Valo 4Life: Victor Arias

Valo 4Life: Victor Arias

Valo 4Life: Victor Arias

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24 Responses to “Valo 4Life: Victor Arias”

  1. rudis Says:

    soo clean! one of the best skating i have seen in a while!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    skating was sick ! even if he is a total doucebag according to the intro

  3. walter sanchez Says:

    didnt like hearing him say that billy O’neil lost it already…..@ Blader Cup that bumbed me out. billy still be ripping shit! quit hating Arias..i thought u were cool. but theres the proof.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    holy fuck that was good! some serious tricks done with maximum steeeezzzzz

  5. Chris hershey Says:

    Clean as f skating.
    So underrated and took way too many years to turn pro.
    Pro boot for this dude over anybody on valo as for the next valo skate

  6. Slug Lord Says:

    Dig that first 16sec

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Been killing it for long, and never ceases to, the section was amazing

  8. not a hater Says:

    so good, cant wait till his pro boot!!!!

    but srsly turn that stabilization shit off! i had to stop watching it :/ was gonna make me puke

  9. Dbg poop mitts Says:

    Amazingly steezy .. N such solid skating .. Pro boot ?? V4l

  10. jon morciglio Says:

    you the man vic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    have u guys ever put dorritos on your sandwich… its amazin…

  12. Big Swasshy Dildo Says:

    damn that was fuckin bad boi!

  13. swanjsf Says:


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Liked it, but lose the gun man…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    this is fucking un real seriously… he is so fucking good.

    i dont ride valos, but if he had a pro boot i would buy it.

  16. Dis Dick Says:

    The intro was a bit desperate for attention but I’m glad I saw it through. The skating was very impressive and while I don’t love his style, his skating is super clean.

  17. Big Swasshy Dildo Says:

    Your mouth is a bit desperate for big ole me. Shut the fuck up you pussy flopping homo of a rollerblader.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    +1 to pro skate, he stood out in hyphy with his smooth switchups!!!

  19. my doooood Says:

    vic has been the man for years… deserves the title of pro unlike a lot of other chumps.

  20. rollerblading is gay Says:

    love this video. glad i bought it

    some of you fags pass judgement way to easy. vic is cool.

  21. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Any questions on why Victor is pro Valo have just been answered. So f-ing smooth. 3 mizou’s on down ledges are the hotness.

  22. models Says:

    his legs look weird and awkward. not feeling the syle.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    *style comment too short

  24. meh Says:

    put out more media! this is all you have put out in over a year??
    look at all the shit people like eisler, dalnas and yee put out!
    they actually produce. once you are too old to skate you will regret putting nothing out and just being an asshole to everyone