Worried about your weight?

usd carbon 3 don bambrick weight comparison

If you’re worried about your weight, worry no longer with this factual edit on skate weights. The Conference.

More Weight Infos.

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75 Responses to “Worried about your weight?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    im not even a usd fanboy but hands down best skate on the market

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Id love to see the comparison between the carbon and a valo light that is a shell size smaller (I’m a UK 6 valo light and an UK 8 carbon)

  3. J. Hansson Says:

    Now try and measure your companies advertisement strategy in Celsius – couldn’t resist… that being said, great skate;)

  4. Karl Says:

    The weight of the skates have never been a issue for me. I Can think i can be nice with some weight on the skates sometimes.

    And i want to hear whats is the big deal with light skates ??

  5. Domi Says:

    I wonder why they didn’t inculde thrones…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    or Remz OS. those are super light.

    and how heavy are normal Valos?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Still wouldn’t touch them. SL’s feel alot better. Weight has never made much of a difference to me?

  8. Domi Says:

    also, K2’s without the varsity soulplates (that is the fatty pro’s for example) weigh almost the same as carbons! for a lot less money. they’ve just proved it. this counts as a self-slap, I suppose.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    weight never mattered for a real man. pussy’s with weak legs will care. true story

  10. ummmm is that gs or lbs? Says:

    Carbon Bambrick – 2lbs. 5oz.
    SSM Livingston – 3lbs. 4oz.

    we’re talking about a ONE pound weight difference per individual skate people. dont let them get you excited b/c the edit shows thousands of grams and not single pounds. ONE POUND. if that couple cheeseburgers worth of weight is affecting your skating, hit the gym and do some squats kids.

    and i love how the OS isn’t shown in this edit about the “lightest skate on the market”……hmmm.

  11. gayswagger Says:

    how would have kno K2’s are that light..those monster look so heavy! :D

    btw Remz OS and Xsjados in size 9 are same weight

    even tho usd carbons are lightest, they are the worst skates for your feet!!
    carbons that fit REAL liner like valo lights are waaay better choise
    (valo soulplates are shit tho…)

  12. Basza Says:

    “weight never mattered for a real man. pussy’s with weak legs will care. true story”

    so true…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Great comparison however Xsjados should not be weighed with the footwraps in them. Theyre sneakers. The actual skate itself is just the skeleton.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    fuck this carbon shit… those skates fall apart asap… that soul is paper thin… fuck carbon !!!

  15. pete d Says:

    my salomon are lighter

  16. .Fx Says:

    Love the aggressive marketing there. Industry could use some gunpowder.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I am more worried about cost. $369.00 boot only?

  18. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    hahaha that’s the best advert in rollerblading industry I’ve ever seen.

    I prefer another brand but the commercial is excellent, agressive but excellent.


  19. cool story bro Says:

    who cares about the 300 gr difference…..

  20. CrazeDawg Says:

    Weight is not a problem is how people feel in the skates! I like my carbons since for me they are the most comfort skate I ever skated on..

  21. Anonymous Says:

    OS SKATES ARE NOT LIGHT!! AT ALL!! Same weight as my 08 Ones, lightest skate my ass. And a pound DOES make a difference, I tried my buddies Cult Streets and compared to my remz they are WAY lIghter! It felt like I had nothing on my feet!!

  22. meh Says:

    low weight has its ups and downs. You can skate longer and more freely, especially on rail tricks.. But on the other hand gaps and long balance grinds becomes much harder, and your skate gets worn out faster. I stay away from the extremes.

  23. Dude. Says:

    This doesn’t mean much, once you have frames on or ride flat or freestyle… it all adds up. Nice try though.

  24. WTF ! Says:

    I hate taht new trend taht all and everybody want to have the most weight less skate ! -.-*

    When you’re not good at skatin an 0,00000001 g boot wont help you ….

  25. Anonymous Says:

    they don’t compare any other usd skate ie: throne,carbon2, imperial, and carbon free boots. but its not really the lightness for me its nice and all but i like having a low soul plate where my foot is as close as it can get itto the soul so i can feel my grinds, so with that being said razor sl are boss along with the carbon type models and xsjados, but every other company on the market have huge bulky souls where you cant feel you grinds. and remz OS are the worse skates i’ve ever skated.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Light skates are overrated…they will not magically make you better

  27. justinthursday Says:

    This is really funny! :)

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I like the statement here, blade companies step your game up!

  29. Daytona Says:

    200gr less? That’s nothing, taking off the t-shirt would make more difference

  30. heyyo Says:

    I like that the skates is getting lighter and slimmer, it looks way better. And I see people saying “If you’re good, you don’t need a lighter skate”, but if our sport is going to survive we have to keep up with the world.



