Wake Schepman (15): Razors AM Team & Woodward Edit

Razors AM Team: Introduction Podcast
Iain Mcleod, Razors Pro Skates Promo Clips at 1:41.

Wake Schepman (15): Razors AM Team

Woodward East, Mini Mega Ramp Edit by Chris Majette

Wake Schepman Skating the Mini Mega ramp at Woodward East (Summer 2012). With special guest Cameron Card.

Wake Schepman: Woodward East, Mini Mega Ramp

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  • Anonymous

    he didnt choose this life, he was born into it. being raised for the future of razors

  • Anonymous

    kind of unrelated but WHY HAVE WE NOT SEEN FRANKY MORALES ON ONE OF THESE THINGS!!?!?!?!?!? clearly hes the best person in the world for this kinda thing

  • Anonymous

    Looks like tons of fun!
    Why do we only get shitty skateboarder bowls/parks in Europe? Whyyyy?

  • Cody Sanders

    1260 was fucked!

  • Nicolas R.

    woodward europe spring 2013 ?
    can’t wait, just one hour from my hometown :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s good on ramps, great. who fuckin cares? go skate street you lil pussy.

  • http://www.bladeordie.com Jose Fuentes

    people who hate on park skating crack me up, normally the first ones to throw a bitch fest when they can’t skate a park

  • http://www.cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    bitch please, someone call yasutoko brothers

  • I’m not a hater

    Wake fuck these hater. However you got taller since the last I saw you in NY at the LMS in 2010, keep doing your thing, you’re getting better at what you love to do, and your definitely the future of the sport.
    P.S Rollerblading won’t make you Rich and I know your parents are very while off. So please just skate for fun and finish your education.

  • Anonymous

    good skating but I dont know about am.

  • lupus

    really talented kid, i like his style too. SICK!

  • Anonymous

    Really hice video and nice tricks on d big jump!I’d like to see somebody doing tricks in both the jump and the vert ramp…Nice fakie 3 on the vert tho and godo airs!

  • badass

    it was a 900 BTW

  • Terror

    Ok, this kid got talent and I’ve been impressed before with some of his edits but I just got sick of this shit, can he fucken skate anywhere else that is not fucken woodward? all his fucken edits are at woodward, this dude only skates at woodward, he already got locked up all the tricks and spots over there from skating so much woodward. There are a few clips where he’s also skating at other skateparks but it’s rare. This kid only skates skateparks(mostly woodward), if you gonna be? in the AM team hit the street too and step the fuk out from woodward once in awhile too.

  • Name Not Required

    E Rod. dont hit the stabilization button on youtube anymore please!!!

  • Anonymous

    Id be good too if i was skating woodward every day since age 5

  • fuck

    that was most def. a 1260

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    All these haters talking about “go skate street” etc…
    He isn’t even old enough to drive!!! If I recall Brian Aragon was a park rat growing up too and he turned out pretty good so everyone quit your bitching.
    Just because he has the opportunity to skate Woodward so much isn’t a reason to hate on him. This guy is no doubt the future of rollerblading, show some respect. Besides, he is better than 95% of people on here anyways.

  • Terror

    Hey DJ wrekshop you are a retard, how long you been skating? Brian Aragon was a park rat when he started skating? how did you pull that out of your ass? Aragon didn’t go to woodward until he was already a pro and back then when he started most people skated street you retard. Nobody ever made a name for themselves back then ONLY skating parks. Also, you don’t have to drive to be able to skate street you IDIOT, it has nothing to do with skating. People are not hating on him cuz he skates at woodward, but because he ONLY skates at woodward and never skates street. It seems he can’t do shit unless he gets air from a ramp.

  • know your facts chump

    Aragon was most definitely a park rat son. So was Aaron Fienberg. Then they both murdered the streets. Give wake a few years.

  • Anonymous

    Blah blah blah. What the fuck happened to Sneaky on the AM team? It’s not on the site anymore… Oh and btw, grats Wake! Killing it for sure

  • Trill Bill’s Dad

    Don’t fuck this up again razors you always start with awesome AMs turn them into douches and release them into the world

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    Whats up Terror ^
    First off I’m 31 yrs old and have been skating for 16 years. So I think that makes me pretty qualified to speak about certain issues on here.

    know your facts chump ^ knows whats up.

    What does it really matter to you anyways on where Wake skates? Let the kid do what he wants. I have driven thru Wilkes-Barre, PA where Wake lives. Its a small town with very limited street spots. Wake is 15 yrs old, what do you expect him to do? Show some respect and you might want to relearn the history of rollerblading while your at it. Every rollerblader with 10+ years of experience knows that Aragon and Feinberg were huge park rats growing up.

  • R. knight

    wake is the man, erik Rodriguez shoot yourself. worst editing in the game so far.

