Videogroove 6: Toys Beneath Our Feet (1997), Full Video

Mini Views on Tim Ward, Dustin Latimer, Josh Clarke, Kevin Gillan & Nick Riggle + Australia’s Nationals Comp & Big Day Out, The Sunshine Tour.

Videogroove 6: Toys Beneath Our Feet (1997)

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  • Benjamin

    Ah man, I was around when this was released. Guess i m old now :-D

  • Tom

    The first VG section I saw was Roadhouse’s section back in VG3. When this came out I couldn’t believe how advanced the skating was :) I’m still amazed by some of the ramp skills in this one though.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite VHS video. I really don’t know how many million times I watched it. Those were the days!!

  • seven

    wow 3 years before i started skating. dustin latimer looks like 15 in this!! crazy….

  • but…

    best video ever!!!

  • The full retard

    “my favorite VHS video. I really don’t know how many million times I watched it. Those were the days!!”

    Liar !!! You can’t have watch it even 1 million time cause you would have spent 114 years in a row watching it, and considering than this tape has been released in 96, you would have finished watching it 1 million times in the year 2110, without stopping to eat or even take a dump.
    So tell us how did you time traveled back to us ???

  • Pca4

    Epic mute grab front torque by Jhon abina in the visual aids section, now can someone upload vg5 supper natural in its intirety, whole vid is up minus Erik Burke section and champion Baumstimller section , why would you upload the whole vid minus the two best sections?

  • Anonymous

    someone please upload vg7 supernatural

  • Anonymous


  • jman

    back when skating wasn’t soft.. SO #BASED #RARE #REAL

  • Anonymous

    The first video I had ever seen. Still one of my all time favorites alongside Mad Beef, Concentration, Brain Fear Gone and Ego. Dave Paine was so good at making videos.


    VG7 is Mediocrity, VG5 is Supernatural

  • Amedar Consulting

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  • Ray Dog

    @Pca4 – I agree with you 100%, two of the best sections from VG and it’s not been put up. Someone please upload it!!!!

  • birdmanhimself$$$$$$

    o man.It’s like you where going to work to make money with everybody else back then.Those were the days.I felt like an astronaunt