  31. heyyo Says:

    It’s a long time since people walked on the moon, so moon boots aren’t cool anymore

  32. The Blading Truth Says:

    Only USD would do something as arrogant as this. Fuck USD and their wack marketing. They just proved they charge out of the ass for their “light” skate, when the new (black) varsity will be under $200. Showing other companies product in your ad is a fucking REACH. Those skates (carb) hurt everyone’s toes and feet. Who cares if it’s light when the shit makes you carry the burden of blisters and fucked up toes.


  33. Yobad Says:

    lol /\

  34. oscar Says:

    With the frames my skates weights 2300 g each and it does not bother me at all , if you want to loose grams do sport

  35. Iron-potato Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    November 30th, 2011 at 4:34 pm
    “Light skates are overrated…they will not magically make you better”

    The Truth

    But anyway great skate!

  36. J.Wilcox Says:

    If anything they just convinced me to buy K2’s



  38. dontknow Says:

    Shit… Valos are so light, i thought they are hardest skates on the market

  39. Topside? Says:

    i am way better in my 2.2’s than in your shitty carbons bruh.

    rather take the weight and have superman skates.

  40. J.Wilcox Says:

    after doing a little research…..

    K2 Fatty pro Boot only- 2 lbs. 4 oz. -$145.00
    USD Carbons Boot only- 2 lbs. 10 oz. -$ arm and a leg

  41. Djulullu Bami Says:

    why is there one picture whilst there should be more ? i want all proof notjust one proof

  42. Q Says:

    this is a marketing joke really no matter how awesome and lightweight the skates are its the person who makes and does the tricks. Great marketing ploy USD hats off

  43. Resuk Says:






    what an awful way of marketing.

  44. J.311 Says:

    Morons that’s not marketing strategy, that’s a FACT! I don’t care about skates weight but Carbons are by far the lightest skates on the market period, that’s the only thing the edit says right? BTW you should multiply the weight X2 to understand what the real difference in weight is between any other skate and the carbons, so basically if you skate Montres it means you have like 3 carbons on your feet!

  45. Dudeishellawack Says:

    Morons?? The last time I checked 1070 x 3 =3210. Not 1490. Hmmmm. J.311 Thanks for proving a point that even rollerbladers are not immune from the sheep mentality that marketers use sell products for way more than they are worth. When will we decide for ourselves what is cool and what isn’t?

  46. Dudeishellawack Says:

    I also think it’s interesting that they used a xsjado skate in the edit. Isn’t xsjado a “conference company”? Oh wait the farmers don’t cost $369 boot only…… Makes perfect sense now.

  47. suck it Says:

    Anyone got the weight specs for the Carbon Free ???

  48. DarthRoller Says:

    Fuck weight, how about cost?

    If you’re worried about weight in your skates, maybe you should learn how to jump higher?

    Responsiveness, ease of replacing the parts and value are the three key factors for me.

    Weight=meh. If anything, I’d prefer a heavier boot to a light one-more predictable movement, none of this over-shooting on rails bollocks.

    Personal preference.

  49. suck it Says:

    BTW I just did the math: Carbon Free’s are: 1190 g if anyone is curious…

  50. Damo Says:

    yea the weight is good but this guys point is very valid

    I am more worried about cost. $369.00 boot only?

  51. Rob Says:

    LOT of you kids which have tried and held in your arms only several skates in your life don’t know shit..

    It’s all about material DENSITY. You would probably be SOOO amazed to see how light are USD Realm skates which are USD’s pricepoint skate. ;) Actually I will post it tomorrow here so you know, also USD Seven’s which could actually outperform even Carbon’s in weight.

    You don’t even bother that, for example, cheapest recreational skates are the most lightest?! How? Again – DENSITY. Cheap materials are with less density than more expensive. Like flexible plastic, foams inside lining etc. You probably wonder why K2 Varsity skate are pretty light? Well cheap materials do their job. Other skates are just with too much unnecessary on them.

    USD Carbon’s are made of highest quality material and they don’t have anything unnecessary. They are the most developed skate on the market, that’s why it is not cheap and that’s why it’s lightest.

    And if there are some people whoe’s feet is hurt by carbon 2’s – I feel really sorry for you. There’s nothing left for you.. grab your cheap plastic skates with pillow liner and keep skating.

  52. mike Says:

    if the skates had 300 more grams of foam they probably wouldn’t have killed my feet like they did :)
    been doing much better with my new haffeys thank you

  53. Dread 214 Says:

    No i don’t, because i don´t skate in a speedsuit to save weight.

  54. Ulysses Rivera Says:

    Carbon’s are nice enough skates, but they are pricey. If you have the money for it, knock yourself out and get a pair.

    Only weight weenies care that much about the actual weight though.

    Funny video, but I’d like to see a video from an unbiased source. Just to keep things “fair.”

