WRS Uploaded: Round 2, Day 3

Brian Aragon
Filmed by Phillip Long, Dre Powell, Max Manning, Erick Rodriguez ; edited by Phillip Long.

Erik Bailey
Filmed & edited by Erik Bill.

Daniel Prell (Repost)
Filmed by Gottlieb Kirchtreu von und zu Rosenkranz ; edited by Daniel Prell.

Nils Jansons (Repost)
Filmed & edited by Martins Jansons.

Brian Aragon vs Daniel Prell – Erik Bailey vs Nils Jansons.
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WRS Uploaded Media

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  • Anonymous

    “bailey should be winning. way more tricks and hammers. not something over edited to shit”

  • saa

    I didnt want Erik Baileys edit to end.

    It wasnt over edited, it was different. Perfect.

  • Grand8

    i was waiting for the aragon’s edit to see if I could have voted for someone else. he surprised me again. when all the other pros will be skating the next level, they’ll still have Brian Aragon far away in front of them.

  • Anonymous

    Competition!? Aragon KILLED it. Bailey seems out of shape, and was sloppy.

  • Sound

    Haha that’s why there’s judges that are experts in editing etc. because all the groms are just gonna turn this into another hammer contest. The whole point of it is that you can see some of the best pro’s compete against each other on shit they enjoy skating.

  • Anonymous

    BAILEY COULD HAVE PUT HIS BIGGEST TRICKS HES DONE FOR THE YEAR IN HIS EDIT INCLUDING HIS AO TOPACID AT BITTERCOLD SHOWDOWN. but he didnt. He filmed a brand new edit. Nils edit is sick, but Bailey should win because he did it right and didn’t put tricks ppl have seen in his edit.

  • Lee

    Brian Aragon is so fucking good.
    Anyone who’s hating on that skating is just in shock from how good it actually was. They have not yet had time for their brain to process and categorize it properly.

  • Anonymous

    Nils lacks the polish that bailey has. sure, he does big tricks, but it’s all the same shit we’ve seen in each of his edits. Bailes has filmed what, 3 full sections this year and then comes out with an all new edit full of original tricks on basically all new obstacles. Too many Euro kids with nothing to do but talk shit and comment on rollernews are probably gonna put Nils through, when he really doesn’t deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    BAILEY COULD HAVE USED HIS BIGGEST CLIPS OF THE YEAR INCLUDING HIS AO TOPACID ON THE RAINBOW RAIL AT BITTERCOLD(like Nils did with the hurricane fish) but he didnt. He went and filmed a whole new edit. If he did he could have easily beat Nils. I think Nils section is sick but gotta vote for Bailey.

  • Anonymous

    Nils used clips we have already seen.

  • mike

    aragon used clips from the GC video

  • buster brown

    It’s pretty lame these guys are reusing old clips and clips for upcoming releases. Its makes the whole contest look shit. Bunch of unprofessional cunts.

  • Anonymous

    The V in Valo stands for Vests. Big wake up call for this company thats been pushing “small shit” skating. Nils kicked Baileys ass, and the rollerblading community has spoken. Go big or go home.

  • MF

    I agree with Lee. Brian Aragon is a fucking machine. and if you try to criticize him by saying he’s too robotic or doesn’t have good style you’re just a stupid asshole.

    I’ll be curious what rollerblading will look like when it’s not Aragon, Haffey, and then everyone else.

  • respect

    obviously the guy before MF didn’t watch the edits. they both did big shit. Atleast Erik went out and took the time to film new shit instead of reusing old clips or using clips that are gonna be used for the next valo vid. What do vests have to do with Eric? Ive never seen him wear one. Open your eyes children! know your history.

  • Nils is a Beast

    It looks like Nils vs. Aragon after they both win the next round. I’d have to pick Nils based on those 2 edits.

  • Oscar Zabala

    Who cares if old footage is used, if filters are used, if no new sections are uploaded for each stage… at the end YOU JUST SIT, WATCH, GET DAMN AMAZED (By sections such as Lang’s, Janson’s and Aragon’s) AND THEN JUDGE AGAINST THE RIVAL SECTION. Where is the complication in it??? If no better section appears, your favorite section should get to the final in disregard of if it is coming from a youngster or an older bladder. STOP WINING FOR EVERYTHING.

    – Prell did a great work with his edit and his skating is fun to watch. BUT, it is no competition to Aragon’s. PRINCE STAYS PRINCE
    – Baileys section is undeniable cool. Erik Bill def. knows how to showcase blading in a mind blowing and aesthetically cool fashion, plus Baileys will be one of the greatest for ever. BUT, Jansons is just a beast. The guy just throws some serious shit like it were nothing…

  • Terror

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Aragon is just too fucken good. It’s unfair he’s put in this competition against those other skaters. Aragon is also a fucken nice guy. Don’t hate on him you fags. It’s not his fault bah, dre, erick rodriguez, rachard acted like dumbasses all the time, thus most ppl hating razors. Don’t let that hate translate to Aragon or even razors for that matter, all those fags are gone except for dre.

