Vibralux visits Detroit (2015)

Vibralux visits Detroit (2015)

Some of the dudes came out for the Motor Town Classic and we were able to catch a few clips in-between the contest and the other project we were filming for. Check em out and welcome to the team Montre Livingston!

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  • Billy Prislin

    Lol’d at the Cesar Mora reference.

  • Adam Johnson

    Sick, you’ll take this and post it, but when I submit a trailer DENIED. You’re dope.

    • Ras

      You seriously still think the admin gives a damn about any submission ? you already posted quite many negative rollernews references so i thought you got the system now ….. i mean its not only you with much influence in the industry …. we recently also recogniced how dustin webersky tryed to submit nice edits but got denied …. and then days later rollernews put a different webersky edit online…..

      to this edit: sick, very enjoyable and FREE ;)

      thanks & Big up !