USD UFS Throne Black & White

USD UFS Throne Black & White

Out Now (larger picture). Thanks Oli Benet.

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12 Responses to “USD UFS Throne Black & White”

  1. Venom Says:

    mmmm, Must buy. Must buy. Must buy.

  2. west Says:

    These have been out for months

  3. Venom Says:

    I have to wait until Loco stocks them, unless I really want them so much to import them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sick color theme, the USD UFS throne are great skates, but IMO, they are a bit too narrow, i had a pair and they used to hurt my feet.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    back in the day, louie zamora

  6. vella Says:

    louie zamora, back in the day

  7. 2R Says:

    Classic colours. nothing better than black and white.

  8. funny shit Says:

    They have re-released this skate like 6 times already. Too funny

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Montre kills it in the his WRS edit with these !!!!

  10. Azerty Says:

    The one in the montre wrs edit is the Run Usd skates.

  11. Marcus Says:

    Black and White? Seriously? =P

  12. Just Me Says:

    People complain “black and white”, but I imagine the same people would complain if they were bright orange, purple and green or any colour. You can’t win with some people.