Up and at’em: Teaser by Isiah England

Up and at'em: Teaser by Isiah England

A midwest blade video featuring full sections from Wilson Robinson, Isiah England, Cody Nehiba and Josh Ulrichsen.

Also featuring skating from many friends such as Chase Linzmeyer, Jay Davis, Jake Matter, Nick Meidl, Corey Glanville, Jeph Howard, Kevin Meland, Brad Magunson, Mike Garlinghouse, Kyle Juntunen and Blake Michael.

Filmed and edited by Isiah England. Premiering fall 2014.

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  • Anonymous

    This makes me happy.

  • jon cooley

    that video looks like its gonna be sick!!! HAMMERS! there sure was an entirely too much curb skating tho, thats my only gripe.

  • Hector Nector Insector

    Quite burping on this vid mannngo!!
    It gunna be Solid!
    We out hurr
    Ganger Blader!!!
    Whhoopp Whhoopp!

  • Mike Wilson

    The last trick in the trailer is NUTS! Not only the difficulty of the trick but also the fact of how high that ledge is, AND the very much so deathly drop on the otherside of it! This video looks SHWEET!!