Winterclash 2007: photos, results, videos

up : photo from Chteboof2crew

Results :

Mr. Alfano won the pro competition
Michi Leibner took the am competition
and Frieda Reisch took the girls competition.

source : be-mag

Photos :

Chteboof2crew took some nice shots at the winterclash 2007. Direct Link to the gallery

Thanks Boule

Stephane Alfano: Winterclash 2007 Winning Trick


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  • MAT

    Disaster 1080 !!! huhu ,bravo Alfano ! ^^

  • Bugy

    It was extreme, the most crazy skate-experience ever in my life,
    Alfano, Silhain, Chaz, Aragon en the two kids were killing it.
    everyone who was there and say Alfano didn’t deserve to win is a stuk kak
    He was the only pro that was skating the day after.
    Bailey 540 was also hard but in real life you were shaking as hell when you saw Alfanos tricks. Don’t forget the disaster 540 royal.

  • Rodrigo Lagoa

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! alfano is hyped!

    i missed him at the latin x games, organization changed the time of event and he was still sleeping when it happend!

    imagin him in a batle with caio germano in winterclash!!!

  • satan

    holy shit! who is this guy and what do you call that trick! O_O that was fucking unreal!

  • goffrey

    was it 1080 it looks like a 720 flatspin kinda. either way it was sick as fuck

  • djib

    The sickness
    Europe represent bitches !!!

  • nikker


  • Old and Bitter


  • Speedy

    Alfano … unreal … truly the best skater of the comp!
    Everybody who was there and really knows what rollerblading is … they know he is the CHAMP!

    In the amateur … I think Bivol should have won. Bivol killed shit like whut!

    The girls were awsome as well, such a high level of skating, not only cool tricks “for a girl”, but just kick ass tricks … truly awsome comp!

    Everybody who wasn’t there , yeah … you can’t even imagine how crazy it was!

  • unknown

    et tou bourer svp
    sérieu se ga c’est un putin d’extraterrestre,jme demande si ya pas des choses qui peuvent surmonter l’alcool…

  • SBG_Roli

    Sry … but i dont care how good somebody can skate if hes a completet gay ashole who loves himself to death and just acts like a drunken fool all the time!! sure he can skate like a monster!!! but people like alfano make rollerblading bad … i mean just look at him when hes not skating he runns around thinks hes the best, throws things or his retardet dog on the skating area … for me hes not a pro! he may be crazy but not a pro!!


  • qk1s

    it was my first that big event i’ve visited, and it was so sick i coundn’t even imagined before. AM’s were as sick as PRO’s. And furthermore the competition between AM’s was tighter becouse everybody was trying as hard as they can to win it. In pro competition some riders was just chilling and not even trying to get to the finals.

    btw does anybody knows why haffey has left the competition ?

  • Old and Bitter

    SBG_Roli, I second what you said.

  • eddy

    I’m agree with SBG_Roli

  • Bugy

    go stand on your head and puke in your nose

  • ShAdY

    Personne n’aime Alfano dmaniére, c’est un sombre crétin !

  • Etienne

    Gipsy style

  • Old and Bitter

    “Personne n’aime Alfano dmaniére, c’est un sombre crétin”

    Pourtant, il a bon nombre de fans. Surtout dans le sud, bizarrement.

  • soundlord

    too bad i missed the WC again, money :( ! but won’t be missing the risc !
    alfano tu me dois de la tune ! t’as peut etre oublié mais moi pas !

  • lvrolla

    SBG_Roli i agree with you!
    although that dog was fun as hell… for a time… like when Julian was skating alone and the dog was chasing him! :D

    And beware of Nils, he`s the future! of course, that little french dude is crazy as shit, but Nils skates realstreet better!

  • Old and Bitter

    “alfano tu me dois de la tune ! t’as peut etre oublié mais moi pas ”

    C’est marrant mais tu ne dois pas être le seul…

  • Rooms!

    Il est cher fort, sur. Mais est-ce que c’est ça le meilleur trick du Winterclash? j’m’attendais à mieux.
    He’s so good, for sure. But I was expecting for something better as “best trick of Winterclash”.

  • http://- corentin

    ptain ya des gens qui parlent sans connaitre alfano…et en plus ce trick est peut etre celui qui la fai gagné mais il a quand meme fai un IMMENSE disaster 450 royal qu’il a été le seul a le faire (jai vu personne faire ce disaster…) et il les a merité ses 700euros!!aight!et Mihai a trop representé!!il aurai du gagné!l’europe reprezzzzzent!!

  • stefan


  • Greg34090

    Come on guys, was is really the best trick? OK it was kind of crazy but Brian Aragon kick arses! His disaster 540° true top acid was soo big! And also Julien Cudot!! he’s just 14 and he did a disaster 540° alley-oop top pornstar, he’s was the only person who tried that shit!
    According to me Alfano’s trick is mpressive but not the best trick.