  • Terror

    @chump and DJ wrekshop: It matters since he is now on the AM team you retard, and it’s simply a comment about his edits, which is why the comment feature was made for in this site. So you both need to get those Ds out of you mouth, saying Feinberg and Aragon were park rats when they started is blasphemy you idiots. Only because Feinberg was known in the x-games since he was 15, doesn’t mean he was a park rat. They both skated street too, not only skateparks or woodward like this kid does, so you comparing him to feinberg and aragon is ridiculous, they weren’t only park skaters. Also, Aragon wasn’t known until he was 18-20, idiot. They both started in different eras in rollerblading. I’ve also skated for 10+ years, fool.

  • Anonymous

    just to let all you dumb fucks know. i have personally seen his street stuff. which has only been this year i believe of ever skating handrails. and he is already better than you. trust me. the spins continue onto handrails.. not just coping. he will deff be aragon in the next 5 years. please stop calling him a pussy. believe me.

  • Anonymous

    good job wake. keep skating and you’ll be fine. hit up some street and you’ll be even better. the street element will really teach you a lot about skating. street spots will help you adapt to things that aren’t perfect and you’ll only get better. good luck blading.

  • Paulie

    so many kids younger skatin street alredy grow some balls

  • 2R

    Just because you’ve seen a park edit, you think that’s all he skates? you kids are too stupid…

    Wake’s developing a style like Sneaky, it’s still rough, but he’s getting there.

    one for the future, no doubt.

  • 2R

    on and to terror’s comment “Nobody ever made a name for themselves back then ONLY skating parks.”

    Jaren Grob
    Sven Bokehurst
    Taig Kris
    Yasotoko brothers
    Fabiola da silva
    Stefan Alfano

    all skated park / vert in the X-games, I’d say they made a decent name and bit of cash from that.

    Obviously they skated street too, but their park image was much stronger.

  • Psh

    Kids have no idea about wake. Kid LOVES to skate. Something you should realize , he’s one of them kids that got picked up from being noticed so basically y’all are doing something wrong.

    Wake = our golden child. Believe that

  • Jezza

    please wallride to true top porn on that spot at 1:22

  • Ail

    Eric Perkett – AM
    Jeph Howard – AM
    Nils Jansons – AM
    Mason Richard – AM


    Wake Schepman – AM?? Really????

  • Anonymous

    keep feeding the flame. I see a Banger street section coming. get em wake! loved this edit! can’t wait for the street edit! gonna silence the haters..

  • park rat

    park rat

    my statement is too short so I must try again

    park rat

  • Anonymous

    he is a commercial for woodward certainly not AM level for Razors

  • Anonymous

    give hima break roller fag trolls. he’s just a kid.

  • Really

    Well since all these skate company’s care less about all you rollernews faggots. They will sponsor who they want and your opinions will never matter. Time for you guys to move on with your lives because skating doesn’t want you. They obviously want Wake, so good off them and sucks for you.

  • Anonymous

    Nils > Wake
    CJ > Wake
    D Lang > Wake

    There are a lot of ams better than this buuuuut regardless this dude is the future of our sport! Personally i love everything he puts out!!!

  • Schwuler Seehund

    that happens when parents think there son cam make money with rollerblading! a young boy who skates good .. spends half of his lifetime in woodward but sadly has no charakter in his skating!! hope you progress in another direction soon son … otherwise you gonna stay a razors kid for your life!!!

  • Carly S

    Keep Having fun lil dude !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cant skate street spots like this at all. Needs to skate street to have respect.

  • Dicks

    You’re all a bunch of dicks for talking shit about a kid having fun. Grade-A dicks. What’s worse is that being dicks will continue on with you in life. You will be that dick in high school everyone thinks is a dick. That dick in college people say “he’s such a dick” behind your backs. Dicks!


    funny how Americans defend this park rat but ridicule French park rats with much greater skill and talent. hypocrites perhaps? why not criticize his shit style on that mega-ramp

  • Anonymous

    Dude is going to be the Tony Hawk of rollerblading. Mark my words, Wake is going to bring us back into the spotlight. Give him 2-3 years, you heard it here first.

  • Really

    Razors France suck!

  • Anonymous

    once a park rat always a park rat

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cameron-Trent-Card/31409107211 cameron card

    haha while you guys are on here waisting your time talking crap on a 15 year old kid he’s out there enjoying his time mastering a craft he loves. I remember getting a call from a 10 year old about 5 years ago asking what he should do about some older kids talking crap about him beating them in a park contest. By older I mean 18-22… You know what I said? “Wake, they are all just jealous.” Looks like things haven’t changed.

    Wake has an advantage on all of you that started skating street before park. He’s really good at rollerblading. Jumping on a hand rail is so easy for this kid. I took him street skating a couple times this year. He was doing tricks that took me years to learn and he cabbed out!!

  • Brandigr2

    Great skating Wake! I can’t believe how tall you are these days! Glad to see you’re enjoying your summer! That 1260 was so sick! Anyways, I hope you don’t read these comments because there is way too much jealousy and hate in our sport! Hope to see you skate in person sometime soon!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah let’s just keep talking shit and hating…That’s good for our sport right? @Terror- Your an idiot.