Winterclash 2013 will be Sven Boekhorst last comp

Adapt, Facebook Thread:

Winterclash 2013 will be Sven Boekhorst last comp Seven Boekhorst Interview:

You recently announced that the Winterclash will be your last competition ever. Do you want to tell us a little bit more? Why now, why the Winterclash and what’s the whole feeling behind it?

I guess the main reason is my age, and that I don’t care so much about competing anymore and haven’t really for the last 5 or 6 years. I’ve competed in enough competitions. I picked Winterclash because it’s the Winterclash, and it’s in Holland. Sounds cool in combination.

That you’re going to stop competing doesn’t mean that you will slow down in blading, right? What else are you doing on blades right now?

At the moment I’m still blading and hopefully I can continue until I’m 70. Besides that I run my own show company, which also organizes contests and runs workshops. It’s not 100% confirmed yet but the plan is that I’ll get my own office in the new World Skate Center, so hopefully I’ll do more and more stuff with this as well.

If someone is interested in booking a lesson, how can they reach you and can everyone be part of it?

Sure, send me an email —

Sven Boekhorst interview on
Dutch language, google translation.

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44 Responses to “Winterclash 2013 will be Sven Boekhorst last comp”

  1. Markus Says:

    Great Person. Only the best wishes to you

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Lee Says:

    A shame, never met someone so down to earth approachable and utterly ridiculous on skates. Sooooooooo safe – definitely deserved more from our industry. I’m happy I got to at least spend a day with him when he and the other completely safe RB Team toured the UK.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    legend? lol. nobody gives a shit about sven…never have.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    19 years is a long time. And judging by his most recent edit, he could have stayed pro much longer. I respect the fact that he’s freeing up a spot for some youngblood out there. Now if only he could convince JJ to do the same thing. ;)

  6. Louis Says:

    @Anonymous please shut up he’ s a blader, and good one! why hatin? we are all bladers why would we hate on each other?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Why do I feel this adapt thing is kinda misplaced here…what’s the point.
    Don’t take a cheap ride on Sven’s news.

    Sven: good luck with whatever comes next:-)

    Adapt: just what ever

  8. fvf Says:

    Absolute skating legend. Wish him all the best! Will always remember this guy shredding the ASA tours! It’s been a sweet ride :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    who cares??
    Your fame was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  10. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    He really had one of the smoothest back farve’s back in the day. That really stands out to me when I think of the beginning of his career.

  11. kaspa Says:

    well that is probably the most important and life affecting news I’ve heard today

    or not…

  12. Ross Says:

    Sven is argueably the most complete rollerblader of all time. Only a select few can claim to be masters of street/park/vert, and for 19 years?? no one but Sven qualifies. Deserves maximum respect for sure.

  13. Weasel Says:

    It’s honor not honour…my god…please stop the madness and use spell check…

  14. uhhhh Says:

    Who the fuck cares? Nobody!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Who the fuck cares you ask??? Anyone that’s 15 or older who knows who he is. Groms these days…. smh

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Why do I feel this adapt thing is kinda misplaced here…what’s the point.
    Don’t take a cheap ride on Sven’s news.

    Sven: good luck with whatever comes next:-)

    Adapt: just what ever


  17. Mike Dougherty Says:

    have seen this guy shred forever… Guy has so much love for rolling we should take a chapter out of his book.. Good luck homie with your future.. And thank you for the 19 years and beyond

  18. pom Says:

    man, i remember this dude shreddin when i was a young teen, 30’s now.
    he’s been dedicated a long time

  19. Steeze Police Says:

    SB is a legend. He will be missed.

  20. Jacob Ford Says:

    This man is a legend fuck yall! Do you know how rare it is for someone like him to stay even a little relevant for how long he’s been blading? This man should be nothing short of an icon.

  21. Derrick Says:

    Sven, you are one of the few people right now who have the image of having an impact outside our industry. Why in the world would you stop now? Especially after this comeback you’ve had within the industry. You have the potential, well anyone has the potential to go as far as they want, but you have a huge start on the rest of us. I vote you keep doing what you do, and just be a positive force in an industry that has turned lame.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    much love for swen , one of the best ! good luck in your future project and much respect to struggling all this years in such a poor industry as rollerblading is , always a model for your skating skills and your attitude


  23. I've got one Says:

    If you don’t know who he is then your a grom end of really and saying things like who cares just to be controversial highlights how little you know about this industry and how invalid ANYTHING you say is.

  24. a Says:


    Team RB taking some big hits…. 1st Sizemore now Sven…

    RB = Rob G right now… that’s all

  25. Herbert Says:

    Thank you sven, I wish you all the best.

  26. Billy Xingo Says:

    They see him rollin’, they hatin’… #respect the OGs, you scumbag ignorants!

  27. Josh Says:

    Hopefully we’ll still get to see some edits, Sven’s are some of the best out there at the moment.

  28. Al@n Says:

    Hope to roll with you Sven! All the best…what you do…

  29. South_African_Roller Says:

    Sven was ripping when I started back in 98′ definitely a legend! Respect for all the many years of keeping rollerblading alive and doing your bit to take it to the masses.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Ive been skating since 1998 … What did Sven ever do that made him a legend?
    Chris Edwards , arlo , Roadhouse, … those are legends.. They changed something in the game.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    ^ well apparently being in the game for a long time while coming in 5th and 6th in competitions, doing ugly tricks, and influencing NO ONE qualifies you to be a legend.

  32. skater1805 Says:

    Mike is right! Sven you should write a book, i don’t believe myself saying this; but i would read it.. (i hate books) Peace from Zoetermeer!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Sven can kill it on vert, in parks and on street.

    He is THE all-round rollerblader.

    Which is by no means an easy feat.

    You won’t see the Yasutoko brothers hurricane topsouling rails and you won’t see Farmer doing flatpsin 720’s on vert.

    Doubt anyone has as good an all-round game as he does. He may not be the very best and any one branch of rolling, but he has a more complete knowledge of the tree than anyone.

  34. Skaterboi Says:

    I’ve heard he was on EPO…That’s the main reason he stops skating comps!
    He’s Rollerbladings Lance Armstrong!

  35. mousley Says:

    all white everything!!! og in the game.

  36. Michael Says:

    People who hate or insult on Sven should grow up.

    Guy did more for the sport than all of you haters put together. Giving it exposure in mainstream media, running competitions (Mind the gap!!!), making awesome edits, kicking ass in comps, organizing tours, running free workshops for kids and park demos.

    And he is great guy, one you can count on.

    Go screw yourself if you think he do not deserve respect.

  37. Michael Says:

    Also he did not quit skating. He will still work as team manager for RB and will be running comps, but won’t compete any more. That’s all.

  38. BLADER GANG Says:

    Whot da fuck is sven bokhoest? nigga yall niggaz bes reconize blader gang! cuz we out here nigga! A$aP GANG NIGGA!

  39. More to the point Says:

    14 years ago…. just saying!! people would have problems doing this run today.

    Only rollerblader in existence to have won a trophy called “the triple crown” for the achievement of Xgames gold, gravity games gold and ASA gold all in 1 year!! Pretty much makes you a legend

  40. dah Says:

    wish you the best Sven. Thanks for all you’ve done. Keep rolling!

  41. JosÉ Says:

    Competitions suck anyway. Sven is still gonna skate and put some good edits online :)



  43. fair play Says:

    Now he had pro-skates, he ‘s leaving.
    Cool .

  44. fair play Says:

    I also see that Adapt takes EVRYTHING to get the buzz …
    Come on … don t forget that Adapt = retarded carbons