Videogroove 8: Ocho (Full Video)

Videogroove VG8: Ocho


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7 Responses to “Videogroove 8: Ocho (Full Video)”

  1. ronin Says:

    No need to play the video just reading the word “ocho” brings memories of the intro soundtrack. Toum tou toum …

  2. GErmanyboy Says:

    Billy Prislin´s Section at 49:00min ist the most stylish rolling ever.
    So smooth!

  3. rolling since 1852 Says:

    I think this is the only vg that i haven’t seem before…this is awesome

  4. Anonymous Says:

    THANK YOU! ive been waiting so long for VG8, def,. my fav. VG

  5. T B Says:


    Been waiting for this one to come up for soooo long!

    Hope Mr Paine is ok with it.

    Thanx for sharing!!!

  6. Pca4 Says:

    Can someone plz post Erick burke section from vg5 already plz

  7. nutsonya chin Says:

    put on California Dreamin next i never seen it,… did you see dude get pushed off the rail in the Dayz off section? ahaha ..