Universal Skate Design: New Website Online

USD was established in 1997 with a vision and team that revolutionalised the blading world and has since gone from strength to strength, continually improving, adapting and evolving.

Universal Skate Design: New Website Online

USD is proud to support a strong team of street skaters worldwide while offering more molds than any other aggressive boot company, encouraging people of all ages and levels to become a part of our worldwide community.

USD is committed to promoting and supporting street skating while continuously focusing on innovation and improvement in hardware and technology.

Visit Usd-skate.com.

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  • yygh.kiu

    DASOVIC ?????????????????

  • mike

    where is brett dasovic???????? he skate much better than many of the names in there…… by the way have anyone seen dom bambrick?

  • http://www.wheelscene.co.uk Huh?

    RevolutioNALISED? Sorry, that is not a word.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Richie Eisler?

  • yygh.kiu

    dasovic ???????????? stevens??????????????

  • Yo

    I thought anthony williams went of to have his own skate made with another carbon boot rip off company?

  • moldy tent

    haha thats gotta be the most unprogressive AM team of all time

  • wtf really

    uhhhhh where is nick lomax?????

    and dasovic and stevens ?????

    should be on there

  • Anonymous

    Hah! The that picture looks funny.

  • Roman Abrate

    Cudot will murk all of them and where the fuck is Sagona?

  • Anonymous

    what a joke, where is Tim Adams, if Demetrious really cared about USD he would give his place on the team to someone deserving and focus on managing it

  • Anonymous

    Where is Dasovic??

  • BlagderGangMafia

    Sagona is allstar now

    Usd is out here

    Dasovic is outta here

  • Anonymous

    Elliot Stevens is blading on some 2.0s now

  • Anonymous

    Your all a joke

  • cmo

    Any of you cunts look on the site FFS!? Lomax – check, Eisler = check. Come on you lazy pricks.

  • Anonymous

    can brett dasovic stop posting as fake name asking about himself?

  • Full Retard

    Where is Josh Petty ? Where is Abdiel ? Where is Tat Nasu ? Where is Charly Ashby ?
    Where is Mark Wodja ???
    Thanks for not putting Adrienne Anne thou

  • Dis Dick

    Latimer is not on the All-Star team?

  • TruePornPerv.

    Word!!! ….wheres Dasovic??? he rocks those skates so nice they should be paying him for customizations

  • Trill Bill

    That ain’t Brett wondering about himself.

    He does rock some of the best customs, and HE can rip. He has unique style with his trick vocab, and he constantly pushes himself on and off the blades.

    He even has doper setups than Soda Burger, and at one point he was too fresh, now he focuses on his blading it looks like.

    I really don’t think Brett is looking to be “Pro” on boots though he seems quite well rounded and I hear blading doesn’t pay shit anyway.

  • Trill Bill

    I’m not too familiar with Anthony Williams skating… I just wanted to add those two cents in.


    Sort of a joke of an AM team. Soderburg does some interesting stuff and definitely kills rails, and Julien is highly talented. That being said, Anthony Williams has been doing the same boring switchups for the past five years, and Eugen Enin has only had a couple of edits over the past two years, all of which featured poor style and boring tricks. Definitely not more than Flow.

    And what about that guy Tim Adams? That dude just had an awesome USD edit. Seems like he’s been putting out quality stuff for the past few years, where’s the love for that dude? Seems like USD is trying pretty hard to stick with boring rail skaters. Sort of a shame considering they’ve actually got some interesting flow guys that could’ve been moved up, as well as Brett.

  • USD

    USD is proud to add David Sizemore to our team.

  • Lee

    What the hell does pro int mean? I would assume it means international, but if that’s the case why aren’t Richie, Ledoux and Lomax on it?
    Maybe it means intermediate… ?

  • a

    wow you nigs are cray cray USD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sick team Sick teams / thread haterzzzz

  • Anonymous

    my only slight qualm is that there has been no announcement of lomax/eisler/ledoux moving up to pro spots. the site is sick, glad you didn’t rush it.

  • Anonymous

    I MISS THE PART ON SITE TO MAKE CUSTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1