WRS Uploaded 2012: Round 3

Third round of the WRS Uploaded 2012. You have 2 days to vote.

Mathias Silhan WRS Pro, #58
Filmed by David Lecorre, Guillaume Latchimy, Salim Sikha, Patrick Ridder, Adrien Anne & Andy Horat. Edited by David Lecorre DSP.

Maxime Genoud Ranked #16
Filmed & edited by Stephane Ryter. Song: Kyasma – Radioactivity.

Joey Egan Ranked #24
Filmed and edited by Albert Hooi.

Blake Bird Ranked #21
Filmed & edited by Alex Brightwell.

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75 Responses to “WRS Uploaded 2012: Round 3”

  1. thomas Says:

    Pretty clear who won this round haha.

  2. Easy Says:

    Silhan…Best edit so far

  3. whooot Says:

    really wanna know how joey and blake made it into this video contest.
    maybe they re better than their edits .. but why the hell would they come up with such edits in the WRS. i think the world rolling series should just represent the top skaters on our little planet.
    imo noone of those deserve a vote just to let the heads of WRS know that this is just wrong …. rofl

  4. lyod banks Says:

    kids know your history blake bird is the original founder of ssm skates, back in 1997…

  5. Al@n Says:

    My Vote 4 Maxime & Blake Bird!!!

  6. whooot Says:

    well… why kato and andy wegener don t compete then ? :P

  7. 2R Says:

    Can someone tell me how Joey Egan got straight to round 2? that was dogshit

  8. Douche Says:

    I like Maxime Genoud skating but how can you vote him when you see Mathias edit???

  9. Bangy Says:

    Damn. Surely it must be a huge benefit to be native English speaker cause I have no idea why these two edits by mediocre skaters got picked over all the talent around the world. Some horrible music too, especially in the Genoud edit.

    Silhan won by miles. The curved rail was pure orgasm. He and Dem have put forth the best edits in my opinion.

  10. Bangy Says:

    It’s a little disturbing to have to see Egan or Bird in the next round.

  11. Terror Says:

    Silhan killed it, joey and jake sucked, not worth of this contest.

  12. Amoll Says:

    silhan and bird for sure! not really in question.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    imo maxime edit was best of all 4.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    > really wanna know how joey and blake made it into this video contest.

    Joey Egan is ranked #24, Blake Bird is ranked #21. They can enter the competition.

    You either have to be pro WRS or in the top 25 to enter.

    Note that Jeff Dalnas is neither WRS PRO nor in the top 25 but entered the comp.

    Jeff Howard is not WRS Pro (although he is listed as USA pro on the razors website) and he is ranked #118, he also entered the comp.

  15. Diaz Says:

    Wow, I don’t know how so many of you can hate on Blake and Joey. I found it pretty hard to vote for one or the other as I truly respect these two incredibly TALENTED bladers, plus they both have an enjoyable and respectful personality. And if you are wining about their skills, although you seem not to have a clue about how good they both are, I find it quite good that some “underrated” bladers can enter the comp and win, if their edits are better, be it because of the editing, the personality, the style or the level.
    The truth is that you are only complaining because you wanted your favorites pro to enter the comp, which was actually their own decision and has nothing to do with the two great bladers you are shit-talking about.

    Anyway, thanks Joey and Blake for these edits, I enjoyed them both.

    Ps: Silhan’s edit was just too dope.

  16. Mr. S Says:

    Maxime Genoud’s clip was awesome!!!! 1+ for him!

  17. Mr. S Says:

    Maxime Genoud’s edit was sick!!!
    1+ for him!

  18. Tom Cheung Says:

    Silhan, obviously! I wanted to vote for bird but there was too much time spent on a few lines.

  19. Amoll Says:

    Amoll Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 9:00 am
    silhan and bird for sure! not really in question.

    i mean silhan and egan for sure :)!

  20. whoooo Says:

    silhan wins for that backslide alone.

  21. 2R Says:

    It doesn’t matter how nice people are. people need to climb off their dick

    if your edit’s shit, then your edit’s shit.

    aka; joey egan

  22. Rewind Says:

    My fucking God Blake Bird section was painful. Those lines he did that took up 20 seconds of my time watching each one – note to editor, speed the guff up of him skating between ledges.
    Poor standard, sloppy.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    That blake bird edit is pretty much crap! stupid tricks !! LAME !!

  24. dan Says:

    man how could blake bird have entered himself into this when it’s obvious what the standard was going to be like?? i mean really???? i had flash backs of teem where half the section hes skating in between lines stumbling everywhere! i thought london skarters had standards man?

