USD Presents Justin Brasco (Flow Team 2010)

Presenting Justin Brasco of Long Island, NY.
With thanks to Mike Torres for the edit.

Justin Brasco

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52 Responses to “USD Presents Justin Brasco (Flow Team 2010)”

  1. jeff dalnas Says:

    friggin awesome

  2. crazyB Says:

    sick edit Justin. you deserve flo you piece of sh*t.

  3. AnthonyMedina Says:

    Been killing it for so long. Fiyyyya!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    last ledge was beast

  5. Fabiano Says:

    BOSS edit. Love it JB.

  6. irollKush Says:

    duu got skates for dayz

  7. jlunger Says:

    Sooo good li represent

  8. a;skdjfa;sldkjfa;s Says:

    He’s creeping up am, forget flow. Oh yeah, and Torres is a beast on the edits.

  9. Andrew Bonter Says:

    Loving the yellow and white colour schemed skates.
    Sick skater has been for a long, long time.

    Am deserving though, too good for flow. Dude paid his dues.

  10. LedgeKicker Says:

    NYC OG! Well deserved.

  11. ..... Says:

    nyc ppl steel skating that 110st ledge ,,, that shit is insannneeeeeee

  12. andrew conners Says:

    fucking sweet edit duder

  13. ArtofRollingmag Says:

    Hands down one of the best and we aint even see the edit yet

  14. bez Says:

    dude be careful youll fuck up your tan. sick edit

  15. down under Says:

    now thats what a usd flow rider should look like, not stefan (my clothes are better than my skating ability) brandow

  16. Anonymous Says:

    surprised torres actually came out with an edit on time

  17. Iamyou Says:

    Very Nice dude, rockin’ them thrones!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    OMG he’s so jacked and tan!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I personally thought there should of been some bigger hammers in there. It’s a USD edit. No left overs bull shit excuses please. I wanna see good shit being put out by USD!

  20. filip Says:

    so smooth. that last ledge/rail thing looked fun as fuck!

  21. Fun Says:


  22. David McNamara Says:

    That was an amazing edit. I love the 360 topsoul 360 out and the rail to ledge transfer. Keep them coming, Justin!

  23. Rob Says:

    Last ledge was SICK and stylish!

    Great edit! Liked white setup with yellow cuffs!

  24. vince Says:

    NICE, killing it

  25. w. cruz Says:

    wait, how can this guy be flow? more like am if you ask me.

  26. Brett Dasovic Says:

    The BEST dude right here!

  27. Lee Jagger Says:

    Great edit, only 2 nasty looking one leg on grind the other one rolling on ledge tricks.

  28. king Says:

    dam dude that kid is orange as hellllllllllllllllllll, jersey shore all day!!!!! snooki punch

  29. MIKE.S Says:


  30. Anonymous Says:

    yo its about time he got flow, USD is a good choice. congrats kid, all the best

  31. POPCORN.A402 Says:

    i like how confrence puts ppl on from all over NYSTANDUP!!

  32. Justin Beiber Says:

    We like dangerous :-) How many boots the boy got tho! He need to be donating to charity.

  33. Jordan Williams Says:

    finally this dood is flow! might need to be am real soon though.
    shit was dope.

  34. Arty Says:

    Amazing style dude,sick ass hell.

  35. ... Says:

    dude is ill as fuck!! keep on rolling and putting out sick shit!

  36. WVB Says:

    if there are any older skaters on this site they will now Justin has been around since the Nature skate video days I believe he had an ill section in the traveller. for those who dont know Nature films was Hakeem and Blewis from Create Orginals

  37. Smashin' Dumplings Says:

    Saw 80% of those tricks on the Arizona 2010 Tour they did in January, good to see the new clips at the end though, true kind on that ledge, ballsy stuff mate.

  38. Bobby Smith Says:

    His neck looks kind of stiff in it.

  39. holler Says:

    dude if this guy and stefan brandow are flow, then i might as well try out for am.

  40. FBI Says:

    donnie brasco.
    Your comment was a bit too gay. Please go back and try again.

  41. Majestic Says:

    @majestichiphop, Yo Justin I aint even see the section yet, but i know its straight fire str8 from the 516 skate park days represent, thats whats up your on USD, Make sure you Skate to my music blast that mofo. Stay up Fam 1.Watching now peaceeeee Plant life

  42. garret Says:

    i like it, hes always got some fresh lookin skates on

  43. mousley Says:

    sick flow fo sho!

  44. yyo Says:

    song name please!

  45. Fred Castro Says:

    That´s the way to go! support the ones that´s been supporting blading and carry strong skating with that old school flavor! This is how we gonna bring rolling back, representing locally and giving local skaters oportunity to continue doing what they love!

    Great stuff! love the skating, the filming the edit! keep it up!


  46. yyo Says:

    i got this, :)

  47. danny beer Says:

    a ton of props.

    dude has a great sense of humour from all the videos I see, and is NICE on the blades.

    Now this is a flow rider, but I think Justin should be AM. sick edit man!

  48. John O Says:

    siick, dudes been killing it for 10 or more years. I use to watch his maintain section constantly.

  49. John Says:

    Hey that’s dangerous!

  50. Jeff Hamm Says:

    Dope like his skating alot!

  51. DerekCarr Says:

    Yo Justin keep that tape up fresh bohh!..ha sick glad you made it on there my dude

  52. Cheap Jordans Says:

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