Vibralux: On Top, Trailer

Vibralux On Top

I put this mediocre trailer together on a whim as an xmas gift to you. I am too busy working on the free online video for 2009 to spend much more time on a trailer.

Just have faith that the video is a pull and cop it at your favorite retailer. – Adam Johnson

vibralux on top

vibralux on top

Thanks Pecuri1.

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  • remzrider

    just orderd :D
    could be as good as dripdrop

  • Klas

    I’m soo getting this one…along w the 4×4 and the VALO flicks. Darn, same skaters but who cares. Support!

  • krustcankill

    hate to be the bearer of bad news, but i already saw it, it was mediocre, Broskow was amazing, farmer did nothing but negatives, and haffy was ok (not as good as previos sections,) every1 else was not great, and the filming and shit like that wasnt very good.
    also they filmed at the wierdest places, out of every clip, i’v probly only ever seen 2 or 3 spots before, that were in that video, so that atleast helped to keep things interesting

  • trickit


  • Vegard

    WTF? What is wrong with lots of new spots? that video looks amazing

  • Sparro

    Krust, i’ve seen the film and personally i thought it was amazing, creative skating from farmer, and awesome sections from others, and the mixup of spots was brilliant and helped show that you can skate almost anything, just be imaginative.

  • thomas mcgovern

    cant wait. ill order.

  • jbj

    that was dumb, all adam johnsons videos suck dick production wise… although the skating is pretty good usually

  • Fred Castro

    DAAMMM AJ!! that was sick!! and don’t do that, its not mediocre, don’t put your shit down man! its dope! its edited fast, as you’ve explained, but it still has the AJ flow to it.

    I like it!! looking forward to seeing the whole thing!



  • so wack

    damnit, farmer was in austin at 5 hips? where the hell was i?

  • Nasty Nick

    I guess kids have a problem with the filming when you can actually see the skaters entire body in clips. Not cutting off dudes heads isn’t very innovative now is it? Fuck that man, this video is so good, Haffey has like 4 enders, not to mention farmer does probably the hardest negative trick out there, most of these dudes were filming for at least two videos at the time. And just about every spot is fresh, seems like it could be an alright video.

  • sean michaelson

    what the hell happened to mike lilly??

    i thought he was on VX

  • sam


    rollerblading is fun.

  • severe chaffing

    god kills fags dead

  • wiener

    he´s gay….