Winterclash 2009: Videos & Results


Winterclash 2009 by Dom West

up: Photo by Thijmen Doornik (more pictures).

up: Author: Lovis Einsmann (Germany).
Featured Skaters: All the international Pros and Am’s.
Date of filming: Saturday 14th 2009.

Travelling to Eindhoven in the Netherlands to the biggest event in rollerblading: The Winterclash.

Had a great time at the Area 51 Skatepark. A lot of thanks to Jojo Jacobi for making the Winterclash possible after all the trouble (the Newpact Skatepark burnt down completly).

Head to Head Battle:

The final is between Steven Swain from the U.K. and Brian Aragon from the U.S.A.

They skated on the big disaster box. First Brian landed a disaster hurricane topsoul, then Steven landed a disaster 540 truespin miszou. After this Brian was trying 540 backside savannah and Steven was trying fakie 630 to something. But with this it ended due to the lack of time. (Be-Mag Online).

Still waiting for the full & official Results.

AM: Romain Godenaire
PRO: Brian Aragon.
GIRLS: Fallon Heffernan.

Thanks Streettours.

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  • monkey shoes

    why did you slowmo steve swain bailing? bit harsh?

  • ARTIX2222

    Song? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • ARTIX2222

    Sorry for double post!!! 1st song in 2nd video? plzzzzzzzzz

  • lBl

    HOLY FUCK !!

    Brian aragon Laced that fakie 630 Back Savanna :|

  • valo4life

    shame about roman…..being ok

  • Sergio Deodoro

    aragon is a beast!!!


    they are all beasts

  • ADR

    Stockwell got V12 in his legs … nothing more interresting than his lines … fucking crazy liner !!

  • cj

    to ARTIX2222 – Bonnie Tyler – Turn Around remix

  • H.

    song in the first video please ?

  • Oskars

    lol… aragon won with disaster back savannah? :D so u mean he won with one trick???? :D :D :D wtf are u talking about? he won because he killed all day long, and all finals!!!

  • Madyo

    1st song in 2nd Video

    Vinnie Paz – Eclipse of the heart

    Klasz pozamiatał :)

  • Grabietz

    all day long?! NO!

  • Oskars

    ok :D when u are this good u dont have to skate from 10:00 – 22:00 ;)

  • this guy

    europe keeps crying about how aragon won. WTF?????? This is not a “our area is better than yours” contest. Aragon killed all day. In any jam format contest, the winner is the guy who skated best all day….. not just the finals. If you want to worry about the finals, skate ASA event and do timed runs. The rest of us will live here in the present where a contest winner is not determined by what they did in the last few minutes but by their entire overall performance.

  • you

    nice to see that kingdom put steve swain in their edit :S:S

    the only uk rider to do well and they dont even put him in the edit, whats all that about?

  • homer

    brian aragon and skinny jeans.

  • Wrekshop Ryan

    Looked pretty legit. I still don’t see how the judging was so controversial.

  • bballog

    jeff stockwell’s 540 mute was amazing

  • nigga_PLS

    aragon raped all euro babies
    but dont cry cuz its aragon
    and pls stop complaining, this guy is still on top over last 5 years so u should respect ppl like him. i dont give a fuck about one-season mega stars, ive seen 100000 of them and none is still skating. so fuck all newcomers earn respect pusiess to the real rollers. Eisenberg Julio Feinberg Latimer Shima Haffey Aragon <3

  • asdasd

    winterclash was sick!!

    aragon skated hardcore…I think valo is pissed because broskow and smith didn´t any real hot shit…

  • Donovan

    Front Flip – Best trick

  • the dude

    hooi should have won

  • Tom Fry

    everyone looks free style, only aragon looks like his mum dressed him and made him a hair cut… “she said be a good boy and please don’t spin all of the time like a balerina”. Aragon listen your mum!

  • Shane Yost

    that event looks incredible!

  • Sue

    Dom West are the best skate Videos – sent!

  • Justin Bailey

    Eh video was kinda hard to follow and music was eh.

  • james

    I was there this year, and honestly I have to say I wasnt impressed that much…the pro qualification SUCKED, it was horrible, most of the riders looked like they dont even wanted to skate (colin kelso did a fucking frontside…..COMOON), the only ones who impressed me were broskow and aragon. On the other hand,..the semi finals were craaaazyyy, and hooi just killed it man, but you know what the problem is with hooi, he doesn’t stand out…he kills shit, but a lot of times few people notice him killing shit. And what is so special about the disasters that aragon did? he could do that shit 3 years ago, so whats so special about it?? Every year the bar is set higher, and this year they just didnt do that if you compare it to winterclashes from past years and the other big competitions in the States

  • sdsds23

    third song when show best trick and roman abrate fall ?

  • dizzy

    From what I have seen Aragon raped everyone. It looks like most of the pros didn’t even try.

  • Scheherez

    Well, maybe they were tired… :D

    But seriously, Hooi was GOOD, Aragon was GOOD, and i wanna see Shima do some hot shit again, HONESTLY!

  • mike

    song in first video¿¿ plissss