Valo: 10 Year Anniversary Spring Line (2013)

February 14th, Repost.

Valo: 10 Year Anniversary Spring Line (2013)
Thanks DesignatedRolla & Thisissoul.

Valo: 10 Year Anniversary Spring Line (2013)
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Valo Goodies
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Valo Goodies
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  • Anonymous

    HA! valo must be hurting! one on left is just m12 with a new valo buckle and badge on liner. how’d those lights work out?
    worst company in rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to be down on the sport I love – but my first skates were Roces impalas back in I dunno, 94 – almost 20 years later and we’re still using the exact same skate…?

    I respect Julio alot, and really like Valo as a brand and their approach to blading but this skate really needs an update – and I don’t just mean a new skin.

  • rollerblading is gay

    valo hurting? lulz. theyre doing great

  • Swaq

    Tru dat^


  • 2 chainz

    HA! valo must be hurting! one on left is just m12 with a new valo buckle and badge on liner. how’d those lights work out?
    worst company in rollerblading.


  • Anonymous

    I think the Valo boot looks awesome – they just need to overhaul the innards but keep that same unique valo boot/snowboard kind of style.

  • fff

    love the one on the left.
    btw usd carbons or any other skate (with a few exceptions remz,shadows) isnt any better than those old roces, its just new design with some useless shit attached so it wouldnt be the same as the last one.

  • Anonymous

    New buckle? Thats a buckle of the roces 5th element…

    And like said a ton of times… why change a skate that is perfect ?

  • Anonymous

    thats perfect for all those rocker cats who like to skate the Majestic boot, great idea.

  • don’t hate

    rollernews sucks… what so much hate

    do you guys even like rollerblading anymore? full of bitterness and broken dreams?

  • Anonymous

    why create a Majestic 12 Valo ????????

    Stupidity or vintage ?

  • Anonymous

    Can you get a relatively tight set of jeans over a valo cuff?

    I’m tempted to get some but if I can’t hide the cuff I ain’t interested.

  • computer

    Brilliant idea. Lights will be perfect for some people, regular shell for others and then skinless heritage skate for those nostalgic types that want to keep it classic. This comment officially vitos all negative comments with Harry Potter magic. If you don’t like this incredible classic skate brand I highly recommend having a look at the following brands for your needs. Adapt are a brand that make hand crafted boots with some of the most current skate technology. If you like a sneaker style skate but more along the Nike styling try USD. There really is something for everyone. If completely aimless hate is your only interest then why not try counting to ten, reflecting on why you’re so angry inside and then if you’re still angry give masturbating a go. It’s medically proven to relieve stress. Stay smiling kids, your computer believes in you.

  • grindymct

    Why is it whenever someone criticizes a brand for not innovating the fanbois are always saying “Well carbons aren’t so great”, actually they are. And getting away from bulky boots with a liner shifting around inside to something one piece that gives you better feeling for your tricks is also good.

    Anyway that’s my stop hating on USD rant.

  • krusty

    m12’s were an amazing skate. it doesnt make sense for valo to use an m12 shell for most of their skates, but not take advantage of what an amazing product they could be marketing in addition to their own more expensive boots for virtually no cost (different soul plates, thats it). also I’m loving the tv1 lights. percect idea for a 10th aniversary skate

  • Ross

    Nothing wrong with the M12!!! thats why it never stop being made. back in the day they were Jon Julio’s weapon of choice.

    Something the little pussyboi hatermob didn’t know because they were too busy flossing with their own shit.


  • Dis Dick

    Loved M12’s in 96′. Sure, it’s a solid, durable boot but its too narrow, uncomfortable and 20 years old… and this is the back bone of all their products with the exception of the Light, that’s crazy. Valo is in dire need of a new boot, not a new skin. Julio was my original favorite skater and seems like a like-able guy, but until they actually put some money into a skate I will be putting my money into other companies.

  • Boxon

    Skates or bags, same story. Jon Julio puts a name on over-used products and pretends to do a lot for rollerblading. What did he say about Kizer and the powerblading frames ?

  • Dur

    ^ He said it is bullshit that Kizer spends all their R&D money into making frames that are not suitable for what we really do. Where is the Jeff Stockwell pro frame that they promised him 2 years ago???? How about all the other pros they screwed over with pro frames by instead making rec frames. Notice CJ left Kizer as well. Kizer and the conference care more about money than the future of hardcore blading. That is what Julio said and you can support that crap if you don’t care where blading is in another 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    are these supposed to be new? i liked valo but really starting to change my mind

  • Anonymous

    It is an anniversary line. Didnt Valo get funded by Roces in the beginning?

  • damn

    these skates are about as new as their pro team.

  • Anonymous

    I think the Valo/m12 looking skate will do well. Alot of wanna be hipsters and so called “tripsters” would go nuts for these. I dont know about the first skin though. The should have came out with a light version of the first juilo or bailey skate.

