USD Classic Throne All Star Grey (Out Now)

USD Classic Throne All Star Grey

Larger picture on Theconference.

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  • Ian

    This is shit colour. fuck

  • Anonymous

    aka. Classic Throne Feinberg Remake

  • Anonymous


  • 36 15 ULLA

    Yeah same skates since 1998, I hope it will never last !

  • Anonymous

    jo think the same looks like old feinberg

  • Anonymous

    Does the large shell run from a size 12 to a 14? Or otherwise? Would someone help?

  • a

    <3 them !!! so sick… if I didn't have blades, either these or the new Joey Chase for sure !!!

  • European

    I really love them, so stylish and they are similar to the first USD Feinberg.

  • Borassic Lint

    Are these secretly the best skates? What do you reckon? With the new liner it might take this skate to new levels, Lomax still skates them. Hard to know the difference between this and the UFS Throne other than it being narrower than the classic.

  • European

    Yes, the USD UFS Throne are IMO narrower, a bit more massive, and heavier. I prefer the Classic, they’re more comfy.

  • Michael

    Kids, don’t hate on old Classic Thrones. They are still great skates, and best of all, USD constantly updates them. Souls are good, skates come with great liners, updated buckles, and best of all, complete with Kizer Fluids. You can put on them v-cut cuff if you want, too.

    This is how it’s done. This is how you treat old, classic, yet still functional skates. You update them with better parts instead of wrapping them in ugly skins. You can buy Throne Classic in full setup, ready to roll out of the box for about the same price as SSMs or Valos as boot only. So if skates with lifted heel are your thing, Classics are great deal. I wish Razors, SSM and Valo would be so practical about updating their old shells…

  • Anonymous

    Déjà vu???????

  • Anonymous

    Can’t beat a classic.

  • Full Retard

    Give us the Juice back instead of these ugly soul frames…

  • Derek C

    Theres a reason why classic thrones are still around…theyre fuckin sick period

  • Anonymous

    said they were remake but they are still fuckin good and also upgraded.


    Bout to get a pair….soon…