Wake Schepman (16): Park Clips (Jan 2013)

Wake Schepman (16): Park Clips (Jan 2013)

Friends clips at 1:49: Austin Paz, Kevin Lebron, Mariah Werkhieser & Cameron Card.

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31 Responses to “Wake Schepman (16): Park Clips (Jan 2013)”

  1. bj blowsmore Says:

    I’m sorry, but when the fuck is this wake sheplame gonna lose his young-kid-grommet-style…I’ve seen other 15 year olds who have started to at least make their tricks look a bit more stylish. FUGLY.

  2. Mister Hater Says:

    ‘blowsmore’ you are the man!
    Wake skate all day all night in Woodward and still got no style and hes tricks not so well….

  3. Bladerrr Says:

    Too young to be that good. And he has no switchs…
    Future of rollerblading no doubt.

  4. BJ Sheplame Says:

    When is Wake Shepman gonna ‘Wake’ up and ‘Shep’ the ‘man’ milk.

    Probably never!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “park clips” lulz

    like this grom skates anything else

  6. Anonymous Says:

    kid looks like he is about 10, 16 fuck off that virgin style is gross, grab a beer and loose the helmet, grom4life

  7. eddieocruz2010 Says:

    put him at a street spot and lets see how he performs

  8. Anonymous Says:

    what are the names of the parks that aren’t woodward?

  9. JsameM Says:

    Dude needs to stop skating park immediately. He is good but my god. I dont think I have ever seen a single street clip. Its easy to be good when everything you skate is perfectly crafted for that purpose.
    No disrespect, just need to take the skills to the streets.

  10. Fuck Haters Says:

    Go buy Children of the Future than, bet he can skate better than all of you

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Disappointing. Expected more at 16. He a park rat. Younger kids have passed him up.

  12. FRANCE RULES Says:

    We have 12 year olds in France more advanced. Americans have no future in rollerblading.

  13. wtf Says:

    16????? I thought he was 10. He’s great for 10 but blows for 16. Skate some street bro..

  14. me Says:

    I saw most talented 16 years old bladers that this shit who skate for razors for 4-5 and have best terms for blading and he is still peace of shit and his part in COTF? Its bad joke for me :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Mute to AO soul was so rad. Kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with when he hits that growth spurt and gets stronger.

  16. Chynna Says:

    These clips are sick Wake kills it! So what if he skates a lot of park he is amazing at it and I have skated street with him, he did some sweet stuff.

  17. angelo ferrer Says:

    For every hate comment there is a real skater out there that recognizes his skill and dedication to the craft, i don’t care if your from eygpt france or brazil a good skater knows wake is one of the best, take that hating to your next session and make an edit of yourself

  18. Anonymous Says:

    wakes the shit, so many dumb haters

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Killing it braa. Big ups from hawaii. Also what skates dose Cameron have. They look sick!

  20. Travis' mom Says:

    Lol some of those comments were really funny.

  21. deltakillerkid Says:

    Chris Haffey Vs. Wake Sheepman

  22. pointless edit Says:

    Whats the point in showing simple AO makio in a roller news edit. Wanna get ripped to shreds?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    wow that song was awful

    all i gottta say is PAY TO WIN

    and man people make dslrs look really bad

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i wish i had parents that paid for me to live at woodward and built me skateparks n sht

    did they pay for his sponsers to?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Dope top acid Cam!!!

  26. jerk Says:

    Anonymous: maybe if you learned to type a proper sentence, your parents might have treated you a little nicer.

    GO WAKE!

  27. I was never given a name Says:

    He’s just spoiled.

    maybe he will grow up one day

  28. PARK RAT Says:


  29. no progression Says:

    16 years old holy shit this kid is doing same tricks as when he was 9. he’s gone from being one of the best young skaters to sucking really bad.

  30. Texas Rollers United Says:

    Zack Pavel is much better!

  31. DarthRoller Says:

    Really sick technical skills.

    Looking forward to seeing him do less generic tricks and some street clips as his rolling develops more character. Great potential.