USD: A day at Woodward West (2015)

USD: A day at Woodward West (2015)

Franky Morales, Ulysse Prom and Erick Rodriguez visited Woodward West for a last session with Damon Franklin before he left for his All Wheels Sports tour.

Filmed by Ulysse Prom, aerial videography by Erick Rodriguez. Edited by Erick Rodriguez. Music by Action Bronson.

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  • Ross Maidment

    slo mos disrupting the spectacle of Franky’s skating!

    • Nefaitquebaiser

      Indeed it is, indeed it is !

  • Diaz

    If E-Rod starts using good music, I don’t see what’s gonna stop them !

    Overall dope flick, indeed it would be good to lay back on the slow-mos, but this is just a matter of taste.

    When he retires, (not so soon I hope), Franky should get unlimited blades for ever from the blading industry, just in the name of every insane things he has done on aggressive skates.

    Thanks for this video.

  • dave opie

    chill soundtrack, too much slow mo