USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux

Here is a better picture of the USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux, leaked in December 2012.

USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux

Thanks Douis (forums).

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75 Responses to “USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    snakeskin ? red with black details…. soulframe white ?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I know people are going to talk shit but DAMN!!! I WANT THESE!!!!

  3. The naff Says:

    Rip off of a shoe.

  4. liad Says:

    cool color but the black stripes make it look gay

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yeh not a fan of full colour boot and tiger/snake stripes.. but they look good.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I hate carbons but these look sick, not much of a fan with bright and flashy skates but these are the exception!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    those are some rock n roll skates

  8. 2R Says:

    tempted to get carbons, but its gotta be black for me – which obviously can be bought.

    I’m not a fan of these, but good to see something different.

  9. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Damn. I could see Montre rocking these.

  10. ask me "not scared" Says:

    they need skates that can go to a mass market, not a gang of gay zebras.and if you want to look like a cunt there should be accessories for that!
    he looks like a cunt too/is a cunt, same same
    there also about as thugish as the razors team
    there as gangster as franky morales/j bah’s raps
    as down as rameile knight
    as cool as ssm teams “uniforms”
    as level headed as the kelso brothers
    as grown up as hawke trackler
    as professional as fester wheels
    as un- pedo looking as jeff stockwell
    as good looking as ian mcloed
    and the funny thing is they look better than his average gay skating, go figure. and answers to your future questions
    1. i can call people and things gay cause i am gay!
    2. i cant upload videos, because i dont skate anymore, cause its gay
    3 and im not hiding my name is……………


    p.s any free single black men available? we can art and play swords, and watch clips of montre while eating pork as im not a jew just look and sound like a giant one! you have to bring drinks and pork………

  11. cappa Says:

    Bright red skates?

    And they wonder why people call us gays and faggots…..

  12. cappa Says:

    what next, Aragon rainbow edition?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    they call us faggots because people like you. faggot.

  14. Jay Says:

    I love how they’re Carbon 3’s instead of 4’s cause we all know the 4’s are FUGLY lmao

  15. cappa Says:

    “as un- pedo looking as jeff stockwell
    as good looking as ian mcloed”



  16. Anonymous Says:

    need to be one stylish mother fucker to pull these off, all i’m saying

  17. Anonymous Says:

    aaah mais lui a un pro skate wtf yer meme pas bon pi encore moin style

  18. Anonymous Says:

    original like him

  19. Skateboarder Says:

    I like that skateboarders post hate comments on here, keep em coming.

    Oh yeah, they are a Nike rip but fuck it, Nike uses 3 wold populations to produce there shit so what the fuck are they going to say?

  20. Dan-Man Says:

    Ledoux is Pro?


  21. Tap Curbing Says:

    Definitely a tap curbing skate.
    Buy seba and do disaster unity.
    Extreme roller drop kink, not american tap curbing.

  22. Rj Monroe Says:

    1st of all arlo wtf?!? Way left field if thats really you. 2nd cant talk shit bout those sexy swagg filled USD Carbons red when i recall a certain boot white pink zebra weird character valo; sound familiar?
    Any who to each its own right? I like’em and cant wait till they drop i make sure ill be the 1st blader to get’em in size 12 YA DIGG.

  23. catman Says:

    Supra shoe………………………

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

  25. Antho F. Says:

    Suits perferctly with his clown clothes. Wonderful !

  26. damnwtf Says:

    this is ugly and sooooo gay

  27. Rahan Says:

    4 years ago


    why is this fool pro?,, his skatin may be original but he and his skating and these skates all look like shit..

  29. Anonymous Says:

    DAT GOLD CUFFSCREW…is not original.


    meh…………………………………………………………………………….have fun wearing these, who ever buys em…

  31. Bart Says:

    I’m really, really disapointed about USD. Just the fact they “copy” Nike’s shoes to launch “new” skates makes me sick….they have such no imagination that they cant “create” ? so they basically copy on others ? Come on guys! The Possibility are infinite when you talk about “creation” ! When you are such a big and legend company, like USD and you realease a new product, you create in someway “the futur of the sport”. What can people think about rollerblading when you see something like that ? First : that is a really bad, fake and disgusting “copy”. Second, i pity them when i think its “USD” and they have just no creativy….

    Ps :
    It’s not “free hate”, cause i’ve got Usd me too. But i don’t like when a brand like usd pisses about us….
    Peace and respect

  32. Lee Says:

    You people are all so fucking uneducated you should be sent back to a grade two remedial english class. Maybe people call us faggots because they can get away with it because you’re all border line retarded and too linguistically challenged to come up with a counter argument. Furthermore, if any of you had anything else going for you in your lives maybe you would care less when people call you gay for rollerblading. It’s people who care way too much about being called gay who perpetuate the idea that we are gay. If we stopped caring so much about our “gay image” there wouldn’t be any satisfaction for those who call us gay. You morons are what are killing rollerblading.