  25. ha-ah Says:

    wahoooo!! A part Silhan… C’est vachement nul quand même tout ça…

  26. ronin Says:

    “silhan wins for that backslide alone.”

    Just what I though. I love bakcslides !

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks Blake and Joey shouldn’t have been in this comp. There’s a standard in our community that needs to be kept; clumsy skating combined with lazy editing shouldn’t have been allowed in this competition.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I’m surprised the Silhan has such a significant lead in the votes. Id’ve thought Maxime’s edit would have a least had a fighting chance.

  29. ronin Says:

    I feel bad for Daniel Prell who is in a totally different level than Egan and Bird …

  30. Nick Shand Says:

    Joey should not have been in this period.

  31. DarthRoller Says:

    I feel a bit sorry for Joey and Blake.

    The weather in the UK has been utter dog turd for the past while. Think I’ve seen 4, maybe 5 days in the last 6 weeks where it wasn’t raining or the ground was still wet from rain the day before.

    Plus it’s been bloody cold.

    Can’t be easy getting juiced to get good clips under such circumstances.

    Also, Joey’s park clips are all from (think it’s called Sofd) a skatepark in Ireland, so it’s clear he wasn’t near his local spots etc. to get clips as he was in another country. Can be hard to throw down on new spots (though his tricks on that quarter were fucking sick).

    It might be worth WRS’s time to host the event during a month in the May-August time of year. You’d probably see an overall higher standard.

  32. asdf Says:

    ye , people like prell , juul and dalnas are already out .. and joey or blake will make it to the next round …. what a shame

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Je vote pour Genoud

  34. O Brewster Says:

    You cannot hate on a blader for entering this contest regardless of the standard of the edit in comparison to others. The ‘top’ pros that everyone would like to see have chosen not to enter for whatever reason. I quite frankly enjoyed watching footage of relatively unknown bladers that you don’t often see much of (Joey, Blake, Maxime) and the Mathias Silhan edit was sick too! I was also pleasantly surprised by the level of all of their edits.

    Truth is I would be and probably all of these guys are honored to have been asked to enter this competition even if they didn’t think the standard of their edit was good enough to win or compete with the more well known guys. Show some fucking respect and just vote for the edit you thought was best.

    I don’t think this should even be posted on the front page of Rollernews as it does little good for the competition what with the barrage of shit comments that get posted here. If you want to comment go to http://www.wrsuploaded.com/ instead of posting anonymously here!…come to think of it why the FUCK am I even posting here?!

  35. Bangy Says:

    Think it’s between these guys:

    Demetrios George
    Julien Cudot
    Brian Aragon
    Mathias Silhan
    Julien Cudot
    Montre L.

    No matter who wins I’m pretty sure these will be the best edits after the comp, Howard, Sizemore and Wieringh were pretty good as well. I’ve seen them all.

  36. Whitman, Walter Says:

    I read Cudot’s facebook page… and it seems like he didn’t prepare at all for this edit so I doubt it’s going to be amazing, also since he hurt his heel at the Woodward comp earlier this year. He’s mostly into partying these days… But if it is amazing like Bangy says well… I’m impressed!

  37. Triple OG Says:

    Blake Bird would loss grommet edit contest. 180 off 10 steps is so 1993 It wasn’t cool to do when Arlo was pro.
    P.S I believe Arlo can pull out a better edit then Blake.

  38. james Says:

    kids, shut up…
    joey and blake, everyone whos in this sport/lifestyle for more than 10 years knows that you both are living legends!! new kids only see videos and wank watching posers!!
    p.d. joeys ilusion true mizu.. !!!!!!!!!

  39. kmcgloughlin Says:

    joeys edit was unreal!
    really enjoyed it,my personal fav so far!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    worst round of the contest. terrible

  41. jonk(l)o(de) Says:

    every singe one of those edits would have lost against dalnas/prell.
    this round is shit.
    really wrs? silhans is ok but still not outstanding.
    genou you retard take of the fucking vest and look for the next trend.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Looking at the bracket Nils is in, it’s clear he’ll make it to the finals by 80/20 margins as long as his edit is half as good as 2011. Mad props to the OG’s (as I am one myself) layin it down this year. Not sure if a few of those were WRS worthy but still entertaining. It seems that only a few people can showcase talent in 60 sec. Maybe there should be a website that lets viewers rank every vid that comes out in that year between 1-20 (have sub-categorys for style, editing, tricks etc.). At the end of the year the top 50 vids throw down.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    16 stairs you dumbass

  44. holla Says:

    silhan was ok good, the rest disappointing.
    wont vote in the uk thing, egan had a nice start but i dont want to see skatepark at all, especially quarters

  45. Anonymous Says:

    @DarthRoller Joey Egan is Irish!

