Valo Erik Bailey Amall Denims: Promo Edit

Valo Erik Bailey Amall Denims

EB.AM promo by Ivan Narez featuring new Amall team riders: Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Victor Arias and Brandon Smith.

All aspects of this Valo EB.AM Denim skate were designed by the incredibly particular in-house aMALL design team and finally remastered and produced by Valo.

The skate is featured in both black and blue color ways. The EB.AM skin is constructed with a full ultra thick and durable cotton denim, that can be dyed, bleached and washed to your likings.

The boot is completed with a extra thick matching EB liner, a custom printed and riveted genuine leather back pull strap and the NEW Dedicated flags patch sewn onto the heel while the regular AM tongue tag takes the helm up front.


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  • Althoooouuugghhhhhh

    I dont like Valo skates, but anyone that cant appreciate this skating is a cunt.

  • adrian scoseria

    that shit was too dope!!!! b smith first trick was sick as fuck! VALO 4 LIFE…another dope ass edit by ivan!

  • jimmy

    AMAZING! Valo has the best team, ridiculous style, respectable branding, and high production value every time.

    thanks for the eye candy.

  • Fire.

    “Anyone that can’t appreciate this skating is a cunt.”

    Firstly, that is fucking hilarious. Secondly, it is fucking accurate.

  • jaren

    fuck yea that’s all

  • Spen

    Ahhhhhhh, finally a really decent little edit. Not just line grind line grind, these guys are using everything in their path, the sort of rolling I like. Such an amazing team, their skating is incredible, especially considering they are technically wearing M12s!

  • RJ


  • Alexke

    skating a decent line like that > 1000000000th hammer on a droprail

  • ouououygouyg

    valo 4 life
    theyre like the apple of rollerblading, i just cant stop buying their skates.

  • Valo fashion models

    OK, here’s a little fashion question. Are you supposed to wear black denim with dark blue denim? I thought the two clashed, and that if you were going to wear, say, a black denim jacket, you should wear grey denim pants, or super light blue denim pants, or heck, just be the man in black.

    Isn’t wearing black and dark blue denim at the same time a major fashion faux pas? My girl majors in fashion design and that’s what she says. I personally don’t care, but think it’s funny that people perceive Valo as being so fashionable, when dudes obviously don’t know the first thing about fashion.

  • Adam

    yeah thats also something Ive been thinking about.. those are some good lookin skates but what to wear!??

  • Chavbuster

    Hey fashion boy! I’m glad your woman needs school to tell her what looks good and what doesn’t. Unfortunateley it seems as if y’all was born with poor vision, or maybe didn’t watch the edit. None of them were wearing straight standard blue jeans, or even black jeans for that matter. And there’s plenty of other pants out there that go with em. Read the descrip, or watch it.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha queers debating about what jeans you can wear with certain skates? word?

  • Faggots.

    Some guys here don’t understand that, Brosky or Bailey don’t care about what u say, they r pro, better than u , and these edit is pretty much styled.

    Valo team is first to use some pick-up spots for them video, they made very good lines so stop talkin’ shit about ” Oh he made soul, he don’t deserve to be a pro he’s just made soul”, his trick r 100% more styled than ur fuckin ulgy soul.

    U have to respect thse riders beacause they made some fucking new tricks every year when they come to a competition !

  • Old School

    Valo has been fading away. USD is the hot new thing. Does Bailey still skate?

  • Avatar Gurl

    USD? Really? UpSide Downs? That’s what we call ’em in the Caribbean!

  • The “O”

    how can anybody hate on AB? really? one of the most stylish, dedicated rollerbladers that’s ever been around, his trick vocab is unbelievable and he’s been killin shit ever since his little mini section on VG15(??? correct me if i’m wrong on the VG issue please???) killed it.

  • spj

    Old School

    erik bailey blades all the fucking time. open your eyes and stop asking stupid questions, dipshit.

  • http://rolling-a-mindgameinfocus skate2create

    bliss , pro editing and a mad steezed team… ;) denims lookims very guuud… want blacks;P siiiiick!