that on youtube, only skate and bmx videos – _-“

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i bet Erod banged Coco, i wonder how Jbah feels about that hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Where was cj wellsmore?

  • Anonymous

    Pavel Mitrenga is from Bulgaria !

  • firth

    as if that’s azikwee anderson? where are the dreads?!

  • Anonymous
  • Ben Shelbourne

    “Tyre-Spin, and finish off with a Blackside proved to be the right choice”

    love those tricks

  • Anonymous

    Where can i buy Brian Aragons Tank top :D???

  • filip

    ………………………………………….dat coco

  • Avella

    And i Finish at 5th place on vert, take in care…