USD Carbon Heat Molding: How To (Official Video)

So you have some of the best performing skates ever produced, but you want to adjust them to your feet for an even closer fit? Here’s how to do it!

Important: Please be careful when handling the oven and heated skates. Use protective gloves where possible and carry out procedure under the supervision of an adult.

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8 Responses to “USD Carbon Heat Molding: How To (Official Video)”

  1. Michael Says:

    It’s worth noting that you can use the same procedure to heat-mold Imperials to some degree. I should also work for USD Carbon I.

  2. scott loper Says:

    did it with my carbon 1s before the 2s came out. the wonders on playing hockey and knowing beneficial techniques.

  3. Chris Haffey Says:

    I did it with remz and they got a bit burnt :-(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    would it hurt if you were to mould the same skate a 2nd time? could it do damage

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Will this work for Deshi Carbons?
    I don’t skate em any more but I’m tempted to try this because comfort (or rather lack of) was one of the main reasons I bought new boots

    Also anyone know how long you should let them cool for??

  6. Rob Dobbie Says:

    ^ Until they’re cool maybe?

  7. jesuchristo Says:

    I live in a small apartment. Does heating your skates off much of a smell?

  8. jesuchristo Says:

    ^^^ ***Give off much of a smell?****