USD Bagpacks & Shinguard

universal skate design bagpacks

universal skate design shinguards

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9 Responses to “USD Bagpacks & Shinguard”

  1. Bayly Says:

    bag on left so bought

  2. Bayly Says:

    o shit i mean right left one ooogly

  3. razor_roller Says:

    yeh me agrees bayly an i like the shin guards too

  4. shit fuck (you know who this is) Says:

    yeah im too much of a pussy to take the pain so im gonna get them shin guards.

    im kidding

  5. Chris Says:

    The USD Legacy BagPack its so cool! I like it!

  6. supb930 Says:

    im getting those soul gaurds, i get shinners all the time doing souls

  7. supb930 Says:

    i mean shin gaurds lol

  8. kirby Says:

    the legacy bag looks sikkk!!!!!

  9. E$ROCK Says:

    i have the deshi shingaurds, they are life savers and u cant even feel them when u skate