Vibralux “On Top”: Rough Cut

vibralux on top

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10 Responses to “Vibralux “On Top”: Rough Cut”

  1. ajossf Says:


  2. aalex Says:

    that’s so sick skating with very nice choice of music best vid i’ve ever seen. if i’m vibralux i would kill u for uploading this holy piece of skating.

  3. Chinaski Says:

    Nobody has anything too say about this! Fuck you rollernews this skating is amazing.

  4. haha!!! Says:

    wow!!! big video thats amazing!!!

  5. 3M3M Says:

    farmer profile was much better than in real on top video.

  6. 3M3M Says:

    to bad quality sucks

  7. sk8rs_s0uL Says:

    ummmmmmmmmm yahhh thats why i skate….with health insurance… :) sweet vid..sweet skaters…sweeeeeeeet

  8. asdas Says:

    wait what does rough cut mean? this isn’t the actual video?

  9. Says:

    Michael Collins is getting really really good. Damn everyone wrecked this shit!

  10. random Says:

    is it just me or does michael garlinghouse have the wackest style ever, i honestly never liked the way he skated