Vimeo VS Youtube

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/!\ Update: Added the example of Rob Scallon, blader & musician.

Vimeo VS Youtube

People in the Rollerblading scene sure love Vimeo.

Why? For a single reason, (unlike Youtube) Vimeo allows the use of copyrighted songs without restriction. You can use your favorite music in your latest edits and no Major Music Company will be able to do anything.

This may change in the future, if anything close to the SOPA or PIPA get accepted. Websites like Vimeo would just close.

Vimeo VS Youtube

Bladers massively migrated from Youtube to Vimeo after October 2007 when Vimeo was the first to get Hi Definition Support ; Youtube was really late on this, you had to wait until December 2008 (14 months later) to get access to hi quality videos.

In 2012, HD is supported on every streaming platforms, staying on Vimeo for bladers might be a mistake. Why?

Charlie bit my finger

You may remember the Youtube clip Charlie bit my finger, a viral clip of a child biting his brother. The family who uploaded the video earned more than £100,000 (around 155 680 US $), the video was viewed 392 million times at the time of the article.

Take the ATL Waterpark Section from Black Market. This video was viewed more than 2,695,000 times in 17 months. Basic mathematics tell me that the guy who uploaded this cashed about 1000$ (or he didn’t check his youtube messages & must be really mad now).

Black Market, ATL Waterpark Section:
2,695,000+ Views in 17 months.

Of course most blading videos won’t reach 2 millions views. This one went viral but skaters surely can earn some royalties with their work that way (most videos on Youtube get monetized once your reached the 10k views cap).

Nils Jansons Section wrs

On Vimeo even the most popular blading videos won’t reach 100k views. The most viewed video of the WRS Uploaded Contest (the Nils Jansons Section) only reached 75k views.

There are 2 exceptions to this: the Greg Mirzoyan Salt Mine Clip (965k views, the video was featured on the main page of Reddit) & the Razor Swag Edit by Vinny Minton (149k views, the video was tweeted by Greg Yaitanes, the executive producer and director of HOUSE MD season 7).

Some popular blading videos on Youtube:
Note that each of those videos are posted several times on Youtube.

I’m surprised that the owners of those videos don’t claim their work (like VEVO does with his musicvideos), rehost better quality versions on their account and earn 3-4k dollars per year. If you can prove Youtube that these videos are yours, they will just take the mirrors down.

Some brands choosed to stay on Youtube and this is good, they are getting some income from their work:

  • Remz (112 videos): 3,545,533+ video views.
  • Razors (197 videos): 5,818,045+ video views.

the youtube boob effect: add boobs to your thumbnail and get 100k extra views

On Vimeo, you get less views because the only one watching your videos are actually bladers. There are no viral effect on Vimeo, the only way for your video to get exposure on Vimeo is the Staff Pick Section which feature video on their index. In more than 4 years, Vimeo never featured a single blading video although almost all the community post their work on their website.

I’m hearing a huge troll screaming in the background “Yes, it’s cool, that way. If only bladers watch our videos, this is perfect, we want to stay underground”. Let me post something i saw last week that somehow made me really sad.

dominic sagona mri
Dominic Sagona, Hurt.

adam johnson
Adam Johnson, Magma Interview.

Dominic Sagona & Adam Johnson have a lot of amazing videos. Why don’t they monetize their past and future work on Youtube?

If you don’t have a good job on the side and a good healthcare, skating just looks like russian roulette. You can have fun but it can also end really quickly. People in the USA also have one of the worst healthcare system worldwide, just check Sicko by Michael Moore, it explains it really well).

Take the gaming “community”, a lot of broadcasters live from their work on Youtube: The Yoggcast, The Cynical Brit. What those guys do isn’t exceptional, they sure do it well and on a regular basis but what they’re only giving their first impressions on games they are playing.

Take Dominic Sagona, that guy is amazing. He has a unique skating skill and on the side creates music and is also DJing.

Just take your camera! Film your life, explain what you’re going through. Put on video your creative process while working on a new song ; test new music softwares, give your first impressions on it, bring the camera on your DJ set, show people how it’s done. Most people live a life extremely boring, just give us the opportunity to have a glimpse of what your exciting life looks like…

Make money on Youtube! Even if your videos are not that popular, beer’s money as Damien Wilson likes to call it, is worth it. Don’t use musics owned by Majors though, or half of the planet won’t be able to watch your videos (hello Germany!)

If you’re producing your own music (like Julian Bah, Franky Morales, …), just use your work. Else why not promoting indy bands? There are tons of musicians no one ever heard in your local area ; check Soundcloud too, i’m sure they are lots of people who would be glad to let you use their work if you just credit them somewhere.