  • becci

    13 but anyway stephan didnt just win on that trick he did loads, like that gap from 1/4 on the right to 450 royalle the big rail….thats such a huge gap…brian barely got topsoul over that gap!

  • uribe

    What everybody saw was that Alfano is a complete showoff idiot that does’nt have anybody to sponsor him because he acts like a retard.Picking up bottles to drink free and having his dog in the course all weekend,not to mention he looked he was on coke in the finals.OK the trick was so cool,and he deserved being in the final,but he really looked like an idiot to me and im glad i wasn’t the only one.

  • Metalsatan

    even though we’ve got some shit-talking again here, i guess everybody will still agree that this event was unique and nothing but great atmosphere.

    there were some little things that annoyed like stephano’s dog or some fat dutchie that behaved like an idiot (non-skater) but in the end it was all great.

    can everyone agree with that…..?

  • Buggy

    If you really like skating and being passionated you have a lot of respect of alfanos tricks, and all the other tricks, if you start hating and talking poo you better stay home next time, boring people everywere I guess

  • marko

    First i have to say that i totally agree with Metalsatan. Event was the best, atmosphere, skating, i mean…on the winterclash we could see what rolling is all about.

    About shiting Alfano, i would like to say that for me he is a very cool guy, not like those high americans who think they are the best and than only two of them came into the finals. I don’t know alfano well, but i know that he could talk to anyone really relaxed without any judging, and that is how you all should see him. If he is a little self-lover i don’t know and i don’t care. I just give him a respect for the tricks and for all his apperiance on Winterclash. And the dog was funny… :-)

    Winterclash was, is and will be the best event in our industry. Respect to Jojo and other organizators!!!!!!!

  • jb

    720 or 1080????

  • roussel

    thats a flatspin 720

  • Metalsatan

    it’s a 720…he also tried a 900 but couldn’t land it.

  • uribe

    Buggy if you can read,you will see that I really admire Alfanos skating,but I was talking about how he behaved.I think you didn’t even go to the winterclash on what you say so don’t talk so much.Alfano is a very blessed skater,but the image he gives is that he’s a showoff.

  • rolland

    CORK 720

  • Etienne

    C’est sur que c’est pas lui qui va mettre des gens au roller.

    Cependant, il est quasi imbattable dans une compétition.

    Quid de l’intéret d’une compétition.

  • Old and Bitter

    Alfano’s skating : good
    Alfano’s behaviour : bad

    End of the story.

  • fred

    700 euros pour alfanus, il va pouvoir payer ses dettes a l’intermarché, cool pour eux !

  • fred

    par contre je demande confirmation mais on dirais un disaster 720, pas 1080, alors ???

  • allanb

    the jobarclash represent !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buggy

    Yes I was there, my point is, why is it bottering you how he’s acting, jalouse ? he skates great, fuck the rest

  • Stefan B.

    Bailey should have won. hands down.
    fuck shitty flatspins. way to case the landing too.

  • rolland

    CROrKSreW 720

  • http://- corentin

    hey uribe:
    just shut the fuck up U don’t even know alfano im sur you even never spoke to im.
    secondly, a lot of skatebrand had been running behind alfano for him to skate for them, and alfano always answered by saying he doesn’t want any sponsor, he’s always pissing on the industry. That’s not the only thing I want to say cause there’s too much to say For me he’s got the attitude to have when U’re a pro skater.
    Thirdly, that guy is really cool. There aint nuthin to shit on stephane about his skating. If you cant understand that, just go and speak in front of him.

  • Old and Bitter

    C’est pas parce que tu es dans son van que tu dois lui aspirer les boules…

  • http://- corentin

    je suis pas du tout dans son van…et je ne lui “aspire pas les boules” comme tu dis, je le connais un peu, donc je peux le juger…

  • Old and Bitter

    Il ne s’agit pas de juger. Les mythos à la marseillaise, libre à toi d’y croire, c’est plus drôle qu’autre chose. Mais l’attitude d’un pro skater, il est bien loin de l’avoir. Parce que justement, ça va plus loin que d’avoir un bon niveau. Quand à lui parler en face, j’en connais qui ne se sont pas génés et curieusement, s’en sont très bien sorti.

    Je ne pense pas être insultant, mais j’exprime simplement mon opinion.

  • http://- corentin

    c’est quoi pour toi une attitude de pro skater??…

  • Old and Bitter

    Une chose parmi d’autre, ne pas aller voler une caisse en plein milieu d’un contest.


    Merci, merci, merci…….
    je vais réaliser un profil et une interview bien détaillé de ma gueule.
    comme ca vous pouré me juger !!!

    Les vrais savent.
    Les faux suivent….