  • Oscar Zabala

    Sizemore better comes with s/thing good if he wants to have a chance against Aragon!

  • Wow


  • Anonymous

    i still say each competitor should be given 2 weeks between rounds to film a new 1 minute edit. They’re all pro/semi pro bladers, should be no problem to get out and film a quick edit. This would give everyone a chance to show that they can do it on command, just as if they were skating in a live contest.

  • Dickerson

    So, Nils is winning. here’s my problem with his section vs. Bailes. How about some variety? I get it, he’s doing stunts, I respect that, but there were 0 switch tricks, like 5 topsouls, and a few kink gap switchups that were pretty simple, i.e. topacid broy and topacid tru miz. Cool spots, but from what i’ve seen of europe…there are so many better, more creative spots than just drop kinks and down rails. His second trick and maybe another where he used a board where obviously edited to short so we’d think he landed them. I know i’m biased towards Bailey, but I think his section was just better. Tons of variety, switch ups, switch tricks, cabbed out of everything, disaster Farv on a kink square rail. Sure he looks like a hobo sometimes, but who cares? at least he doesnt look like every other euro kid on remz…meaning jeans, hoody, beanie.

    Also…WTF did Nils even do on his last trick? With an angle that bad, you just shouldn’t use it. Oh and if you’re going to use a Beatles song, at least use the fucking beatles…not some cover from a sub par film that has nothing to do with them.

  • Goonyone

    this is a cool contest and i really hope they keep it around in the future. I dont know the last time i was excited to get home so i could watch skating. I feel like a kid again!! Keep it up and really take some of the suggestions to heart for next time. I like the 2 weeks between rounds. Have to keep it fresh!

  • The Fix is In

    I believe the next two rounds have JUDGES instead of online voting to ensure a Haffey vs. Aragon final. It’s a shame cause I’d vote Nils over Aragon. At least Bailey got ousted, hopefully Broskow and SK get ousted tomorrow.

  • olf


    Vote for him

  • Oscar Zabala


  • Hammers don’t know shit

    Actually fix, this is all fan voted as we are currently in process of voting on the “fan favorite” bracket, so there isn’t any conspiracy just yet, haha

  • lol

    bahaha…Bailey beaten by a teen euro chucker. gotta love it. time for these washed up old “pros” to exit and make room for some young bucks with balls.

    wondering if Broskow will wear a vest and a skirt for his edit? Those pud slides would look great in a pleated skirt.

  • Dirtbag in Florida

    “Doig Says:
    December 6th, 2011 at 10:48 am

    I’m sorry but you can say what you want but Aragon smashed the fuck out of it. It’s easy to hate him because he is on razors but you can’t tell me you wasn’t like WTF! on every trick. Don’t get me wrong I hate razors too but if he had Valo’s on his feet you would have sucked his penis off his pelvis.”

    Dude, you made me laugh so hard! I would rather see Aragon go to USD than Valo.

  • Anonymous

    ^ “teen euro chucker”???? really and your talking about skirts?

  • slatkar

    Jansons Vs Bailey both edits are amazing!!! but Bailey edit is better, more tricks and more creative and Hammers, that is pure rollerblading:)

  • Facts

    Nils just graduated from high school. he beat Bailey 2/3 to 1/3 in voting. when are these rollerblade companies gonna realize we dont wanna see old pros do little tricks?

  • facts

    erick bailey is a machine. nils used old clips. what a bitch move

  • Anonymous

    lol people says ‘ it’s boring , all the competitions finish by a battle beetween aragon and haffey ” …. maybe but their really far better than the other skater , not just about their skills , edits and tricks are more worked , the really make good job on every edit you can see of them both …. aragon deserve the victory here , i am not a huge fan of aragon but he killed everybody with that new edit ….

  • andrew

    you all bitchin about that nils did only few sick hammer tricks, bailey – bigger trick variety, swich tricks and so on. what you whould say if he did more ”creative” swich things? HATE! it’s his oppertunity to show himself to the outside. its not freakin US, here in Latvia we got like Madars Apse in skateboarding, Edd Zunda in bmx and Nils who ride on highest international level.
    sorry for language mistakes.

  • facts

    eric bailey lost…he’s an old machine that got beat by a teenager from europe….step up his game or gtfo. what an embarrassment for Valo

  • Berline Crime


    prell wie der name schon sagt hahaha in vergleich zu allen anderen eine totale witzfigur

    und die mugge dazu schrecklichst einfach nur OMG

  • Anonymous

    PRINCE FTW!!!!!!!!!!