USD Franky Morales (?)

USD Franky Morales

USD Franky Morales

Thanks Pierre Cardin & Danny H.

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  • Anonymous

    this is not a carbon 2 FM but a Carbon 3. available for christmas. THe Red and black Carbon 3 Ledoux will be for spring 2013.

  • AJ

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about, they look mad, the skates them selves are sweet as, and if Franky likes em who cares what you think?!

  • soul2roll

    There nt real right?? Looks like some1’s trainer with a soul + cuff?

  • ian belfast

    least wee forget what the josh pettys looked like,,,, these arent that bad…..

  • Anonymous

    It’s pathetic that their designers can’t come up with any original designs so they have to bite other brands. That’s the definition of lazy and lack of talent or creativity. Corny corny corny.

  • Remy Amsterdam

    Franky had a pro model from RB which was an exact copy of an Air Force 2. The OG Remz were modeled after the Jordan 12’s. Which was the shoe of choice for most bladers in Marseille (and Amsterdam) around its incarnation. The First JJ Valo’s were also a variation on the Adidas Shelltoe’s. Bit this I must say is quite a blatant rip off, as far as the whole Colorway is concerned. There are so much nicer shoes to pick to emulate. AJ IV anyone?? Franky’s a Hypebeast haha. (but on his pro skate number…?)

  • yeah boiiii

    Who give a shit what they look like you nob gobblers!?! Its a skate… meant to be used and skated not appreciated for its damn look. The proper thing would be to shut the fuck up and support our industry and support one of the illest ever.

    There once was a time when people used to shred the fuck out of shitty black blades. No options for colours but just CDS detroits. Learn beeetchs.

  • Michael


    Nope, Mathieu no longer skates for SSM. He is now pro for USD but I don’t recall if this had been announced already. Maybe they don’t want to make announcement yet, maybe they are simply lazy with their website (look at their outdated team and products page…).

    And yeah, Mathieu gets pro model of carbon skate along with the Franky.

  • Anonymous

    well i kinda like this one :)

  • Anonymous

    i liked these better when they were the deshi kicks and kicks 2

  • Anonymous

    The top picture they look amazing. But the bottom one just smacks of those old horrible deshis. I dont know, too many different colours clashing and stuff going on, they dont look very slick.

    Looks aside, you know they will skate amazing and franky will do them proud!! Also glad to see a skate company daring to be different and put out new colourways.

    Whoever said the old USD pettys, haha yes you are spot on.

  • dale nj

    USD newest PRO is Obama

  • I’m not a hater

    Screw you swag fag complaining about the skate. If you don’tLike them don’t buy them, I don’t see any problem with them, I will actually buy a pair.

  • ander

    Horrible this skates!!

  • Anonymous

    HA, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • J.311

    FRESSSSSHHHHHH look awesome

  • filip

    If you guys dont dig these then youre probably one of those bladers that buys Vans and then complains that rollerblading doesnt have enough money SMH.

  • Anonymous

    can i claim money back from usd for the laptop i just go sick all over.

  • Originality is lost

    How many times are they going to bite this design in this culture? This is at least the forth time. JCs Xsjado sneakers were bad but these are just plagiarism. I guess being posers and biters is ok with you kids these days.

    We should all bite and steal because hey, we’re too small for anyone to notice right?

    Nike’s legal department would own the conference if they see these, especially photographed right next to the original sneakers. Geniuses. There’s a difference between being influenced by a design, and just stealing.

    If you want to wear Jordan’s, buy Jordan’s. When I was growing up you got laughed at if you had on fake Jordan’s. This isn’t any better than wearing Payless sneakers. I hope these never make it to market.

  • Anonymous

    The ugliest shit I’ve ever seen done to a skate. This is the first time USD really has me saying “What a piece of shit.” If this company is really going this route, then for fucks sake at least pick a better looking shoe to copy. Un-fucking-believeable… .

    Worst Idea ever.

  • Anonymous

    franky you fuckin suck, give dalnas that pro boot, and not some faggot color. wack wack wack!

  • Anonymous

    ugliest piece of shit ever

  • wtf

    Dnt forget usd bought deshi turnd them to carbons this r are like ther back ups but backsups that sell so they can do anything with them they still have and will always have the og usd

  • Anonymous

    you guys are stupid talking about copying nike designs, that’s an actual jordan that was converted into a skate you morons…

  • Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    Love these, hate on everyone! These are sick. I love the Spizike’s!

  • Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    People are saying Morales ripped off these… OK, how about the Broskow “Supra Skytop” the Julio “Adidas shell toe” the Bailey ” Van’s Half-Cab” Already mentioned were the O.G rems, “Jordan 12” What about the Razor’s Cult “Jordan IV black cat”, or the K2 “All stars”? Quit your complaining, and ride what you like.

  • Matt pantz


    I work at Nike in the design department.

    If you decide to release these skates I will be prepared to take action against the USD company.


    Tinker Hatfield

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why everyone is so up in arms about this color scheme. I think they look petty good. Being a carbon 3 owner I would rock them if they came out. Secondly, part of the reason why people like the look of valo skates is because they look like sneakers. Why crap on USD for trying to get there skate close to a sneaker look. I have thinking that is way skates have been going anyway with style a feel. We want are rides to look fly and feel good when roll. If you don’t like the look, than don’t buy it, but skate companies should have more than one look so people have options.

  • Anonymous
  • Bisnent

    Great skate…. they just miss some air max frames! :-D

  • Corny McCorn

    Good move putting the skate next to the shoe in the same pic. You just made it very easy for Nikes legal dept.

    Stealing and biting. Never have I seen such a lazy group of companies. There’s a difference between being inspired or just flat out stealing. I hope these never make it to the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    The new mathieu ledoux?

  • SG

    its cool frankys getting a usd pro skate, personnally i like him in USDs but i really think he should stick with thrones, and i think if they at least took out the bottom part thats blue white and black and that weird color, which would make it an all white skate then it could look really cool, personnally i think this would be cool for a thrones skate but the carbons with this looks not that great

  • SG

    also i like the top part where the lacing is that kinda looks like a shoe

  • Anonymous

    worst looking pair of skates iv ever seen!!

  • Danny H

    I’m so rollerblade famous :P !!!

    Think they look cool but I’m done with USD for a while until they actually change their skate design a bit. I’d be interested in trying Carbon 4s and Xsjado 2s :)

  • The other guy

    Those shoes are ugly shits reminds me of ice cream for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe how many people are actually falling for this

  • Marlon
  • Anonymous

    yo for real niggas is haters like its frankys pro boot so let him get his shit those are fresh for the jordan lovers but niggas dont wanna see them hit stores…fucked up i hate haters

  • Anonymous

    HATES haters…so he hates himself??

    and i think these look good IMO
    but opinions are like assholes everyone has em and they all stink!

  • rollerblading is gay

    lol. so many of you ladies need to change your tampon.

    the skate is sick.

  • Marcus

    Marlon Says:
    September 14th, 2012 at 3:56 am


  • fuck you faggots.

    those are sick.

  • con bk

    yo if this comes out. i am gettin them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uh um

    its fake they showed the guy making them on facebook

  • Anonymous

    > its fake they showed the guy making them on facebook