About Youtube, Google, Adsense & VEVO

Youtube is the property of Google, Google also own Adsense, the most successful Online advertising program. You get paid via Adsense when you generate money via Youtube.

A lot of channels on Youtube are labelled artistVEVO. VEVO is a joint venture among Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and EMI. They control together the musicvideos they own and generate money via Youtube.

Rob Scallon, Blader & Musician

I’ve been a youtube partner for a while now and have been fortunate enough to have youtube provide a regular income for me as a musician in the past year.

I’m not making enough money from it to quite my job of course, but with this and so many other benefits on youtube. Why are all rollerbladers on vimeo? (link to the comment).

TL;DR (Too long, didn’t read).

You can earn money from your videos on Youtube. WTF are you doing on Vimeo?

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    Which reminds me koubis what is that video that got posted of skateboarders helping the rollerbladers wax and skate the park in harmony parody lol i would like to add another view to that

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  • Adam Johnson

    Because all my videos on youtube have been pirated. Someone probably is making money off of them, just not me.

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    this guy is making money from uploading rollerblading flicks to youtube.

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    it had passed my mind.. how dope it would be to have a group of skaters.. united.. that uploud to 1 youtube.. account.
    Than every year have a contest. witch gets organized with the youtube / adsense money. 1 european 1 asian 1 amerikan and 1 australian.

    and to have more of them montage competitions and acualty make some money over the edits. (about 1 doller per 1000 vieuws)

    making the industrie a brick bigger.

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    /\ What a dumb fucking idea

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    in the beginning i thougt you will bring some nice inspiraton to us.

    but all this words just for money? so ignorant.


    well done rollernews! how much will i get for my 150 views?..

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    Blading looks like crap with this blog. Since it’s the #1 source for news I mean can’t it look just a little bit badass in some way….

    fuck it i’ll go on be-mag

    didn’t read the article, i’m too stoned.

  • Speculos

    Now the WRS “uploaded” comp makes sense. The organizers cough up $5000 bucks, keep the rights to the video clips and keep the revenue. I wonder if the skaters get a piece of the revenue pie.

  • Gazmos

    I guess that explains what happened to Dominic Sagona. I’m said to hear he’s seriously injured once again. I think his body has been telling him it’s time to chill for the past few years now. I hope to see a come back but, unfortunately, it’s looking like the odds are against him.

  • Dick Wood

    Dropping knowledge on RN good shit. The business men of rollerblading are not real business men. There are few that are successful at it. Julio and A Mall seem to have the industry monopolized. Look at Shima and his 2 skate projects in 5 years…The first one tanked and now he’s had to start all over. I heard from one of the USD pros personally and wow they treat their skaters like shit. Broskow has a decent salary at 3k+ per month, not bad….skateboarding is a billion $ industry, remeber 10 years ago saying to your fellow rollers, “man in ten years, when rolling is as big as skateboarding. Hahaha lets all keep dreaming though. I roll because its fun as shit but people need to be a little smarter about what is really going on.

  • J

    that is great for the rollerblading industry, plus may b new people that see our videos would start skating , this means more skate sales.
    to all the kids here that bitch about this news, is cuz they still live with mommy and dnt have a fucking idea what is to have to pay rent , food and all sort of bills. to all u kids one day u will grow up n see how real life is, specially when u get kids of ur own.
    an don’t worry 10 years go so fast then u will see how wrong and foolish u were.

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    Congratulations great post!

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    YouTube is good for rollerblading because it has a bigger audience nomsayin’

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    Very interesting and informative thoughts, thanks for the post

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    I’ve been saying this for a very long time!

    I’ve been a youtube partner for a while now and have been fortunate enough to have youtube provide a regular income for me as a musician in the past year. I’m not making enough money from it to quite my job of course, but with this and so many other benefits on youtube. Why are all rollerbladers on vimeo?

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    This is pathetic, youre telling people to use youtube so your blog can get the linked hits and you get $$ for deeplinking. I hope to meet you in person one day Koubis. So I can tell you to your face what a chump you are.

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  • Jack

    The main reason vimeo is used is just because it is generally better, theres not shit loads of videos being uploaded everyday clogging everything up like youtube. There must be thousands and thousands of videos being uploaded everyday to youtube.

    Personally, i think we should upload stuff to both places… Vimeo for the quality, and YouTube to get our name out. Rollerblading is a tough sport, and should be known unlike scooters!

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    An original an insightful article from Rollernews. Awesome!

