USD UK 2013 Winterclips with Lomax & Devereux

USD UK 2013 Winterclips with Lomax & Devereux

Nick Lomax and Lee Devereux at Bones Skatepark Stockport.


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  • creature 8472

    that was really really really cool! park looks fun

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think this shit is hilariously bad?

  • Anonymous

    ….ok well post a link to one of you’re great edits then?

  • portas

    that last trick was world class

  • Anonymous

    that was amazing!

  • Andy Mills

    God damn boys! Just fuckin destroyed that place! Last trick was fuckin laced Lee!

  • Anonymous


  • Scott Quinn

    That was mint lads!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of this deve guy bad he’s pretty damn good

  • flowskate

    whoever thinks this is bad needs raping.


  • Anonymous

    Flowskate….. Fuck off your a joke to rollerblading

  • damn

    that second dude has fuckin terrible style, why do a 5 tta if you’re going to look like an idiot?

  • Jessus

    People really never cease to amaze me on this board. Have you guys ever even skated before? It might look easy on the videos, but that’s because these guys are VERY GOOD at what they do.

    That last 540 truespin acid was some seriously big shit. I challenge ANYONE who posts on this site to do anything even close to it. Oh wait? You can’t even frontside.

  • Huh?

    Does this mean Lee is back on USD? Hope so!

  • Travis Stewart

    I will 540 TTA. But not on that…

    Those dudes rip, and Lomax has so much media out there right now. Good stuff.

  • aint_got_time_4_that

    that 540 tru top acid was so sick . haters gone hate. poopers gone poop. 540 anything is awesome .

  • Timmychanga

    A 540 rape would be the best.

  • Anonymous

    That park needs to invest in some better lighting

  • flowskate

    haha as usual not one to put your name on :) anomynous

  • flowskate

    ” anonymous”…………………..