WRS Uploaded 2012: Round 3

Third round of the WRS Uploaded 2012. You have 2 days to vote.

Mathias Silhan WRS Pro, #58
Filmed by David Lecorre, Guillaume Latchimy, Salim Sikha, Patrick Ridder, Adrien Anne & Andy Horat. Edited by David Lecorre DSP.

Maxime Genoud Ranked #16
Filmed & edited by Stephane Ryter. Song: Kyasma – Radioactivity.

Joey Egan Ranked #24
Filmed and edited by Albert Hooi.

Blake Bird Ranked #21
Filmed & edited by Alex Brightwell.

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  • Anonymous

    how come a british bum on blades enters the WRS with shaky topsouls and miniramp skating. Are you fucking nuts???

    rollerbladings DEAD

  • DarthRoller

    “@DarthRoller Joey Egan is Irish!”

    Thanks for that, had it in my head he was from somewhere on the mainland.

    Learn something new every day-cheers!

  • excuses

    Why are people complaining about weather? They could just use old clips like JC. Wasn’t that soul on the xsjado website 2 years ago? This round was sad. SIlhan is the only one worth voting for.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just sad for our sport that there are so many good skaters out there and just because of political bullshit we now wasted 2 edits on Joey Egan and Blake Bird…

    Really that fucking sucked :(

    WRS suck a fat dick for this and Maxime Genoud ??? Really ???


  • Anonymous

    We should boycott WRS if they keep up with this kind of wack shit.

    LAME !

  • http://weare1sk8.com mousley

    Egan and bird two good fellows shit edits lol real talk

  • Mous

    Maxime genoud ???? hahhahahaa it’s a joke ?

  • DOM

    maxime section looks so bad …


    Mathias for shure , Maxime sucks

  • Whitman, Walter

    I can’t understand that nobody from Russia, Australia, Japan and so many other countries with better skaters than these two didn’t get the chance.

  • Anonymous

    These guys sucked. Too bad we didn’t get some Russian edits in there instead. That scene seems like it has a lot of talent right now.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck are you people ?

    worst 4 edits of the contest by far and that last one bird

    what the fuck

    shit you suck

  • Anonymous

    The truth is that you are only complaining because you wanted your favorites pro to enter the comp,

    the truth is if i wanted to go out do shit lines and simple tricks id film myself instead of watching bird

  • kboos

    Actually, I really liked Joey eagan’s part (even though noone cares what I think) !

  • 666

    they all sucked

  • Anonymous

    i’m embarassed to say I watched the Egan edit. someone shoot me please

  • Jake Ricketts

    Joey and blakes edit were sick! infact all of thoes edits had hammers in… can’t belive so many dick heads sit at there computer or on there i-phones hating thease days like there going to prove something. where are all the haters edits at… idiots.

  • lotsofpeople

    wats all the complaining about,joey had some of the best hammers of the contest and blake was cool,thought this was a really cool round!
    well done guys!

  • Anonymous

    Silhan edit is soooooo fucking $$$$$

  • jeph howard is a dingus

    so fucking $$$$ indeed

  • rollerblading is gay

    in 97 there was no ssm. stop being a retard.

    wtf is blake bird doing in here?

  • DK

    Joey Egan is my favorite so far! don’t care what you negative bastards guys say!

  • wow

    I liked Maxime’s 180 at the end. grabbed clean from beginning to end. a lot of his stuff was pretty clean, actually.

  • podge

    joeys edit is sick!… love it,keep em comin boi!!!

  • irishRoller

    I can tell you guys Joey is much better than that edit. These 4 edits are pretty bad compared to the big named ones. But they cant compete with the shinny polished edits.

    Hands down winner was Silhan for the backslide and the kinked ledge.
    2nd place was Joey for the park section.