USD Evo 2010 & USD VII Skates

USD Evo 2010 Skates:

USD Evo 2010

Update: Here is another pic of the USD Evo 2010 that Oli Benet sent me ; it seems that the skates are semi phosphorescent.

USD Evo 2010

USD VII Skates:

USD VII Skates
Via Ignition. Thanks Dom.

Bonus: New USD Backpack.

usd backpack

HD Picture of the Backpack.
Thanks Oli Benet.

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38 Responses to “USD Evo 2010 & USD VII Skates”

  1. Oskars Says:

    clean and nice!

  2. mugabo Says:

    on met ou les skates???

  3. randy Says:

    i think those are the glow in the dark cuffs!!!

  4. philipp Says:

    hell yeah! the it is the first VII which i really like so god work!! and the ufs throne thx oli for posting it! now i finally get a black ufs throne shell! but is it the glow in the dark cuff?? and hey oli if you read this, how the hell can i get a abdiel colberg ufs throne shell in 41-42! i need this shell so much!!

  5. rob Says:

    V11 on white g/c ‘s would be nice

  6. randy Says:

    well philipp, if it’s not the glow in the dark cuff, why would they put a white cuff on that colour combo??? ;) too bad i don’t roll on ufs thrones anymore. usd seems to be on the rise again.

  7. ixixi Says:

    USD Evo 2010 – fail
    09 in white more intersting

  8. ixixi Says:

    to ixixi
    agree +1

  9. randy Says:

    why would it be a fail? check out the RB Solo Estilo ’10. same colour combo, except for the cuff. i dont’ think there’s anything wrong with it?

  10. Oli Benet Says:

    YES it is Glow in the dark, I just sent some Pics to post on here of it in the dark, so hopefully they will be up i a min. As for the Abdiel boot, that’s going to be a tough one!!

  11. firths Says:

    They actually look quite sick in the dark!!
    Not sure it’s my cup of tea though, but still…
    Hey oli, how can we get the new copy of the conference mag??

  12. jiffy pop Says:

    VII= roces m12

  13. Jack Says:

    lol illuminati symbol is rollerblading run by the devil?

  14. Yves Marques Says:

    Kelso Glow in Dark is Better !!!!

  15. manulocusbordeaux Says:

    my kelso are so much better!!!

  16. Bob_Sled Says:

    Yeah, I skate in pitch black dark all the time

  17. zak Says:

    Damn it, VII are still as ugly as before…
    I Want Grycons back!!! And I say NO to sifikas, just make one good liner and use it instead of making a lot of wannabe good.

  18. rol247 Says:

    glow in the dark kels hos were 100 times better

  19. philipp Says:

    yeah oli iknow i´m trying to get the shell for a few years now!but oli isnt there a way to get it??ive also seen the new transformers thats a nice colosheme kids will love it!and it should also be able to do such a green classic throne!!! sees

  20. bob Says:

    were can i buy the backpack ive checked most online shops and no one is selling them…

  21. deshi_alive Says:

    you can get it at grindhouse…

  22. steven Says:

    @ Jiffy Pop:

    you are an idiot…

    the USD seven doesn’t even come close to the M12… the shell isn’t the same, the cuff isn’t the same, the soulplate isn’t the same and the liner isn’t the same… and they feel compleetly differend then the M12 skate when you skate them…

    you don’t know shit about skates !

    like the new evo… the more colors they bring out the more you can customize :o) i always skate self made thrones

  23. steven Says:

    to bad the conference doesn’t work with groundcontrol… hate those slimline frames…

    FL is the best frame on the market these days (my opinion)

  24. Tim Says:

    EVO=FAILED just relise kelso’s unrealised skates they so much better looking

  25. Ug Says:

    Those are so disgustingly ugly. USD is just getting worse and worse.

  26. ixixi Says:

    no. Sean Kelso Pro skates looks nice)

  27. stuart Says:

    They look nicer in the dark.

  28. Iah Says:

    The new thrones look like 2002 Dominic Sagonas.

  29. rolabladaaa Says:

    It might just be me, but i think the USD VII’s look quite alot like the icon 2s

    New USD Backpack looks like its got it all, but do your skates strap to the side or go inside?

  30. Chip Tingly Says:

    Never thought I’d make a comment on a backpack but that thing is lookin’ good!

  31. Django Fett Says:

    what is the point of glow in the dark skates if you can’t skate in pitch black darkness?

  32. harry k Says:

    glow in the dark skates are pretty pointless in my opinion, but they are pretty stylish and i would skate them over my valos. VII i was always curious about how they skate but ya i kinda agree they remind me of roces m12 with razor icon 2 soul plates? they prob skate completly different but thats my opinion. omg the backpack is sexy!

  33. Ug Says:

    “what is the point of glow in the dark skates if you can’t skate in pitch black darkness?”

    HAHAHAHA, exactly. glow in the dark parts look cool, but that’s about it. functionally they offer nothing more useful. it’s just a pure gimmick. don’t fall far it; especially don’t pay more money for it.

  34. Rob Says:

    Pitch black darkness??? KID’s, you talk like you never ever have seen phosphorus before.. they will GLOW already late evening and don’t say you’ve never skated before so.

  35. asdf (the real one) Says:

    what idiot listened to Hooi and fucking ruined the sole plate on the UFS thrones?

  36. Henne Says:

    now we all have got to skate in the dark^^

  37. Domi Says:

    those who say that the VII’s are bad skates must be fucking joking or they don’t know what they’re talking about. I have the Gonzo’s and I have to tell you that these are the best USD ever in my opinion. don’t judge by the price tag, this skate is awesome!

  38. TecniG Says:

    @ philipp: here you have a abdiel colberg shell

    its on