  46. Anonymous Says:

    wow. what a complete dissapointment.

  47. damn Says:

    I’ve seen edits of both Egan and Bird in the past where they were more impressive than this. Maybe the weather had something to do with it though. Like Egan turned to park halfway through, and I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was forced on him by bad weather.

    It is kind of unfair to hold a street comp in November. All the Euro edits are grey and depressing and all the Cali edits have bright sunny skies. Maybe it would be more fair to have this comp at the end of summer or maybe in the fall? Oh well, at least these guys earned their way into the top 25 so it’s all good for them to at least try imo. I mean, without these two dudes (who I’ve always thought kind of look like brothers lol) the brackets wouldn’t have worked out right, so be thankful! haha

  48. Ruben Edwards Says:

    Silhan was good what a load of shit the other three were how the fuck are they in a world competition. Utter disappointment especially Blake bird. Skating curbs for competition edit? Really was boring for me, g

  49. Hans Hockey Says:

    I thought it is a street only skating contest…..oh well blake got my vote, homie has been ripping it for years, all you haters go choke on a dick !

  50. Anonymous Says:

    thats a fucking joke, right?? that must be a fucking joke!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    how come a british bum on blades enters the WRS with shaky topsouls and miniramp skating. Are you fucking nuts???

    rollerbladings DEAD

  52. DarthRoller Says:

    “@DarthRoller Joey Egan is Irish!”

    Thanks for that, had it in my head he was from somewhere on the mainland.

    Learn something new every day-cheers!

  53. excuses Says:

    Why are people complaining about weather? They could just use old clips like JC. Wasn’t that soul on the xsjado website 2 years ago? This round was sad. SIlhan is the only one worth voting for.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    It’s just sad for our sport that there are so many good skaters out there and just because of political bullshit we now wasted 2 edits on Joey Egan and Blake Bird…

    Really that fucking sucked :(

    WRS suck a fat dick for this and Maxime Genoud ??? Really ???


  55. Anonymous Says:

    We should boycott WRS if they keep up with this kind of wack shit.

    LAME !

  56. mousley Says:

    Egan and bird two good fellows shit edits lol real talk

  57. Mous Says:

    Maxime genoud ???? hahhahahaa it’s a joke ?

  58. DOM Says:

    maxime section looks so bad …

  59. anONYME MOUSSE Says:

    Mathias for shure , Maxime sucks

  60. Whitman, Walter Says:

    I can’t understand that nobody from Russia, Australia, Japan and so many other countries with better skaters than these two didn’t get the chance.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    These guys sucked. Too bad we didn’t get some Russian edits in there instead. That scene seems like it has a lot of talent right now.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    who the fuck are you people ?

    worst 4 edits of the contest by far and that last one bird

    what the fuck

    shit you suck

  63. Anonymous Says:

    The truth is that you are only complaining because you wanted your favorites pro to enter the comp,

    the truth is if i wanted to go out do shit lines and simple tricks id film myself instead of watching bird

  64. kboos Says:

    Actually, I really liked Joey eagan’s part (even though noone cares what I think) !

  65. 666 Says:

    they all sucked

  66. Anonymous Says:

    i’m embarassed to say I watched the Egan edit. someone shoot me please

  67. Jake Ricketts Says:

    Joey and blakes edit were sick! infact all of thoes edits had hammers in… can’t belive so many dick heads sit at there computer or on there i-phones hating thease days like there going to prove something. where are all the haters edits at… idiots.

  68. lotsofpeople Says:

    wats all the complaining about,joey had some of the best hammers of the contest and blake was cool,thought this was a really cool round!
    well done guys!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Silhan edit is soooooo fucking $$$$$

  70. jeph howard is a dingus Says:

    so fucking $$$$ indeed

  71. rollerblading is gay Says:

    in 97 there was no ssm. stop being a retard.

    wtf is blake bird doing in here?

  72. DK Says:

    Joey Egan is my favorite so far! don’t care what you negative bastards guys say!

  73. wow Says:

    I liked Maxime’s 180 at the end. grabbed clean from beginning to end. a lot of his stuff was pretty clean, actually.

  74. podge Says:

    joeys edit is sick!… love it,keep em comin boi!!!

  75. irishRoller Says:

    I can tell you guys Joey is much better than that edit. These 4 edits are pretty bad compared to the big named ones. But they cant compete with the shinny polished edits.

    Hands down winner was Silhan for the backslide and the kinked ledge.
    2nd place was Joey for the park section.