Worapoj Boonnim & Richie Eisler: Bangkok Edit (2013)

2013 Repost.

Worapoj Boonnim & Richie Eisler: Bangkok Edit

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  • JLayYo

    Great editing from Eisler

  • soul2roll

    Blown away by how good Eisler still is! The man is a legend and this edit was amazing!!

    Thank you

  • Raydog

    This edit is extra amazing because it’s so fucking hot in Thailand.

  • Julien Cudot

    Im still better…. why didnt u guys do any 540 kind grinds or flatspins with no grab? learn some steeze..

  • Super Saiyan

    Julien Cudot you are such a prick. On Balkan tour you laught at begginer skaters. Yes you are very good but you caracter sucks. And you can t compare with R.E. because you can never skate like him. He did tricks 10 years ago that you can t do them now.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be Richie Eislers BF

  • DAboss

    that back royale on the kink ledge was unreal

  • damn

    so Richie edited this? He has to be one of my favorite blade filmers/editors right now, right up there with Dom West.

  • Lee

    Killer. Keep travelling the world and showcasing the awesomeness of skating and the earth we live on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/truespin Billy Xingo

    Holy shit, this edit is soooo sick! Shout to Richie n Woorapoj (waddup Note, it’s been awhile since 2011 IOXC Palembang)

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah what an edit.epic


    I don’t remember the scene in ARGO where they skate. Ya Ben Afleck looking mother fucker. No but for real. Richie E is a staple for the sport!

  • Anonymous

    Richie Eisler has to be one of the best editors in the game. He should be editing the USD movie! Skating was top notch as always.

  • cmo

    How is Eiseler getting better – amazing. I love seeing these edits. Also, how the f*ck did he not get skater of the year last year?! Where’s Nil’s? Eisler deserved it waaaaaay more.

  • Rabbitj johnosn

    deaaaaam that was gooode mesa wants more

  • bballog

    Richie Eisler could be edited in slow mo and he’d still be going fast. Wow.

  • Panding

    Boys skating fast an doing tricks …. HOT!

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiiii

    Warapoj with the bs, soul, switch acid on those white barriers was ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Wallaaaaaaaaaayyy trop bouillant !!!!bim bim

  • Anonymous

    BEAAAAST MODE ! Super iLL edit got me juiced !

  • Bean

    Richie’s got his life sorted.

  • burns

    getting shit DONE! sick edit. honestly didn’t feel like 7 mins went past watching that