Wake Schepman (Denial Flow): Park Edit

Edited by Ryan D’Souza ; Song: Red Hot Chilly Pepper – Snow.

Wake Schepman

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22 Responses to “Wake Schepman (Denial Flow): Park Edit”

  1. AOR Says:

    Must be getting warm up there finally great to see that, Also great to see some action from one of the best personality young skaters in this sport. 2010 lets see a Wake Denial Wheel pleaseeeee

  2. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    Wake is amazing at park! Can he skate street though? I love his skating, but have yet to see an entire street edit of him.

  3. AOR Says:

    Doesnt matter what he skates at the moment he is building his skills and spreading the sport to the youth everyday by the time he skates street he will be the next aaron fienberg

  4. errm Says:

    pro wheel?





  5. smoker Says:

    thats a pretty nice little skatepark, looks fun.

  6. vermontroller Says:

    is that park in his backyard? this kid is going to be a beast some day. nice edit dude!

  7. 132131 Says:

    serious huge potential. he may be the next feinberg.

  8. Dom Seven Says:

    Yeah Wake Bro very nice Edit on your Home Ramp

  9. Damo Says:

    Im jelous of that ramp its amazing

  10. drapes Says:

    nice tricks b ! – last one proper neat

  11. bill Says:

    definitly not the next fienberg but will be good

  12. alsdkfka Says:

    so much better than shawn martin, no comparison

  13. mousley Says:

    killin it WAKE! keep it up. you da man!

  14. Bob Says:

    i want to see some other people skate that park! sooo many possibilities!

  15. krustcankill Says:

    wake’s the man
    and yes that is in his back yard

  16. rolltin Says:

    i think if your givin him a pro wheel for personality than do it but by no other means. he will grow to be good but people dont realize hes the one with a camera and a ramp in his back yard. me and many onther people were far pass that at the age of twelve or what ever age he his, but he will grow. but if your good now chances are you were doing at least that at that age and not tryin to be that guy but me and andy were throwin disaster three souls and nine hundreds over spines at that age. Just dont party or hang with girls or go to school and he might be a feinberg

  17. Stankylegjohnson Says:

    Yes he can skate street….

  18. killgore Says:

    Wake is a beast in every aspect of the word.

  19. Sean Cowen Says:

    That was so sick wake! always killin it.

  20. rzrsk8tr Says:

    @alsdkfka – gotta disagree based on this edit shawn has passed him but they are both 13 yr old so who cares until they get bigger n sk8 street

  21. Notorious TOM Says:

    Yeah this kid is pretty good

    but I have been skating since 2003 and I haven’t skated a park that looked that nice, ever.

    People should be bringing street back, it was massive when I first started rolling and its slowly vanishing out of every edit.

    Good skating tho Wake.

  22. Guy smithers Says:

    Man, Wakes getting soo good now, really developing a sick style, keep it up man!!