  33. Dp Says:

    congradulations to matt ledoux for opening new doors with rollerblading, and inspiring every blader to think outside the box, its maple leaf red ,,,,

  34. Anonymous Says:


  35. i hate USD Says:

    no wounder Sean got off dem dusty things!USD get back to them old’n day colors thrones alwasy had good colors

    youre a bitch.

  36. Filip Says:

    these are ridiculously fresh. id get em if i wasnt broke and already had skates

  37. jon bling bergeron Says:

    fuck all you haterz lil fagz hiding behind laptops my bro mathieu ledoux as been there before you had pubs …..


  38. MyDickInYourMomsMouth Says:

    I’m I the only one that thinks the USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux look way better?
    Just look att the details, now if they could just come up with ”there own design” skates and blading will be back on track… As long as fucking Arlo stays out of it.

    He called blading ”Aggressiv inline skating”, that shit stuck like fucking herpes.
    And to all you little cocksuckers that worry about being called gay, STOP ACTING LIKE RAPE VICTIMS and crying about stupid shit like that!


  39. pro boot Says:

    ooooooo! mad sexy! carbons ride like the evo thrones.

  40. Marcus Says:

    WTF! Stop everything, we have a new world champion of UGLYEST THING man has ever built

  41. 2 Cents Says:

    these skates look sick, and if you don’t like red skates, then don’t buy them and keep wearing the same old white and black skates every comes out with. as the saying goes, if you are so concerned with what another man is wearing then maybe you are the gay one.

  42. Straight fiyaah Says:

    Arlo Eienberg is a straight faggot/legend that needs to get out of the blading game, cause we ain’t doing ourselves any favors by having him host anything close to the mainstream. Just think about it, who’s gonna join blading when they see his metrosexual mug on their screen.

  43. pom Says:

    lookin pimp as farrrrrrrrrrk

  44. JayRock Says:

    People shouldn’t be able to type whatever the fuck name they want cause this idiot “Straight fiyaah” really tried to address a troll posing as Arlo…congrats on being the biggest idiot in here and respect Arlo just for simply doin way more than your fried head has even thought of

  45. Arlo Says:

    Straight fiyaah

  46. Anonymous Says:

    It’s funny, when someone put a long comment about how uneducated and stupid you are to talk shit about this skate, the next comments are nearly all positives.

  47. nutsonya chin Says:

    Straigh Fiya is right.. Arlo looks a lil too metro to help bring the sport out n make it look not gay… even though hes OG, he needs to just stick to art cuz he sounds n looks like a little trick ass mothafucking biotch

  48. Anonymous Says:

    sick looking skates will buy!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    With some Phat black laces Bring it BBoy style!!

  50. mousanony Says:

  51. Mitch Says:

    Blaming USD for the choice the proskater made when designing their own pro skate. Want to cry about the design being inspired by a Nike snowboard boot, cry at Matt Ledouix, not USD. They look sick non the less and it’s well deserved.

    Also, caring so much about what “outsiders” think of rollerblading is what makes it a sport for faggots.

  52. Blader Gangkadang Says:

    Yo cuz that nikka Arlo gay ass fuck cuz,ole pink valo ass nikka, nikka draw some fuck boi shit on his skates… Wtf that ain’t gangsta

  53. denzsiner Says:

    After I’ve watched the Razors video (thank you haters) I said thats it I’ll never buy any Razors products (already had never bought) But USD used to mean something You know what I mean? like the legendary team (shima, julio, champ, gillian, latimer, petty, spizer….) But unfortunately I see the only true blading company stands is SSM. I think thats because who Shima is! He is just a guy who loves rollerblading. Blading used to be a lifestyle a purpose, not about who looks cooler in colorfull clothes, shiney boots or who skates better. It was about loving rollerblading and having good times with friends/brothers worth to die for.

    The only thing new about blading I like is to say ‘BLADE or DIE’
    (mthrfckers used to say SK8 or Die ha ha)

  54. ask me "not scared" Says:

    you dumb uneducated fags! im not metro-sexual, im straight up GAY!
    and as gay as these skates, he’s trying to copy my gay tight ass.
    blader gangkadang- yous is about s gangster as these skates too and the only gang your in is your dads and j stockwells pedo gang! you cant rap cuz,
    and to all my fans , support my art……..p.s dont try beating on me, i do know the razors team, they will hurt you

    ARLO E.

  55. its me Says:

    369 euro !!!!
    Boot ONLY !!!
    I hope it’s a joke !!!!

    btw arlo realy looked gay at the blading cup i have to agree with that i would rather see Aaron or Latimer commenting on this kind of event and show some legendary triks they use to lace back in the days !

    or let the AIRMAN do it cose he Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like usd cant design there own boots since the last 2 skates they made or copies of NIKE shoes… Hope with all my heart that nike sews the shit out off them !!! Make your own shit and don’t copy!!

