Vg 6 Footage Of Dustin Latimer And Kevin Gillan

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Dustin Latimer (16 years old) and Kevin Gillan (17 years old) profile, screener from Video Groove 6 VHS.

Video Offline.
Thanks Myke.

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  • Lagoa

    VERY STilish, yesterday i sow QUALITY!!!!!!! now these!!! very cool to see dustin latimer 16 years old version!!!!!!

    such an evolution!!! i love skating!

  • churchill

    wow, puts most of us that age to shame eh?

  • Mr, M

    “wow, puts most of us that age to shame eh?”

    Pretty much

    Then again they were the best then and not the avergage skater, if you look at the best 16 year old today, you can see how the sports progressed. Lovin the spins, the grinds are funny, although its funny to note this video was pretty much the first step in swiitch ups. but the gaps and spins are outrageous for the skates they have, and the stage of which skating was at when this was made.

  • Farmer

    I thought the site was called ROLLER >NEWS

  • oldman

    ha ha, rollernews goes history! Think this is good, everyone who is rolling today should know the history of our sport. Everyone should know who Arlo Eisenberg, Chris Edwards, Tom Fry, Dave Kolash… is and what they have done for the progressing of rolling. But I think too, that all the crazy skaters today are doing the same at a new and ever progressing level. When skaters in the future look back to our pros today they will say the same as the younger skaters do today to a old clip like that.

  • jimbo__jones

    lol pants over the cuffs! i love old skool skating

  • Jim Jones

    How are pants over the cuffs old school? That’s how i roll.

  • CoreyMcCumber

    Take me back…The good old days, when I didnt have a job and the single digit VG’s were my bible….Im depressed, this & having a kid on the way makes me feel way too old….

  • Jon Quirk

    Ha ha i know wat u mean man , those were the days!!! But we all grow up and assume a different role in the game , good to see how far rolling has come , i feel priveledged to have seen all the growth… i go back to Dare To Air days and im still rolling!!!

  • Filip Lederleitner

    I remember watching this section over and over again 8 years ago, it was probably the times when i started to look up to DL..Whoever digged this up, thanks a lot!! :) 16 year old kids inventing a new progressive style of rollerblading, followed by thousands all over the that’s what i call “something worth remembering”.

  • Dave Kollasch

    totally sick. Dustin and Kevin ripped and probably still do! ahhhh the good ole days! Of course, rolling has progressed and the skill level of the ams and pros is MUCH higher today, but back in the day, we started with no grinds at all, just jumping gaps and riding stairs (see Dare To Air!!!) and gapping into stairs and shit. Then came the frontside, backside, soul grind, & miszou grind and THAT’S ALL. It was up to us to try pushing those grinds to different levels of difficulty and variations, from scratch. Props to all who are reading this and have been rolling since 1993. Props to new generation of rollers who keep us old guys amazed at the shit you pull these days.

  • roll4life New Zealand

    I hear ya oldman, you ask alot of young skaters these days who arlo is or chris edwards, and my man D.K, they all had there on style or way of skating, were today you get, you skate like such and such, or you do that like such and such, i started around 1991 with a few of us on the verts that could ride it.
    Then seen the origanal Hoax, thats wat made me want roll street, sumthing new and crazy.
    i guess i trying 2 say is know your roots and where there heading.

  • josh christian