Videogroove VG 20 Roots: Full Video

videogroove vg 20

This post is dedicated to Daniel ‘Mamba’ Medovich.

vg roots

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28 Responses to “Videogroove VG 20 Roots: Full Video”

  1. qazwsx Says:

    IT LIVES! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. ibbotson Says:

    different video.

  3. Ruudis Says:

    aaah can`t stop watchin it! memories memories

  4. AdzNaz Says:

    God Damn Haffey

  5. weepete Says:

    Fucking AWESOME!!

  6. jeeraf Says:

    probably the video I watch the most in my life. AWesome

  7. rollerblading is gay Says:

    qazwsx yer thinking of just vg roots. not 20

  8. io Says:

    My first video.
    Haffey profile, he’s one of the best profile.
    Tons of crazy tricks.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    ive got every single vg :) its been such a great time.

    but still i want to know, whats the song at the rail section.

    does anyone know?

  10. Tom Fry Says:

    Big Gay Mamba Rules!

  11. simon Says:

    first video i ever owned.

  12. RCH Says:

    VG till death, fuck all this hd shit DAP knew what he was doing since day one, people like brazillionaire can learn alot from him, brings back memories to how amazing step round and step overs were, completely blew my mind when i saw haffeys section, that shit seemed impossible

  13. Michael Says:

    What happened to that guy STEVE JONES! His section was nuts!

  14. Tom Fry Says:


  15. Ben Rogers Says:

    Michael, Steve Jones owns a driving school in Georgia with his brother.
    Great guy. He pretty much had to quit skating because his ankles were done-ski. The ending of his section is one example of why.

  16. Si Med Says:


  17. gg Says:

    wtf they werte figting a old man fucken pussys

  18. The Blading Renaissance Says:

    Thanks for posting, David

  19. sex Says:


  20. andreas542 Says:

    TEH ROOTZ!!1

    Man, Steve Jones was so sick!

  21. Harry Maynard Says:

    Great memories.

  22. LX Says:

    April 25th, 2010 at 10:35 am
    God Damn Haffey


    What he said.

  23. Baas Says:


  24. shuuunthenonbeliever Says:

    rolling was SOOO fun back then! & i’m really glad I was a part of that scene, just WHAT HAPPENED that blading came to take itself so seriously now.

  25. 4114N Says:

    respect for all those guys… legends!

  26. Jay Says:

    I love the song in it by NO Clue – Unlock the door, which was also on the videogame Rolling on PS2. But I have searched for the band/music with no luck. Does anyone know where I can download this bands stuff from? I tried the website they give on the credits, but it no longer exists. :(

  27. Jack Says:

    Have you seen my VG ROOTZZ?? LMAO!

  28. Rollerjoe93 Says:

    Holy shit, mamba was right?