Wake Schepman (15): Oh Snap, Woodward Clips

Wake Schepman (15): Oh Snap, Woodward Short Edit

Quoting Mike Bennett | Woodward:

Wake Schepman is one of the nicest kids around and absolutely kills it. Wake has been one of the very few in the history of rollerblading to land a 1260. Check out a few clips from him during week 7 (2012).

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24 Responses to “Wake Schepman (15): Oh Snap, Woodward Clips”

  1. Cody Clark Says:

    this dude is killin shit!!!! hes gonna be fuckin insane in his 20’s

  2. Anonymous Says:

    His style is sick, MORE

  3. Anonymous Says:

    shame rollerblading will be dead before he is 20

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Rollerblading will be dead in five years? haha, you’re a douche.

  5. Blader gang Says:

    You heard him, he’s ‘out here’

  6. LeBron Says:

    Thats my dude! Wake is the man. Kid is unstoppable

  7. scott c. Says:

    Thanks Wake for keeping it real. Most people really enjoy your skating, and Im a fan too. Keep it up, keep doing your thing, keep making edits . your the man

  8. Anonymous Says:

    park rat!


  9. Blader Wang Says:

    nice…. Can he join my Wang Gang?

  10. thesteeze Says:

    didn’t see the 1260????

  11. Anonymous Says:

    get out on street you little park rat.

  12. cameron card Says:

    Ignorance is bliss..

    If your thinking Wake can’t skate street, your nuts. Wake progresses on street more then most of you will your entire life in one street session. He’s defined his skills park skating and now he’s ready to destroy the streets safely knowing how to. Relax he’s only fifteen. You’ll see… Park rat for life!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The next Tony Hawk right here ! ! ! This is the future of our sport :)

    Hopefully he sticks with it and doesn’t do anything gay like skateboard or something lame like that.

  14. John Says:

    Hhahahah park rat! let me see your stunts in the streets or your parents don’t give you permision to go out of woodword??

  15. good job Says:

    that 180 to late fakie 3 is too dope

  16. i see i said, jealousy i said Says:

    alot of insecure and jealous people here who are clearly scared of a 15 year old’s skills

  17. 82732783278 Says:

    I’ve seen him do tricks like this sooooo many times.. and I don’t wanna see this normal parkclips, I want to see streethammerssss

  18. skatinthestreets Says:

    i thought he was 10 not 15 why no street?

  19. Texas Rollers United Says:

    Hunter Grimm is same age and much more advanced at street. check out his edit above this kids.

  20. Roman Goudenaire Says:

    reminds me of the frenchy skaters who just skate park and do spins

  21. TravNastyy Says:

    Much love to Wake, kid shreds. But where can I see his 1260?

  22. Molly Says:

    Yeah wake that was sick! Well said Cameron Card

  23. Urbn^nja Says:

    Whoa! Kid is growing!

  24. brozap Says:

    What’s wrong with park skating? I love it! It’s more fun than street skating hurting yourself all the time!