    Bottom line in my opinion: Skate what feels good on your feet, and what works for you. Not what looks good on a scale.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    What about the others USD skates? Like Classic Thrones and UFS thrones! Those are heavy as hell!

    And the way they ‘forgot’ to put the OS skates was hilarious!

    Other then that, the carbon 2s do feels really nice.. (But i still love my thrones!)
    (sorry for my bad english, i’m from brazil (: )

  56. Dwight Says:

    cults are only 6oz. heavier, jus sayin`

  57. Paul Says:

    Who gives a f… about weight ??? Don’t you prefer skates that don’t go in pieces after a month ? Skates that don’t destroy your ankles, toes, etc , after an hour skating ? Come on …

  58. pete Says:

    “if the skates had 300 more grams of foam they probably wouldn’t have killed my feet like they did :)
    been doing much better with my new haffeys thank you”


    soft boot weight == (hard shell boot – hard shell) + comfy padding

  59. lol Says:

    bahaha…USD ftmfw! Best Skate on the planet. USD is making all others look obsolete. Plus, they have the best skater in the world on their team- Julien Cudot.

    shima blows

  60. The Truth Says:

    You get what you pay for. So pay for the best. USD is making other skates look amateur. Shima is using an old mold, how pathetic.

  61. Brian Shima Says:


    my skates suck

  62. x.x Says:

    if u like ride a fat b*tch go ahead, i like mine slim n light.

    anyway in all sport eveything is better with its lighter. motorsport,cycling,running shoes, etc. who needs the extra weight anyway. it just holding u down.

    props to usd for shaking this industry

  63. senate Says:

    so funny that people worry about weight of their skates… weight helps with momentum in skating park. I SHIT THAT MUCH WEIGHT DIFFERENCE> JUST SHIT BEFORE YOU FUCKING SKATE.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    take a look at that list and see how the horns are completely misplaced for their weight

  65. .. Says:

    I hope the people talkin have sated them!

    Carbons don’t feel good! there hard, low not supportive at all.!

    I doesnt matter how heavy are the skates! Carbons were the first light skates. but untill then noone complaned!… and i still went back to shima skates from carbons, you just gotta take a size smaller and cut it a bit..

    Usd is thinkin about money… Shima is a real skater selling rewal skates, not a business man trying to make everyone buy sports car skates….
    Fuck Carbons

  66. Rob Says:

    .. ^ USD is supporting this industry more than Shima does and will ever do. You are probably teenager or just domb uneducated to say those words about money. Parents gave money for your skates? Have you really skated Carbon II’s? haha

  67. Rob Says:

    And for those who didn’t read my previous statement. It’s all about material density and usage when it comes to skate weight. Less density materials are used on cheap skates. When it comes to more expensive materials, they are in most cases heavier. It’s all about how smart you will make skate to find best balance between weight and material choice.

    And lastly, “WORRIED ABOUT YOUR SKATE WEIGHT”? If not, this add doesn’t concern to you. Why so much negative? These are actual facts about skate weight.

  68. Rob Says:

    To prove my words about material density to people who might want to think outside the box And for those who think other USD skates are heavy.. well there you go ->

    USD Carbon free weight | http://i53.tinypic.com/23wqw77.jpg
    USD Carbon olive weight | http://i55.tinypic.com/2e5ijoj.jpg

  69. Rob Says:

    USD Classic throne weight | http://i53.tinypic.com/2rzew4l.jpg
    USD Imperial weight | http://i56.tinypic.com/4vp945.jpg

  70. Rob Says:

    USD VII Pianovski weight | http://i54.tinypic.com/200elcn.jpg
    USD Realm weight | http://i52.tinypic.com/2duftpg.jpg
    USD ufs evo throne weight | http://i55.tinypic.com/2mmit02.jpg

  71. Dudeishellawack Says:

    So Rob you don’t work for USD or anything do you? HAHA! I have owned carbon II’s. I honestly didn’t like them. Also, this is rollerblading. I honestly can’t understand the business model of making a skate that is so damn expensive with a liner that can’t be replaced. Especially if you care about rollerbladers themselves. Maybe it’s just me but in the last year or so USD has seemed to have gained a lot of shady business practices. I will never buy a USD product for the simple fact that they are seriously lacking in business ethics these days.

  72. aragon Says:

    lighter they are the flimsier they get

  73. aragon Says:

    carbons are shit u do a 540 gap u brake the skates in half with razors the dont lol

  74. Anonymous Says:

    demetrios george jumped shoulder high with heaviest skates on market..

  75. TheTomCat Says:

    entertaining commercial for sure.
    The last time I saw some competition like this was Brian Aragons Blood Money edit.

    Not saying I’m gonna go buy this skate, but I like how these skate brands are acting like real companies, gotta have some friendly competition!