  57. Mitch Says:

    Pretty sure Arlo Eisenburg has better things to do than comment on some shitty rollerblade blog site which allows anyone to post any name. Use your head you fucking stupid kids. *palmface

  58. Anonymous Says:

    The morales are a rip off but not these. The colors are inspired by the NIke boot, but the skate definitely doesn’t look similar to Nike, looks better IMO. Not for everyone but a pretty cool skate to me, at least USD keeps pushing rollerblading into new directions with innovation on technologies and designs.

  59. Zozo Says:

    Ledoux is pro USD?

  60. MyDickInYourMomsMouth Says:

    ”MyDickInYourMomsMouth” Is something I stand for, fuck all you playa hate’n pussy as retarded wannabe rack pop star girly boys. Half of you don’t know what your talking about and the other half are fixated to ”we are picked on”.

    ”We are picked on” means your picked on! stop saying ”us” just because you skate like a transexual and people laugh at you. When I skate I roll with skateboarders, I push them and they push me. The same goes with the BMX riders. Do you know why? Because I don’t give a fuck, I don’t like rollerbladers because all you biches do is cry, cry cry cry about shit you don’t want to work for. And as far as this hole Nike thing goes, yeah it’s a ripoff but so what? Soon USD will think up there own designs and when the shit hits the fan BOY! This is just a marketing strategy idiots! Soon you’ll see all typs of sick skates from USSD (Universal Sneaker skate design;)

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Atleast its not another black.or white. Everyone bitches about skates not changing and when they do you bitch about them changing them. The kid saying ssm is the best did you see the bloodlines lol. I would rock these over roces with skins any day rollernews fags die please

  62. Bubbles Says:

    @ ask me “not scared”
    Rollerblading has a diverse collection of human beings all pulling together to make the industry ours truly. Pump the breaks on the blasting. I told my parents i was gay when i wanted skates, if i had these as my first boots id be a waspy fuck slinging dick in red boots.
    Canadian steeze for eva Cocksuckas!

  63. BLADER GANG Says:


  64. Blader Gangkadang Says:

    I don’t like you very much at all, Arlo. I think you are a terrible person. You must have gotten pushed from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. No one really likes you, they pretend that you are of value to society, but the truth is that no one would really care if you lived or died. Your life is one giant joke that isn’t funny in the least. Your mother wanted to abort you, but she figured that age 5 was a little too late. It’s not your fault that you turned out to be as stupid and unlikable as you are. But it is your fault that your mom believes you are the worst thing to happen in her life.

  65. ask me "not scared" Says:

    bubbles is even gayer than me #fag
    p.s blader gang, stop talking black your a fat white troll!
    fuck trolls too, my fans check my new art

  66. Anonymous Says:

    who fucking cares you like it well buy it
    you don’t shut the fuck up
    Any of you guys writting have a pro skate…
    i guess not

  67. Anonymous Says:

    “After I’ve watched the Razors video (thank you haters) I said thats it I’ll never buy any Razors products (already had never bought)”
    So true.. got a pair of carbons on grindhouse sale

    It’s cool that USD is making coloured skates, you get a nice choice of setups to make
    and i kind of like these

  68. slim Says:

    Shima left USD???

  69. Anonymous Says:

    no wonder rollerblading is DEAD !!

  70. denzsiner Says:

    Yeah dude, I already got usd carbon 3 (black ha ha ha) but the problem is usd is not the usd it used to be. The way they approach to blading is wrong. It’s ok to produce coloured skates, but their attitude? Its funny that we all sit in front of a computer cometting, watching videos instead of going out for skating. Internet is just for porn! go out and skate

  71. bryan f Says:

    I can’t wait to buy these! There siick

  72. Anonymous Says:

    They see me trollin
    They hatin
    Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty

    This may sound weird, but I like the hate. All of this chatter means that people are passionate about the sport enough to complain about it. Ever try to compare Kobie and Lebron to a Laker fan? Most of the time, they’ll bend the stats so their star player doesn’t get his image tainted. Just saying…. Every aggressive sport has their testosterone driven, meat head spectators and haters. And they’re usually the best at the sport. It’s a fact we’ve gotta deal with.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    this is the best thread ever!

  74. ask me "not scared" Says:

    ^^^^^^ bum lickers, the only trollin he does is his mums am porn site, talking about her fat labia! ITS A SKATING WEBSITE!!!! an for being the best thread, is because im a ledgend and you get to interact with me!!!!dezsiner your a cunt, and cant skate.

    ARLO E.

  75. what Says:

    seriously i dont understand rollerbading now what the fuck is doing usd montre is pro and they do a ledoux skate and more crazy ledoux where is the pro level ? rollerblading never die bitches