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    Mother of cock… Vimeo it is then.

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    How people did to skate before to uploading video on the net without healthcare insurance ?

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    Interesting Read; I’ve always wondered why the majority of edits put up freely were hosted through Vimeo instead of YouTube.

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    Youtubes to trendy for me, vimeo it is!

    In all seriousness, this is a really good article, something i’d not even considered before!

    and it’s right, not only will people be getting the money, but random people will watch skate vids and perhaps enjoy it!

  • lol

    to actually make money off youtube you have to own everything in the video… ie you cant use music from any band unless you have their permission.

  • alan

    PS- Koubis, the US of A has great health care, best in the world actually. The problem isn’t that the doctors suck, it’s that it is too damn expensive due to the way our government handles insurance, etc. If people were allowed to shop for health insurance outside of their employer’s plan, AND be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines (AKA more of a free market plan) then the price of health care would go down dramatically.

    Great article btw. Very insightful. Hopefully some of the top pros and filmers/editors in the game can get some residual income from their Youtube videos, along with new exposure for rollerblading as a whole.

  • Q

    Ok lets start by saying the person who wrote this is an asshole. By supporting any company like VEVO,SONY and EMI your pretty much supporting bills like SOPA and PIPA. People like you are thinking about a few extra bucks a year instead of freedom.

  • Q

    hey Dick Wood you got any hard evidence stating broskow earns $3,000 a month I would love to see it.

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    uhm yeah – and how should adam johnson make money with his videos if he doesnt have the music rights?
    ouh jeah ive got an idea! why not use bad music? yeahyeah good idea blahblah NOT.

  • Anonymous

    broskow earns $3,000 a month I would love to see it.

    broskow earns $3,000 a year I would love to see it.

  • Adam Johnson

    Too bad youtube then reserves the rights to your video and can place them in television shows online without your consent…. happens to us all the time now on new shows. I haven’t licensed rollerblading content in years. fuck.


    I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time. The avg person has never even heard of Vimeo. Its time a lot of people make the change back to Youtube and start thinking about the big picture.

  • koubis

    //Ok lets start by saying the person who wrote this is an asshole. By supporting any company like VEVO,SONY and EMI your pretty much supporting bills like SOPA and PIPA.

    I don’t care about VEVO, which is just an example to show how it’s possible to earn to get money from your video.

    VEVO took control of their music and musicvideo because they earn a lot of money from it. You won’t see any musicvideos they own uploaded anywhere else than on their channel, in youtube.

    //Koubis, the US of A has great health care, best in the world actually. The problem isn’t that the doctors suck, it’s that it is too damn expensive due to the way our government handles insurance, etc.

    Yes i was thinking of the healcare system itself, where you don’t get anything if you don’t have an expensive insurance.

  • Anonymous

    also, vimeo is using higher bitrate with the same hd quality as youtube(slower buffering) and doesnt work well with my isp so in most cases I cannot watch vimeo clips

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    I agree with the idea behind this article. good stuff, start getting paid guys!

  • Al@n

    How to earn money thru YouTube? Adsense or what?

  • koubis

    //How to earn money thru YouTube? Adsense or what?

    Once your video reach a certain amount of views (10k+), Youtube will contact you to ask you if you’re the owner of the video.

    You must link your account to an adsense account ; you must be 18+ or ask your parents, brother, etc.

    You can use your Google account to register to adsense, Adsense will then ask you bank details and wire automatically the money.

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    cause bladers are trying to be fuckin hipsters now a days. lol

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    Youtube sucks is slow, cant watch alot of vids because of music right ect…..

    Vimeo is just better loads quicker, doesnt freeze, skip ect….Better/nicer layout and i can watch everything!

    my 2 cents

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    youtube freezes because you are using the shitting flash player, html5 is the future of the web.

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    @Black Magic

    Thumbs up! Too stoned toooo!
    But it’s right wtf, with this design check even Latvia, you people don’t even know where it is, but they have some quality in there blog page, and quality in clips,photos and every thing ells it’s another level, and do you think those guys get a lot of money, I think they struggle all the time!

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    I fucking hate hippies – the only reason you arseholes have this mentality is because your parents pay for everything but if you had children and debt and bills to pay you would change instantly. Money is actually quite important in the real world.

    Right or wrong, whether it works or not you should respect that Koubis is trying to give you free information on how to potentially make money – no one has a gun to your head!

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    How can you earn on videos that have illegaly used soundtracks…. There is no question abut that there is nothing to claim about, sorry guys.

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    I started making money on my videos through ad sense
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