USD LB Park Sessions: Edit by Erick Rodriguez

With Richie Eisler, Franky Morales and Michael Collins. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez, additional Camera: Sam D. (2013 Repost).

USD LB Park Sessions: Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Previously: Richie Eisler in Canada: Edit by Danny Beer.

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  • Bladerrr

    Richie is a jedi master

  • Anonymous

    that was the ****est video ive ever seen

  • cmo

    Love it how their styles are so different. Both really, really good, but just so different. I love blading.

  • Tökös

    Great edit with stylish tricks!
    But why do they wear gay looking T-shirts? I donno. Sorry for the hate!

    And who the fuck is Johnny Juliano?

  • Joe

    Richie and Franky are always good, but hell, Michael Collins is sick too! Long time since I’ve seen anything from him, please bring us more!

  • the way it is

    uhhh Drop Michael, kids a joke has been riding on the dick of broskows fame for years now. Sloppy style and has a too cool for school attitude. Kid needs to listen to haffey and shut the fuck up and you don’t need to pop you collar every time you land a trick you douche.

  • Steeze Police

    Is Richie Eisler even from this world ? I mean everything he does is ridiculously though out and stylish.
    Franky Morales is incredible as usual and Michael Collins holds it down with steeze.
    Great edit !

  • Anonymous

    ^agreed^ this comment is too short but fully explains my opinion.


    Either this edit is old or Franky’s dreads grow back super quick!!

  • Jeff

    what was with the lame skate-only clips…weak angles for an e rod edit..

  • Cal Ross

    Note in the heli cam clip at the start of the edit. That backside backslide down the rail wasn’t Collins it was in fact razors rider korey “sneaky” Waikiki….

  • Anonymous

    fuck you hater, VXfresh is a king. let him live his life the way he wants to. pussy troll

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiii

    Richie apparently has control in the air, on the rail, or in the air on the way to the rail. Franky constantly blowing minds too. Shit, even Collins was holding it down pretty hard.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Richie the only one smiling in this edit?

  • Anonymous

    Frankie and collins are jealous on and tryin that one up game and cant keep up

  • Anonymous

    frankie is the king of this game.

  • Yeah.

    So like three people liked it and everyone else talked shit… Cmon people! There are worse things out here. The quality of the skating wasn’t bad.

  • Rasdoerty

    Very nice to see clips from michael collins ….. !
    big up

  • Mj

    Too much collins. Not enough eisler and morales

  • Anonymous

    damn franks last trick was insane

  • Blader GANG

    ayyyyyee niggas and niggetz whats poppin slime? yea just finna tell deez niggaz dat im bout to stunt on deez niggaz and floss my Jordan Bred 2009’s nigga but first a nigga need to twist up dis blunt nigga! smoke Kush Rock Jordanz nigga yall aint bout dat life nigga! Jordanz and Kush ova bitches!

  • dat boii lefty

    Collins need to gtfo ??? kid is a joke on and off the blades. Frank and Rich are what’s good.

  • Nigel Thornberry

    Richie is everywhere!

  • Japetto

    King Rich just killed this edit. Franky wasn’t smiling because he was trying to keep up to Richies technical tomfoolery.

    And mr Colin’s had a mean case of the quivery ankles, ya diiiiiiiiiiigggggg.

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiii

    technical tomfoolery FTW

  • FruitBooter

    Michael Collins WOLVES DEN

  • The Truth

    Frankie Morales is Comeback Skater of the Year. He’s making the Valo boys look like pussy skaters. And USD is now the #1 skate in the world. Remz totallyt fucked up losing Frankie and CJ and letting Haffey become a circus clown.

  • LBC

    First off, sick blading from two pioneers. Thats the most important. But I have to say i’m diggin the partially saturated/black & white color grading in that video. Erod is way better at production than the amateur stuff he used to do. But thats why he deserves props, he’s evolved and gotten good at this. Hopes he keeps working on it cause theres a lot more to perfect, and shit… you can actually make a legal living doing it(cough*Vinny*cough)

  • :D

    I agree @CMO, blading is the shit, errbody skates their own way.

  • :D

    whoever came up with the phrase technical tomfoolery is a faggot

  • Japetto

    I called it that because he is having so much fun, fool. Relax.

  • shein

    MORALES WTF ??????

  • BallsDeep

    I heard that Franky fell out with the Conference and will be moving to Razors….

  • Anonymous

    michael collins is too much of a buster for anyone or any sponsor to taker seriously. Yeah, you might of been cool to watch when you were like 10 in RTN, but seriously, puberty fucked you up bad lil nigglet

  • Anonymous

    Last trick by Franky is INSANE… Richie is the style master : )

  • Anonymous

    they both look cute in all black. its really adorable how they each took the time to cut out the neck of their shirts so they could match. i speak for homosexuals everywhere and we just love these two. interracial gay dating is hot, especially when its on rollerblades…ooooo so hot right now. kudos richie and franky. mwah! <3 and again I just love the matching fashion. so in right now!

  • rachard

    ^ hahahah this nigga above, spot on wit da commentz

  • andy morris

    yea I didn’t know they each had on the same exact thing. that is pretty weak. im surprised one of them didnt make the other change

  • Kaspa


  • Anonymous

    ^^^^ hahahaha

    this site.

  • Anonymous

    franky just put richie in his place. he makes richie look unco which is obviously a damn hard thing to do. (see richie trying to watch and learn @ 1:22)

  • Anonymous

    that illusion zero soyale OOOOMMMMGGGGGGGG

  • KJ Wolf

    Franky and Richie are both compliments to each other. I mean DAMN. By the way Franky watch out for those power lines…

  • Anonymous

    ^very true. two amazing styles and ways to blade!

  • Anonymous

    Those switch shoulder tricks Frankie laced. Hate him

  • SA Blade

    They may have coordinated clothes, but they both have a their own boots. That looks sick!

  • eenglish mager

    hahahaha e rods xsjado when filming. lern how to feelm skatting ya shit fuck

  • Hahaha

    Why is michael Collins on usd just got shown how to skate by franky and richie usd need to step it up get some good ams like the old days

  • tom selleck

    yea e rod can set his colors nice, but he cant film skating… fish eye work is pretty lazy, if you can even call it that

  • iicents

    That zerospin (amazingly grabbed) backside backslide true porn to inspin topporn needs to be a repeating gif to truly be appreciated.

    There may be no better candidate thank Frankey for the rest of rollerbladings past and future, for which to have made a video game out of.