  • SALT

    I love all three of these!!! If this isn’t photo shopped trolling bull shit and just first run ideas that got leaked then I can’t wait for them haha! But if they are coming out with nostalgic Valo’s then I really hope the liners are shorter in the back like the newer models and the 1 piece souls are wider and thicker than the roces orignal soul plate just for a little more life to them. :)

  • BP

    All you people are idiots this is just the ten year anniversary limited line, they are going showcasing the first skate they made updated, the new black bsmiths and the rerelease of the m12 since Roces gave the mold and skate to valo! Get over making comments about how you don’t like the mold! It’s just a limited run they are doing for the anniversary! Either skate them or skate something else! I can’t skate valos, but I respect what they do and how they showcase there brand! Looking good Jon, keep it up man!

  • Corycross

    I love the idea of bringing back the old M-12 with soul plates. Kinda of interesting to me how behind the scenes work and working with Roces to make Valo in my opinion. Who knows how this skate will sell now.. I know the Valos on the very right are pretty sweet lookin though!

  • Anonymous

    the m12?s is not for all the people out there… they are just for the rockers who know about clash. peace.

  • Marcus

    It’s a joke right?

  • filip

    i want those M12 liners in a pair of lights. and for the lights to have a lower base. till then im sticking with my SL’s

  • wow

    you guys are fucking stupid. Valo: 10 year anniversary…as in these are tribute skates you dumb fucks. which is why the middle one’s look exactly like the original tv’s. God damn you kids have no knowledge on your own sport or anything for that matter.

  • olderblader

    Anonymous if it aint broke why fix it?? the m12 was and is a good skate and a good mold to use. what julio brought to blading was skates that look cool and original and im happy to invest and collect most things he puts out.

    and why does valo need to have a new team why not still have the guys that have been ripping for years why discard the current leaders of our sport for some new kids who might be cheaper but might not be able to help direct the sport in the right direction ?

  • Anonymous

    reinforce the skin around the cuff bolt fuck it looks so tacky

  • jesus h christ

    Half you bladers are such dumb fucks… a plastic boot is a plastic boot. unless you chop the bottom off like SL’s or make it entirely softboot its not going to feel much different… USD/adapt Carbons suck, I never see anyone go big in them and half of the people that made the switch ended up with worse style then they used to. Saying the m12 is a shitty old boot is like saying skateboarders need to invent a new board. That shit is a classic and there’s a reason it’s been around for this long… I hate sticking up for valo but its the truth….P.S. just bring back Roces as a sister company.

  • pro boot

    what kind of plastic is the soulframes??? mad boost yo…

  • SA rollerblader

    All the haters are fucking retarded.. Why can’t anything on rollernews be commented on without there being a million fucking trolls… Do your selfs a favor, and spend that time hating actually skating so you’ll surpass your ao soul of a best trick! =/

  • DarthRoller

    Is that the TV1 colour scheme in the middle?

    I don’t ride Valo, never will, hate the feel and fit, but I really respect the idea of anniversary editions, my most recent skates were Coup De Tat Classics and I’ve been on them for 3 years now.

    More companies should do it.

  • Anonymous

    puhahah looks like someone accidentally threw collor in the mold and viola new ugly soulplate tech 5$ extraaaaa

  • Anonymous

    coming in 6 months solid red and blue valo soulplates lol you cant seriously someone sat down and said lets put some red and blue swirls on the plates lol

  • Ian

    Just buy majestics for £50 less

  • Pete

    wow you guys amaze me with some of the stupidity behind your comments for anyone to say that valo needs a new boot mold or innovation have you not looked into the valo light. That is where the brand is heading look at all the improvements that the new light boot has compared to even the first light skate. Jon not only improved the hardware but added another layer of carbon and a neoprene footbed plus improving the soul plates with new compounds. The m12 is the staple that the light platform is based off the m12 is still an amazing boot and will help people get into Valo’s without spending the added cost of the light skate. Clearly with the m13 being released its a honor to the original design and letting everyone know no matter how succesful the brand gets they still remember there roots, hence the re release of the original tv1 as well. Just amazes me how stupid and ignorant some of you guys on here are please do some research at

  • Anonymous

    People need to learn their shit before they start hating. First comment was just straight up ignorant. FOR SURE IS A NOOB.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE IT! plus the m12s is a great idea! Just because YOU don’t like them doesnt mean OTHERS dont. It’s a classic skate that people still use..

  • da trufe

    “People need to learn their shit before they start hating. First comment was just straight up ignorant. FOR SURE IS A NOOB.”

    ^someone cant handle the truth.

  • hmmm

    why dont you give them new fucking liners?
    everyone on valo rides different liners. so why is that exactly?

    even today julio post a pic of his set up and he had trust liners.
    you dont even ride your own shit what is that?
    oh right im supposed to pay $500 for a skate then buy new liners on top of that.
    ok i get it.

  • BasedPrince Akeem

    I ride nothing but Valos. Im disappointed in the 10th anniversary skin. Terribly disappointed. They’re just JJ Lights but in full black. -____________-

  • Boxon

    ROCES 20 year anniversary.