Winterclash 2010: Risemag Photo Story & Latvia Edit

winterclash 2010

Rise Magazine: Winterclash Picture Story
Check the photos on
Photos: Sebastian Hofer. Thanks Jojo Jacobi.

winterclash 2010

Therolling (Latvia): Winterclash 2010 Edit

winterclash 2010

An edit from one of the biggest rollerblading events – Winterclash, year – 2010.

Filming: Martins Jasons, Reinis Petersons ; Editing: Reinis Petersons.

winterclash 2010
up: Mark Korte & Chris Hack. Photo: Sebastian Hofer.

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6 Responses to “Winterclash 2010: Risemag Photo Story & Latvia Edit”

  1. ohno Says:

    color correction by a blind person

  2. fer Says:

    dude was up with korte…….. hes not pissed

  3. trek Says:

    naah, he tries to look mean

  4. iBlade Says:

    latvians`ve put up a hell good edit

  5. leksejs Says:

    like this,Jurmala best ! :D

  6. rollerblader Says:

    song at 15 min ? .. plz