Winterclash 2015 : in loving memory of Edwin Wieringh | Edit by Harrie Span

Winterclash 2015

I started editing this video a couple of days after Winterclash using camera angles I’ve captured myself as well as images captures by my friend Robert Lewis. Though after a while I found it of little use to continue as I cannot go as fast as the pros.

When I did decide to make the video my computer stopped working correctly and due to monetary trouble I’ve been unable to catch on. Until today and as the computer is ‘alive’ again I’ve completed the video.

I put a tiny bit of the last time I saw Edwin Wieringh at the beginning. I will miss you and I know many will with me. Rest in peace wherever you may be. – Harrie Span.

Music by Simon Roofless.
Feb 19-10: Winterclash 2016 is coming (schedule).

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